Craftsy Sale Alert & Creative Memories Feb. Special!






To celebrate their 1,000th online class, Craftsy is giving you the chance to get 50% off the most commonly ‘wishlisted’ classes! That class you have had your eye on for a while might just be on sale. Why not see for yourself and browse these deals before they’re gone? Hurry, the offer ends Thursday!

Click Here to see the classes available!

If you’re feeling punchy, you’ll love the February Special! You can earn one of two fabulous new punches with the purchase of a paper bundle. If you order the Pastel or Bright paper pack, you get the Cherry Blossom punch free. If you order the Seasons or Holiday paper bundle, you earn the Stylish Heart punch free! Quantities are limited and I’m sure these will go fast. Contact me to order or order online yourself with this link…
Paper bundles contain a total of 64 pieces of paper.

February Special


Fresh Start Monday, Update & A Blizzard!

Fresh Start Monday








Happy Monday! We are bracing here on the south shore of MA for a blizzard! Schools were called off last night and everyone is in hunker down mode. That translates to get ready to sew mode of course!

I’ve been working steadily on the camouflage quilt over the last week. I am a half yard short on the camo fabric but I’ve been able to plug along and get patches sewn while I wait.







I’ve also been working on article writing and designing a new pattern for Quilt Cabana. It’s going to be a pretty one! I’m excited to order fabric and get going on it. More on that later…

For a kickstart to your week, I found a free tutorial for a microwave cozie. You can find that here. It’s a nice, quick project. UPDATE: The server for that website it temporarily down as of 2/10/16. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

Sadly, Hancock Fabrics has filed for bankruptcy. This will result in some stores closing. You can read about that here.

And here’s a video fresher on how read a quilt pattern. This is great for any new quilters out there! Click Here.

Friday was also a snow day for us and the girls brought some snow in for Nala to play with. It was her first snow experience and she liked it! How cute is she? Love this bunny!!



Camo Quilt

This week I have quite a few projects in progress. You know it’s bad when you have to set up a an extra table to hold the overflow!







Amanda’s Love Notes quilt is halfway quilted. I’ll work on that more this weekend. The Nordic quilt is on hold until Amanda’s is finished. That’s the red and white one pictured on the right back of the table. The beach quilt is coming along and is meant to be a slow project. I’m not in hurry and we certainly don’t have any beach weather right now! It does have me thinking though about a quilt in the planning stages of design that I’m calling Sea Glass…more on that later.

The one that I am focusing on this week is the camouflage quilt for a soldier in the army from our town. His mom asked if I could make a camo quilt and so I’ve begun. I wasn’t sure how to incorporate camouflage fabric into a quilt at first but I came up with this on EQ7 and his mom liked it.









It has all the army colors and will have a warm, camo fleece backing. I realized I’m half a yard short on the camo fabric and so I ordered more today. The rest of the fabric is cut and I’ve started piecing. The fabric is about 56″ wide and is fairly easy to work with as it’s 100% cotton. It’s a little thicker than regular fabric though.







How is your quilting coming along this week?


Fresh Start Monday, Updates, Patterns

Fresh Start Monday








Happy Monday! Are you ready to be inspired for the week?

Today I have a great article for you on 16 Things Successful People Do On Monday Mornings. Maybe you could find a thing or two on the list to add to your routine and set you up for a successful week.

Etsy has opened a store inside of the famous Macy’s store in New York! Eight designers will have the chance to see their products inside the store. The designer list will rotate. Mostly it is designers from New York so if you fit the bill, check this out!

If you are a fan of vintage, Pyerex is turning 100 this year! Here’s a cute look back on the history of these iconic dishes!

If you need a quick Valentine gift, check out my Craftsy store for the Sweet Valentine Mug Rug and the cute Valentine mini quilt in First Seasonal Trio.


Full Hearts









This weekend I worked on Amanda’s Love Notes Quilt. I have the center quilted and now I need to quilt the borders.







I only squeaked out one more block for the 1930’s Beach Quilt. It’s the Flower Basket block which is my current favorite!







These beauties came walking down the street Saturday! They took us all by surprise!







