Monday Happenings Or Not

bandaid-bear copy

I don’t have too much to report in the way of quilting this week. Poor Lindsey fainted Thursday evening and landed herself in the ER with a concussion and 7 staples in her head. She fainted in her bedroom and unfortunately, there was no one to break her fall and she hit her head on the wooden bed frame. So this week, I am entertaining her as she is on brain rest for a few days. Brain rest means no texting, movies, tv, computers or books. That doesn’t leave much for a teenager to do. We are playing games, baking and hanging out. She is doing some coloring. I wish she was sleeping a bit more so her brain can really heal up but the headache is too much and she’s not a napper…never has been.

Before her accident, I did get a chance to thread my new serger from scratch. When I can get to it again, I’ll work on one of those cute little box bags. The instructions for that are part of the Craftsy class on beginner serging.

I am also hoping to get the quilting done on the music school raffle quilt. I have the machine set up and the quilt ready to go. That will just be a stitch in the ditch at this point. I’ll also be bringing the backing to the front to make the binding edge. That is not something I normally do but I feel like it will be quick and I’d like to wrap this one up.

Tell me what you are all working on this week?


Blog Tour Winners & Guild Visit


I hope you enjoyed the 100 Blocks Blog Tour last week! I was thrilled to take part in it for my 5th time. I think it’s about time to announce the two winners of the 100 Blocks Vol. 11 magazine give away! I will be sending the winners an email shortly but I’ll post it here too.

The winners are Lisa Marie and Joy!! Congratulations!!




This has been a pretty busy week for me. I’ve been working on altering some costumes for a production of Hello Dolly that Lindsey is in next week and I’ve also been trying to figure out my new serger. Both my mom and I ordered the Brother 1034D and we also signed up for the Beginning Serger class on Craftsy. My mom has gotten much farther along with figuring things out than I have and she already made this! It is one of the projects in the class.


Clearly, I have some catching up to do.

On Monday evening, I had the pleasure of presenting a lecture and trunk show to the fun ladies of the Seacoast Quilter’s Guild in Duxbury, MA! They were a wonderful group of ladies to visit. I presented Mission Possible: A Quilting Journey which is a basic guide to taking your quilting to the next level whether you want to design and publish patterns, start a website or blog, begin a podcast or a newsletter. This presentation gives you the information in a lo-tech way to inspire you to go ahead and take that first step! We followed that up with questions and a trunk show and then the ladies presented their show and tell items. It was super fun and I loved that right off that bat, they were pooling fat quarters and drawing names for who was going home with a new stash of reds and also having a drawing for a great door prize! I really enjoyed myself and I think they all went home armed with some new information! Click Here to read more about this guild presentation.

Next up for me is getting the music school raffle quilt finished up and to continue work on my Love Notes Quilt as well as plug along with the comic collectibles sewing and I’m working on a few submissions.

What are you all working on this week?

There is a new episode of Quilt Cabana Corner up on iTunes and Podbean if you are looking to listen to some quilty talk while you stitch.



Welcome To My Day On The Blog Tour!!!


I’m so thrilled to once again be part of QuiltMaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour! I’d like to extend a big hello and welcome to everyone who stops by this week! Hard to believe this is my 5th time!

My block can be found on page 10. It is called Sunflower Dance.





This is a fusible applique block that is quick, easy and versatile! I think sunflowers are amazing. They grow so tall and beautiful. I thought it would be fun to turn this block into a table runner that can be enjoyed year round. I made the same block but in different colors and paired it with Cross Roads blocks to get this….


And a few closeups…



My process for designing is quite simple. I like to have a sketch to work from that I’ve drawn by hand and then I use cardstock to make templates for my appliques. I use paperbacked fusible web to adhere the appliques to the project and then I finish the appliques with blanket stitching.





If you think you’d like to try a fusible applique project, head over to the Quilt Cabana Patterns store on Craftsy. There are several small projects to try including this mug rug!

mug rug cover 3

Now it’s time for a give-away!!! I’m giving away a copy of 100 Blocks Volume 11 to one lucky reader and QuiltMaker is also going to give away a copy to another lucky reader! Just leave a comment and be sure to fill out the email address. No one will see this but me so I know how to contact you if you win. Tell me what your favorite summer flower is and what you are working on this week.

