Fall Bed Runner in Quilter’s World Is Out & News

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I’m very excited to see that my Fall Jubilee Bed Runner is in the Autumn issue of Quilter’s World! I was thrilled when it arrived home yesterday as I’m really looking forward to using this on my bed come the fall. It’s a beautiful runner in batiks and would also look good in any fall or winter combination of fabrics! I hope you’ll pick up the magazine and give it a try.

I must be on a roll as I also found out this week that my block will be included in QuiltMaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 10 issue! I love being part of that publication and being on the blog tour which also means a giveaway for two copies of the magazine. Stay tuned for that!

My next bit of news relates to the podcast. After many years and several episodes, I have decided to give the podcast up. I have loved recording Quilt Cabana Corner but frequently I feel I hold information back on the blog to “save” for the podcast and then the podcast rolls around and the news is kind of old. It’s hard to keep up with a podcast, blog and social media and to keep the content interesting. I’d like to concentrate more on the blog at this time. I’ll most likely do one more episode to wrap it up in the next few weeks. In the meanwhile, if you have something you’d like me to talk about on the blog, please let me know.

We have one more postcard swap left on the calendar for the year. The postcard swaps have been happening since the holiday one last December. The first day of fall is September 23rd and that just feels a little to soon for me. How about if we plan for one where the postcard arrives in time for Halloween? That gives everyone a bit more breathing room for the end of summer plans we all might have! I will do a more detailed post in the next few days and start the sign up.

That’s all my news for today. I’m hoping to take my blueberry girl, Lindsey, over to the blueberry farm to pick even though, she has two blueberry bushes here at the house. The girl LOVES blueberries.

Have a beautiful day!


Throwback Thursday & Our 20th Anniversary

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Here is my Throwback Thursday picture which also is my 20th wedding anniversary picture! Yup…20 years ago today Greg and I were married at the Community Church of Watertown and had our reception at Oakley Country Club with all of our friends and family! We had a blast that day enjoying everyone who celebrated with us. It was a big party and we will always cherish that memory. We look back at our photos and see so many of our favorite people who are no longer with us. It makes us sad but our hearts are also glad for the time we had with them and that they were all a part of one of the biggest days of our lives.

I am lucky. Let me repeat that, LUCKY, to have married my best friend who is still in every way, my best friend. Greg is my rock and my funny man. We lift each other up and balance each other out and somehow we’ve managed three awesome daughters. I could not be more blessed in this life.

PS. The two smaller pictures are from our honeymoon in yes, you guessed it, Disney World. 10 days of running amok without kids in our fav place…it was a fun time! Of course we had a lot more energy 20 years ago!!!


Keepsake Quilting Trip

photo 3

Yesterday we (my mom and 3 daughters) took our annual pilgrimage to Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH. I didn’t take any pictures of the inside of the shop because I blogged in detail about it in a 3 part series last year. You can read that first post HERE. Part 2 of that is HERE. And part 3 of that is HERE.

Normally, part of this trip is keeping the girls occupied long enough for my mother and I to look at and touch every square inch of the store. This year, the girls are older and they…well, they ditched us! In the same plaza as Keepsake is a book store, a pet shop and grocery store. The girls went to all three, picked themselves up books and coffee drinks and sat on the front porch of Keepsake in Adirondack chairs very happily. It worked out quite well and I didn’t feel rushed at all.

The girls did come in the store long enough to decide that me making them pajama shorts was a great idea. They each picked out flannel in a design they liked and I get to make something new for them…it’s a win! Can you guess which kid picked which fabric?

photo 3 (1)

Leah chose the pink animal print, Lindsey chose the polka dots and Amanda chose the red plaid.

My mission yesterday was to come home with a creamy fabric for the background of this pineapple quilt and also a light and dark green batik for the leaves and inner border. I think I have most of the other batik fabrics in my stash and from what I purchased at the Maui Quilt Shop when I got the pattern.