This weekend I decided to sign on as Creative Memories Advisor. I have long been a fan of scrapbooking and CM products. For years I wanted to be a Consultant or Advisor as they are called now. So I took the plunge hoping to reignite my own love of scrapbooking. Looking through photos is a beautiful way to revisit memories. My kids still pull out the scrapbooks I’ve completed and enjoy looking through them. And I do as well. So the next step of my scrapping journey continues. Please visit my Facebook page that I’ve set up for this purpose. It will be updated like the Facebook quilting page. I’d love for you to join me. You can sign up for bi-weekly newsletters on each page. You can also sign up for the same quilting bi-weekly newsletter on this page in the right sidebar.

I’m off to clean up my studio and get ready for a quilty week! Enjoy the day!


Fresh Start Monday

Fresh Start Monday









Welcome to Monday! It’s a cold one out there.  For today’s Fresh Start I have a few interesting items to share.

First up, I saw this blog post over on Nancy Zieman’s blog about making fleece hats for different causes. The hats are adorable and the pattern is given at the bottom of the post if you want to try one.  Nancy Daly of the Hat Ladies has estimated they have made over 50,000 hats for charity! That’s a lot of hats! Maybe you could whip some up for a good cause in your community.

Next, check out these adorable Cookie Kisses over at Bakerella!

1 a kiss








I found a Hershey Kiss cookie cutter on Amazon. If you don’t have the cutter, she provides a template.

Abby Glassenberg wrote a post at the beginning of the month over on the Sew Mama Sew website about industry predictions. It’s a good read.

We all know tension rods are great for hanging curtains but here’s 15 plus uses for them! I like #4 and #10.

And here’s 23 signs you are slightly obsessed with Michael’s stores.  Sound familiar?

Happy Monday!


Sweet Valentine Mug Rug

The Sweet Valentine Mug Rug pattern is here on Craftsy and Etsy!  Perfect for giving to the one you love (or keeping for yourself!).  Get it now for $3.00 and share the love!













Need more Valentine ideas?
Try First Seasonal Trio for a cute Valentine mini quilt. Also included in this pattern are instructions for the Winter Pleasures and Lucky mini quilts.

First Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW


Fresh Start Monday

Happy Monday and Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

To start your week off, here’s a few goodies for you!

I found this cute tutorial on making fabric folders. These make great gifts for everyone not just teachers!

Recently I ordered myself a cast iron skillet. I have completely fallen in love with Sophie Hudson and Melanie Shankel’s Big Boo Cast podcast. In one of the episodes, they discuss how Sophie makes filet mignon in her cast iron skillet and how yummy it is. We tried it last night and boy, was it good! Sophie heats up the skillet to very hot then adds in some olive oil and butter. She sears each filet for 2 mins per side then transfers the whole skillet to the oven. We kept ours in the oven for about 4-5 minutes for a nice medium. Oh so good. Here’s the skillet I bought. Also here’s 21 skillet recipes that Amanda found for me to try.

Next up is an article from the Huff Post on the real reason introverts dread small talk. I think many of us quilters categorize ourselves as introverts so read on

And lastly, a great article on 10 Sewing Mistakes That Make Your Clothes Look Homemade. I’m guilty of probably, oh I don’t know…all of them.

One more thing…all new Craftsy classes are 50% off until midnight tonight! Click Here.



New Blocks, Workshop and A Mug Rug Pattern

I’ve been working away on a few things this week. I’ll start with my progress on the beach quilt. I squeaked out two more block over the weekend so I have four now.  I’m using my Accuquilt dies to make the blocks and it is super easy as long as you use a scant 1/4″ seam. The 1/4″ on the foot I have is too generous and the 1/8″ didn’t seem big enough so scant is the winner!







I spent a few minutes on my red work while watching the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday…









Today I finished up this sweet little mug rug and the pattern will be available on Craftsy next week…







I took Marge Tucker’s Improv Circle workshop on Saturday with my mom. We had a great time chatting and sewing. It was a lot of fun. The idea was to learn to use strips to make improv circular blocks. The block could then be combined into a larger piece such as this one that Marge designed. I borrowed this photo from her website. The quilt is called Hay Bales and it is quite stunning.