I hope you’ll follow my blog and join me for weekly updates, swaps and my podcast, Quilt Cabana Corner.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit my website as well.


100 Blocks Blog Tour Begins Today

Just a reminder that the 100 Blocks Blog Tour and giveaways all start today!! Visit the QuiltMaker blog to see the tour line up and enter to win the grand giveaway here.


My day on the blog tour is tomorrow!!!!! Come back and see my block and also enter to win a copy of the magazine. Two lucky blog readers will win!


Quilting, Sketching & Mug Rugs

Happy Monday…after school vacation!! Yipppeeee! Vacation week was fun and I managed to accomplish a few things. It was a busy week while I attempted to remain calm while Amanda was in France (despite news stories that fueled my anxiety) and make it a fun week for Lindsey and Leah who, well , didn’t get to go to France. We aimed to do something fun each day and I think they had a good time. I know I did! And Amanda had the time of her life, for sure.

I worked a few days on the Love Notes quilt that was acting as my therapy quilt while Amanda was abroad. I got all the pieces cut and I’m working on stitching the blocks together. I stitch and pin them to the design wall in no particular order as of yet.

2015-04-27 13.07.19

2015-04-27 13.05.24













































I’ve used quite a bit of sizing on each patch hoping to overcome the bias problem. So far, it’s going ok.

I made a bunch of Star Wars totes for the comic show as well.

My sketching class on Craftsy continues. My third assignment was the banana one where I had to use two values of the same color in a watercolor sketch. So basically sketch the same item twice and color it two different ways.
2015-04-19 10.54.41























The feedback I received from the instructor was this:

I think this is a lovely study. One thing to watch out for are proportions–your banana might be getting a tad bit skinny, like a string bean. The colors are spot-on, though. The other thing I would work on is making the background values even darker, and laying in the banana’s shadow. I think that would really help the banana “pop” more. Nice job!

I was pleased. The fourth homework was HARD, you guys. It was to sketch a person in motion. So basically sketch a person moving very quickly and fill in most of the detail from your memory. I sketched Leah walking in front of the fireplace. It didn’t come out great and I had that darn coffee table in my way. Ugh.

2015-04-27 13.06.50























The only part I liked was that you could see her foot lifted up like it was in motion..sort of. Here was the reply of the instructor:

Nice job. You’ve got the right idea, working with the general features first, like the ponytail and the style of clothes. I think you can be even more gestural with these. I would try sketching in public with people you don’t know and see what you can capture.

I think he’s too kind to say what he really thought! LOL!

Today after lunch I took my sketching on the road which is really what this urban sketch class is about. I went to Dunkin Donuts, ordered a coffee and started to sketch. I ignored anyone looking at me strangely. My intention was to sketch the whole counter. I realized I was way, way, way in over my head so I did the part of the counter that was right in front of me.

2015-04-27 13.05.56























I’m not feeling all that encouraged but I will keep trying. One of my favorite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt is, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” She is right. She is sooooo right. Also, I watched all 6 Star Wars movies in order last week so I’m feeling particularly Jedi-ish with the mind set that I can do anything. Ha ha ha. At least that’s what Yoda says.

Ok, on to mug rugs. I never posted what the mug rugs looked like that I sent to my two partners, Tina and my mom. Here it is.


I found the free pattern on line and I thought it was really cute so I made one for each partner.

Today I’m working on my presentation that I’m giving to the Seaside Quilters in early May. What are you up to?

And I do still podcast though it seems I skipped a month. I’ll be remedying that this week! Stay tuned!!!


Spring in Paris, Sketching & A Therapy Quilt


My girl is off to Paris and she’s having the time of her life! It looks beautiful there and I can’t wait to hear from her each day and see all the amazing things she is experiencing.


Each day is a new adventure for Amanda and her fellow students. They are a lucky bunch!

While she is away, I decided to begin work on the Love Notes quilt that I am making for her. It’s a Missouri Quilting Company tutorial.