Mission accomplished, this is what I bought…the cream looks better in real life than in this photo.

photo 4

I didn’t go too crazy buying fabric for a few reasons. The first being that I have a backlog of projects that I currently have the fabric for already. The second being that most of the fabric there was around $12.60 per yard. That’s a pretty hefty price for one yard of fabric. I do wonder what the market will bear in the future. Will $13 per yard be the limit? My mom was with me and she says that would be her limit. I think it might be mine as well.

Speaking of my mother, she was shopping for fabrics to use in her pyramid quilt out of Cheryl Malinkowski’s Fun With One Block Quilts Book.
This is the quilt she is going to make…

photo 2 (1)

She picked up some fat quarters to use in the quilt and when she got home, she arranged them on the dining room table and they looked so pretty. She had most of these fabrics already and was picking up a few to round out the selection. I even spy some of my hand dyes on that table!

photo 1 (1)

I can’t wait to see this finished. Lately, I’m really loving quilts with black solids in them.

So that was our trip! Keepsake never disappoints. The selection is by far the largest around. They have countless notions and always the latest and greatest gadgets. They have tons of books and the gorgeous challenge quilts from their catalog hang gloriously from the ceiling. It is located in picturesque Center Harbor which is next to Meredith. You can’t beat it for a day trip!

Have you been ?


Progress & A Birthday

I made some progress today on The Lindsey Project art quilt. I finished the sky this afternoon and I’m thrilled with how it came out.

photo 3 (3)

I cropped the photo here to see how it will look when it’s squared up.

photo 4 (2)

So, I still have to work on her face as you can see it’s just penciled in at the moment. However, I’ll save that for last and instead work on the ground that she is standing on. In the photo, it is sort of a stamped cement that she stands on but I’ll make it more “painterly” and use these fabrics in the same way I have done the rest of the piece.

photo 5 (2)

I think it will add some interesting color to the quilt having a nice range of browns in there.

Yesterday was Leah’s 12th birthday. We had a wonderful time at Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon, MA. The highlight of the day was the deer path where you wander around feeding lots of deer. Most of the deer are very friendly and eager to eat out of your hand. A few of the deer are skittish and would rather eat the corn kernels that are dropped on the ground.

photo 1 (4)

The last time we went to this zoo was for Lindsey’s birthday awhile ago and Leah was little and very afraid and I had to carry her on my hip the whole way through. This year, Leah loved it and fed them happily. It was a lot of fun. After the zoo we had dinner at Leah’s favorite restaurant, Bugaboo Creek. We headed home after that for birthday cake and ice cream.

photo 2 (3)

It goes without saying that I have no idea how Leah can possibly be 12 years old? She is my “baby” after all…sigh. I told Greg that when Leah turns 14, I’m going to buy myself something really nice for having survived three 13 year old girls!!!! LOL!! Something fabric’y or sparkly, perhaps?

Have a great weekend, everyone.



Happy Sunday!

I spent the last two mornings completely engrossed back into the Lindsey Project art quilt. I had finished her arms and legs last time and needed to work on the water and sky next. I stopped work on this for a few weeks due to time constraints and not being sure how I felt about the arms and legs. I thought about adding more to them but then decided to let it rest and come back to a different part of the quilt. I’m so glad I did because now I see the arms and legs are fine and I’m having a BLAST working on the water and sky. Susan Carlson likens this to “painting with fabric” and I quite agree. It’s sort of like adding a dab of paint here and there, stepping away for a bit and then coming back at it with more dabs of paint. With it being the weekend and all, I’ve been in my sewing room in my pajamas with coffee and glue on my hands and it feels like utter bliss. I walk by the sewing room and sneak peeks throughout the day to see how the quilt looks in different light and from different angles.