1 aam







So let’s just say that though I won’t ever be afraid of curved piecing again after doing a whole day of it, my blocks certainly do not even resemble hers. Not even close. In the spirit of ‘fun’, I finished one block and then attempted another. The one on the left is my first correct block. Take a look and then we’ll talk about the second one….







The one on the right is, shall we say, ‘not right’. The gal at the next table ‘accidentally’made her block look as though it were spinning in motion. That accident looked pretty good to my mother who decided to accidentally on purpose make hers look the same. Well, serendipity is just that…a pleasant surprise. Perhaps not to be replicated. My mother got very excited and then I too became excited and thought I’d give it a whirl…no pun intended. The way to accomplish the happy accident was to add strips to the center circle on 3 sides then 4, etc. Adding to 4 sides was how the original block was done. All this to say, mine ended up looking like a giant eyeball and my mother’s well, it looks like an itty bitty bathing suit bottom or one side of a bra! LOL!!!! When we realized what was happening and nothing could save us, we sat and giggled and got down right punchy. That happens in the sixth or so hour of straight sewing. Yup.

Neither of us made it the guild meeting on Monday night to show and tell our blocks, probably a good thing!

Marge’s work is beautiful and when done correctly, it was a fun technique.

Have a great Thursday and here’s a little something to make you smile…



Fresh Start Monday

Fresh Start Monday








Happy Monday to you! I have an assortment of interesting things for you all today…shall we start with the most delicious?

How about 50 Bundt cake recipes?

Or the fact that Green Fairy Quilts has jelly rolls today for 30% off and free shipping!

Here is an article on 15 ways to finish a seam…click here.

And here’s a Craftsy blog article on making a muslin for sewing garments.

I got an email this week from Craftsy about Lola Jenkin’s Thread Art Class and it looks really good. It’s $29.99 right now but I’m sure for how long. Normally it is $39.99

11 a threadart






If you use this link, Thread Art Class, it will take you there through my affiliation which helps support the blog and podcast.

In my next post, I’ll be filling you in on the Marge Tucker workshop I attended Saturday. I had a lot of fun making improv circles.




Spring Project In Print & Updates

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hope you are all having a fantastic start to your Friday! It’s a grey one here today but I got some exercise in and ran my errands and now I’m free to blog and pack up for a guild workshop tomorrow. I’m taking Marge Tucker’s improvisational circle piecing class…now that was a mouthful. The supply list isn’t too long so I think I probably can grab it all out of my stash.

The mailman brought this yesterday…my Swing Into Spring placemats and copies of Quilter’s World spring issue…these are featured on page 100. I’m super excited to be part of their magazine once more. There’s even a quote on the right page! I had to read through it to remember what I said! LOL!!







This week I’ve been splitting my time between writinig and quilting. I PROMISED myself I would exercise at least 3 days this week and I have. I’m surely tempted to blow it off but hubs bought me a huge Zumba dvd kit and I’m determined to use it. I’ve been starting the dvd around 7am and finishing at 8am then I work on breakfast dishes and getting dressed which gets me to the computer or craft room by 9am. I’m working until 1pm then picking up the rest of the house and getting dinner prepped because the girls are home by 2pm and the afternoon/evening taxi circus begins.  We have activiites every night varying with ending times between 7-9pm. Tired yet? I am. There should be some type of Uber car service for kids! LOL!!!

So in my two days that I wasn’t writing and I made it into the sewing room, I made these two blocks which are the first of the blocks for my 1930’s beach quilt (beach  blanket sounds better).







Here’s the problem. I used a white fabric from my stash and what you see there is about all I have of that white. I went to Joann’s today to find it and had zero luck. I bought a few yards of Kona White and now I’ll use that for the rest of the quilt. Since this will be going to the beach and not entered in a show, I’m not going to worry about the whites being slightly off.

The other project I worked on was my redwork embroidery. I traced it and started stitching. It’s a fun project.







The stuff I didn’t do that I should have was to start designing a mug rug for Valentine’s Day, work on submission projects and list a bunch of stuff leftover from the craft fair on Etsy. Next week….

What are you all working on?