I am using the Kiss Kiss charm squares from Moda which are adorable and have little Eiffel Towers all over them. The only thing I’m finding not adorable is this:

2015-04-19 10.55.33

Some of the charms are nearly a full 1/4″ off. Grrrrr. I am cutting my own yardage of Kona White for the white charms instead of using a precut so I know that my cutting is accurate and these charms are off. I’ve found a few like this and I keep setting them aside. I did buy two of the charm packs so I have wiggle room but this is what annoys me about precuts. Anyway, I’m happily working away on Amanda’s quilt as I think about the wonderful time she is having and what a great experience this will be for her. I know she’ll come back changed in a way and that’s ok. We are supposed to give them wings and my girl is flying.

My watercolor field set came this week and I was able to do the third homework assignment in sketch class. The assignment was to sketch two of the same item and then paint them in two values of the same color. This is right up a quilter’s alley! I’m feeling kind of proud of my work on this one. I really, really tried to get the rounded curves down. We’ll see what the instructor says when he looks at it.

2015-04-19 10.54.41























The fourth homework will be to sketch people in motion. Good Lord, I have never even sketched a person not in motion!! This will be tough.

Don’t forget to post your beautiful mug rugs and potholders in the Flickr Group. There are some really nice ones in there now.

And the Sail Away Mug Rug pattern is still just .99 cents in the Craftsy store.

mug rug cover 3


Sketching and Tote Bags

I continued on with the next two lessons in my sketching class. Thank you to everyone who commented either here or through email and Twitter about my progress (or lack thereof)! The first homework assignment was to sketch a still life. The second assignment was to use pen and cross hatching to create texture. I sketched a vase and started cross hatching to show some shadow, etc. Well, I pretty much cross hatched the heck out of it which was good practice but not great in terms of actually showing shadows correctly. I posted this in the class homework section and this was the reply I received from Paul Heaston who is the instructor.

This sketch has better ellipses, nice job! You are getting some lovely textures with the cross hatching and the pattern on the vase. Look for highlight areas, where the vase is getting more light and less shadow, and don’t worry about cross-hatching in those areas.

Next time, I’ll be more judicious in the amount of cross hatching.

2015-04-14+08.07.28 (1)























The next homework assignment is to work in watercolor. Hmmmm…don’t have any nice sets laying around..yup, back to Michael’s this morning for a water color pad, brushes and the paints. I had success in getting the pad and brushes but the watercolor paint set that is recommended wasn’t there. I came home and ordered it on Amazon. It will be here Saturday. I got the travel set of 24 colors so that I can take it with me to Kauai this August. I do indeed picture myself sitting in a lush, tropical locale with my sketch pad and watercolors and flowing, flowery dress and oh, maybe a sun hat. Can’t you just picture that? Ok, reality is I’ll be sitting in my wrinkled shorts and t-shirt begging my family to let me stay one more minute to get that last detail!! LOL!!

Yesterday I tried sketching on the go. I had to pick up Lindsey from school and had a few minutes to spare. I pulled out my pocket sketch book and a pencil and looked for something interesting. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong side of the parking lot with only this to look at:

2015-04-16 11.08.54

I sucked it up and went to work. In a few minutes time, I sketched this:

2015-04-16 11.06.39

Not terrible? I’ll be looking forward to that new paint set on Saturday and I’ll post my homework when it’s complete.

In sewing news, I made 4 tote bags for upcoming comic shows. Sock-It-To-Me-Toys is the name of the business that I am working with and they are attending quite a few shows in the near future. I enjoyed making these very much. They are fast and they are lined and boxed which makes them super nice. I hope they sell well at the shows. I have a lot more fabric so there will be more of these made up in the next few weeks.

2015-04-16 11.08.28

2015-04-16 11.08.02

2015-04-16 11.07.41

2015-04-16 11.07.16

Ok, don’t forget the Sail Away Mug Rug pattern in on sale this week for .99 cents on Craftsy!! After next week, it will be $2.00.

mug rug cover 3

mug rug cover 2


Sketching, Prom & Paperclips

Happy Monday Evening!