I worked on the water most of yesterday morning and then this morning, I pulled out a bunch of sky type fabrics including some of my own hand dyeds.

photo 1 (3)

I realized things would go a bit quicker if I precut some scraps of each fabric instead of the “cut, glue, cut, glue” routine.

photo 2 (2)

This is where I’ve left off for the moment…the water is finished, the sky is being “painted”. I feel free and completely inspired by it today.

photo 3 (2)

Here are two close ups of the project so you can see how the pieces of fabric overlap and line up.

photo 4 (1)

photo 5 (1)

Knowing that my hand dyed fabrics are going to get use in this quilt, it makes me want to dye more, of course. I think I’m ready to accept that I really just want to dye fabrics that can be used in this type of quilt and in landscape quilts. I like the blue/green and pink/yellow/orange combinations. These fabrics will be cut up for the most part so I’m not too concerned with learning to dye in every conceivable pattern. I don’t really even require large amounts of gradated colors either. I just like a lot of color blended together. When the kids are back in school, I’ll go through my dye bin and see what I can make with the dyes I have left.

What is inspiring you today?


Tuesday’s Progress

Hope you all had a wonderful July 4th weekend! The actual 4th was a washout for us around here but we had fun on the 5th instead with a cook out and pool party. It was nice to see all the cousins enjoying each other’s company. Rachel was here and I had the opportunity to give her the t-shirt quilt I finished up a few weeks ago. She was happy to receive it!

photo 1 (2)

Over the weekend, the Twilters participated in a July 4th Sew In which was termed #J4SI over in Twitter land. I was able to work on the Window Pane 9 Patch for a few hours. I stitched the borders to it on Sunday.

photo 4

I didn’t have anything large enough or quite right for a backing so yesterday I ran over to Joann’s and picked up this cute red dot fabric which will serve as the backing and possibly the binding. I have another cute yellow fabric in the stash that I am thinking about binding it with instead.
So here is the red dot…

photo 2 (1)

I also picked up a yard of each of these flannels to make more of the angel baby buntings…

photo 3 (1)

Yesterday while I was sitting at the pool with the kids, I pulled out my English Paper Piecing bucket. I made an executive decision to let the apple core EPP be discontinued. I had about 20 or so finished and you can see one in the corner of this picture…

photo 5

And while the shape is adorable and I had been so excited to make them, they are HARD!!! They are hard to baste and hard to keep the fabric secure around the shape. My plan was to make several rows of them and attach to a pillow with fabric to match the Christmas Jelly Roll quilt I made last year. I realized that I have been avoiding all EPP ever since because these are a pain. So I’m relieving myself of apple core EPP duty effective immediately. The red hexie flowers are the start of something but I don’t know what other than that the color blue will also be involved somehow. I wanted a 4th of July type table mat. I did make up a graph of how this would go but I don’t have a photo of that handy. I’m back to standard hexie EPP and I am thrilled. I’m hoping to bring my little hexie kit along to the pool in the afternoons and make some progress.

Do you EPP and if so, which shape is your favorite?


When T-Shirt Quilts Can Be Something More

I was just on Twitter and saw this wonderful idea from Maiden Jane that I wanted to share. She is making door and table banners from t-shirts. I love the smaller versions and they could be a great way to advertise a business if you had three t-shirts with your logo.
Here is the link to her post that shows the banners.


Also, it looks like Craftsy is having a thread give away! Here is the link for that. It’s 64 spools of Sulky 12 weight cotton thread.


Have a beautiful day!


Monday Musings

That was the best post title I could come up  this morning!! I thought about, “Hey, Has Anyone Seen June?” or “Where The Heck Did The Month Go?” but those didn’t seem very exciting. Lol!!

So, it’s Monday and in the face of a mountain of laundry after a super busy weekend and another week of errands, appointments and getting ready for the holiday, I feel like…well, like…I’m never going to quilt again (never mind podcast or design something new)! From the look of a few Twitter posts this morning from fellow small craft business owners/stay at home moms, I’m not alone in this feeling today.  It must be the summer reality hitting.  I read some other blog posts this morning on keeping up with social media and how to utilize every minute of the day and honestly, it just made me tired.  I know I’ll strike a balance somehow this summer but you’ll just have to bear with me for a bit until I find my summer rhythm.