So the prom finally happened!! Feels like we’ve been talking about it forever and just like that, now it’s done. Here are my three favorite pics of Amanda and Dan from Friday night.










From the dress, to the hair, to the nails, to the flowers it was all picture perfect. I was over the moon for these two.














On Sunday I headed out to Joann’s to pick up comic show fabric and some sketching supplies.

ATT_1428969569822_2015-04-12 13.26.19

ATT_1428969569777_2015-04-12 13.28.35

I’m taking Paul Heaston’s Sketching The Everyday class on Craftsy. I’m only on the third lesson but I certainly enjoyed shopping for the supplies! Here is my homework assignment from the second lesson. It’s not great and I’m hoping to improve over time. The main idea in this class is to sketch something every, single day. Here’s my Bromelia sketch…

ATT_1428969569744_2015-04-13 09.26.51

I bought a small sketch pad for my purse so maybe I’ll make the goal of every day. The next homework is to use pen and practice adding texture with cross hatching. I think the class is interesting but I was hoping for a bit more instruction about actually drawing. Maybe that will come in later lessons. I’m a bit spacially challenged and drawing in 3D is very hard for me. We’ll see….













Lately, I’ve become a fan of James Clear who is a motivational speaker. He wrote this very interesting article about cultivating habits and the use of the paperclip strategy. I think it’s a great idea and could easily transfer over to quilting. Imagine having a cup full of paperclips representing projects. Take a read, let me know what you think.

On James’ website you can find two free ebooks about setting goals. I like his approach to easing into a new habit and setting reasonable goals that can be built upon. It is helping me with my Couch To 5K running and lifting some arm weights. The Couch To 5K program works on that premise. It has you run just a few minutes to begin and when you have that mastered, it has you run a bit more all the way to 5K. I’m adding in some light weights for my flabby arms and as James suggests, I’m setting goals that are easy enough to accomplish so that I don’t lose interest. It’s good stuff…worth the read.

Have a wonderful evening! It’s Disney night on Dancing With The Stars!! Yippppeeeee!


Swap Update & Stuff

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent the weekend with family getting ready for Easter. We went to church and then hosted dinner and an egg hunt here. It was such fun. Here are the girls on Sunday morning…


Earlier this week I had some fun mail from down under! Philipa of Ozzypip Quilts made a beautiful tea shop quilt that you can read about on her blog. I admired the appliques so much and was ecstatic when she mentioned that she had purchased the pattern twice by accident. I immediately asked her if I might take one of those patterns off of her hands in the form of pattern trading. She was game and I sent her one of my Easter patterns in return for this one!
























I was even more ecstatic when it arrived and I found out it was fusible applique and not needle turn…Yippppeeeee! I think you all know by now I have a love affair with fusible applique! The pattern is really for a teapot cozy but I might do as Philipa did and make a quilt out of it instead. I’m hoping Philipa receives the Easter pattern in the mail this week. As of yesterday, it had not arrived. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday I made this tote bag as a sample one for the comic collectibles sewing I am doing. It’s lined and has a boxed bottom which I like very much.
























It took an hour and I used this great tutorial from Skip To My Lou.

It’s also reversible if you want to line it with something fun and not just a solid color.

The mug rug and potholder swap is well under way and participants are beginning to receive some really fun mail!!! If you have received your mug rug or potholders, please take a quick pic and post it to this Flickr Group. So far there are two photos in there so go ahead and take a look!

Also this week, I received an invitation to speak at the Seaside Quilter’s Guild in Duxbury, MA in May. I am really looking forward to presenting my Mission Possible: A Quilting Journey presentation and trunk show. It will be lots of fun!

I’m hoping to get on track with the pattern writing for the Hanukkah mini quilts today. Friday is Amanda’s junior prom and we are busy preparing for that tomorrow and Friday morning! Then we will be consumed with getting Amanda ready for France!! We’ve been talking about this trip for a long time and it’s almost here. For those of you that travel, can you confirm this for me regarding voltage adapters and converters….if your iphone or camera charger states that its input is 100-240 volts, does she only need an adapter and not a converter?

Have a beautiful day, everyone.