The quilt I would like to work on the most right now is the Lindsey Project. I left off at this stage…

photo 1 (7)

I also would like to pick up the work on the Window Pane 9 Patch. This quilt will go into my Etsy store as a finished item.

I have several design ideas in my head and several patterns that just need to be drafted into the right format for pattern selling.

I am waiting to hear back on a few submissions. If accepted, I need to actually construct those quilts as they were submitted as ideas in EQ7 form.

The girls had their music show this weekend…It was the show where the Double Slice Layer Cake was raffled off…

photo 3

It went home with a happy winner!

The girls also came home as happy winners! Amanda was the winner of the Spotlight Award which recognized her many accomplishments at the music school as well as at the high school.

photo 1

Lindsey was the winner of the Student Of The Year award for consistently putting in extra effort all year long!

photo 2

Both the girls also received medals and certificates for the instruments they play and for theater.
It was an amazing and fun filled evening. Greg and I are so incredibly proud of them.

Have a beautiful Monday!


Postcard Swap & Catching Up

Wow! What a week it has been around here. School got out last Thursday and we’ve been moving at the speed of light ever since. We had a nice end of year pool party for the girls and their friends. That was in the midst of a very busy week of rehearsals for the Godspell play which was held over the weekend. It was fantastic. It was moving and beautifully produced…hence the amount of rehearsals in the month of June. Those were met with some grumbling but usually quelled when I asked, “How do perfect plays happen?” The answer was always “Rehearsals.”
Here are a few pics from the play.

photo 1

This week we are gearing up for the “Big Show” which is the recital for the music school that the girls attend. It’s a long show but worth every minute. The talent is amazing and the girls always seem to leave with an armload of certificates and trophies and last year, a scholarship.

So as you might have guessed, I haven’t been quilting much this week other than working here and there on the Window Pane 9 Patch. I did also finish the T-Shirt quilt.


photo (1)

I have been out in the garden fussing around here and there and enjoying it…I’m happy to say. It’s usually not my thing but with all these pretties happening, it’s hard not to embrace it.

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

Update on the postcard swap…If you haven’t been to visit the Flickr Group for the postcard swap, please do! The photos are piling up in there and each one is unique and beautiful and a reflection of the creator.
Here is the link…go visit!!

Have a beautiful day!


Plugging Along & Another Deal…

How are you all doing today? This is quite a busy week around here with school finishing up and an upcoming play for Lindsey this weekend. She is in two performances of Godspell. I’m looking forward to it as I know it will be fabulous!

Last week I took advantage of Southern Fabrics $2 charm pack deal and purchased April Showers. I have decided to go with a Window Pane 9 Patch quilt made with the charm squares. Torie recommended this quilt tutorial and I will work on it on the Featherweight this week. Click the link below to see the tutorial video from Missouri Star Quilt Company.


Here are the charm squares being laid out while I figure out a decent configuration for the 9 patches.

photo 2

As it turns out, Southern Fabric is running another charm pack deal. This time it is a $2 Weeds Charm Pack by Me & My Sister for Moda. It looks like a lot of red and black colors in this pack. The code to use is weedscharm80 Here is the link:


This week I’m still working on my niece’s T-shirt quilt. I have the top done and I’m in the process of quilting it now.

photo 3

I finished reading this book last night. I picked it up in Hawaii in August and I kept “saving” it until the right moment when I could “savor” it!

photo 1

It’s a wonderful book about the history of not only traditional Hawaiian quilting but also contemporary Hawaiian quilting. I enjoyed it very much and will go deeper into it in an upcoming podcast episode.

That’s it for today…time is short and the to do list is long!