Fitness Friday!


All in all it was a pretty decent week walking-wise for me. On Monday, I started tracking and measuring food portions again and I also cut way back on sweets. The result was a two pound loss.

Here are my steps for the week:

Friday – 10,654 steps
Saturday – 10,038 steps
Sunday – 11,286 steps
Monday – 9,567 steps
Tuesday – 10,209 steps
Wednesday – 10,148
Thursday – 11,021

This is the best week I’ve ever had with getting my steps in.

Hopefully, I can keep it up for this week.

If you missed yesterday’s post, I did a Fall Pattern Round-Up with my autumn designs. It’s not too late to make something easy and fun for the fall. Click Here for the post.


Fall Pattern Round Up!

Fall into fall with adorable quilt patterns from Quilt Cabana! It’s never too late for easily pieced and fused wall hangings!

They make great gifts and will help you step into autumn with style.

Fall - Copy

Trick or Treat

Both of these mini quilts are from the Third Seasonal Trio pattern series that you can find on Craftsy or through QuiltWoman.


This cute mini quilt is part of the Fourth Seasonal Trio available on Craftsy or through QuiltWoman


Happy Haunting is available on Craftsy.

fall projects three jacks

Three Jacks is available on Craftsy and Etsy.


Boo-tacular is available through McCalls magazine for free as a free web bonus.

fall project little quilts front

fall projects little quilts back

And my book, Little Quilts For Big Occasions, has lots of patterns for year round enjoyment!
You can purchase it on Amazon or through Etsy.

Which project will you choose?

If you live locally to me and would like to learn how to make any of these projects in a private quilting lesson, please contact me through the blog or at

Happy Fall Crafting!


Work In Progress and Hair Reveal!

wip wednesday

This week for the first time I’m going to link up with WIP Wednesday with Freshly Pieced. You can see her website and the progress of others by CLICKING HERE.

I made progress on the hour glass blocks this week. I am halfway through piecing the blocks and I’m eager to do more on this project. I am in love with the layer cake which was Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. I laid out the blocks I finished on the dining room table to see how the colors play with each other. I’m happy pretty happy with it at this point.

photo 3 (8)

I’m also beginning work on a new book proposal that is going to require a lot of time. The result will be pictures I can’t share and a lot of time spent on the computer. If you’ve ever drafted a pattern before, you will know firsthand what I mean. I can show you the fabrics I bought today that are going in the first project that I’m working on…aren’t they pretty?

photo 5

Ok, here’s my hair reveal….Yesterday I headed out to the salon in search of a new hair style! I left the house looking like this…

photo 1 (10)

I got home from the salon with layers and a real style! This was a few minutes after I got home…

photo 2 (10)

Then I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I ran out to buy a Jon Frieda Airbrush to aid me in creating volume and style and this morning I washed it out and used the air brush and here I am…

photo 4 (3)

That has been about it for the week…I am hoping to get to making more of the baby buntings for the Angel Outfitter charity this week but my weekend is starting to book up fast so maybe next week.

Happy Wednesday!!!!


Reunited and it feels so good….

Sing it with me! LOL!

Last night I reunited with my quilt guild, Quilter’s Connection, and it did indeed feel so good!! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had not been able to attend a guild meeting in close to a year. Being there last night and reconnecting with some wonderful people made me realize that in order to get the most out of your guild experience, you do need to attend and participate and volunteer. It’s a large guild…302 members. That’s a lot of people to meet, learn from and be inspired by. I won’t lie, it can be an intimidating group at times but only if I let it be. There are skills of every level in this guild. We have some pretty famous names as well. Last night was Show and Tell. I didn’t want to bring anything to show because I know that the shock and awe factor of what others are showing far outshines my traditional work. My biggest fan (aka MOM) urged me to bring my Fall Jubilee Bed Runner since it is in this month’s issue of Quilter’s World magazine. I found my courage and brought my bed runner.

photo 2 (9)

photo (3)

I took it in stride that OF COURSE my turn came after this woman held up a monstrosity of a huge, beautiful, stunning red and white quilt…that she quilted herself because of course she did. I tried not to die on the spot. I didn’t die. I made it through. I participated and overcame the fear. You can do that too. I promise.

So here’s my yogurt story. I’m not a fan of it. I’ve been eating the Dannon Greek Light & Fits that are only 80 calories because I discovered they don’t really taste like yogurt. There are a lot of interesting flavors. On Sunday, the woman in front of me at the grocery store had about 12 of these lined up to purchase.

photo 3 (7)

I noticed the containers were orange and asked her if it was a new flavor. She told me it was Caramel Apple and it was pretty much the best thing she’s ever eaten. I said I would try them next time I was shopping because I was already in line and didn’t want to run back to the Dairy section. After a few minutes of deliberation on her part, she offered me one of the yogurts from her order. I was a bit surprised because she was so exuberant about her yogurts. I asked her if she was sure and she said that she had taken EVERY one of the Caramel Apple yogurts that was on the shelf and that she’d feel much less guilty about that, if I would take one. I laughed so hard. I told her if it would make her feel better about wiping the shelf clean then I’d be happy to take one. Guess what? That yogurt was pretty much the best yogurt I’ve ever had. It tasted like apple pie and had little apple bites in it. Yummmmmmmmmmmy. Apparently I’ll have to try a different grocery store to pick up more of them because I’m fairly sure the shelf is empty at my usual place.

Today is cut and color day. This is my “Before” photo…

photo 1 (9)

Can’t show the “After” because I haven’t gone to the salon yet. This is what I’m hoping for though…an actual style. I grew my hair longish and now it just gets either tucked behind my ears or thrown in a pony tail. I’d like something less bland. Wish me luck.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


Happy Monday & Weekend Progress

Happy Monday!

It was a beautiful fall weekend around here…perfect for walking, sewing and making some homemade tomato sauce. The days were long and full and I really enjoyed myself. We hosted about 6 or 7 girls here Saturday night to celebrate Lindsey’s 14th birthday with snacks, pizza, a movie and make your own sundaes.

Friday night I had the urge to pull out my Happy Go Lucky layer cake by Bonnie & Camille. I marked the squares for stitching hour glass blocks while having a glass of wine and tweeting with my fellow Twilters! I got as far as stitching in the first direction, pressing and pairing up squares for stitching in the opposite direction…clear as mud, right? Click Here for the tutorial I’m using called Easy as Pie Layer Cake Quilt from the Moda Bakeshop.

Here’s my progress photo…

photo 2 (8)

On Saturday, Greg had Amanda drive him on errands so she could log some time driving. Her road test is coming up in November so she’ll be driving us around A LOT in the next few weeks. I got a text message from Greg that afternoon that read, “I bought you some things at a yard sale.” Be still my heart, I love that man!! OOOOOH, I couldn’t wait until they got home! He found some vintage looking sewing kits and notions and grabbed them all for $10. Some of the needles can definitely be used today but most of the items will be used to decorate the sewing studio. Great finds!

photo 3 (6)

This weekend I also finished the baby mat I was working on with the April Showers charm pack. I listed it in my Etsy shop



I’m really pleased with how it came out.

Tonight is Show and Tell at the quilt guild. I’m excited to be attending as I haven’t attended in probably close to a year. Lindsey had a drumming ensemble that met on Monday nights and I never quite made the hour drive because of it. I’m eager to see what everyone has been working on.

I’ll leave you with a photo collage of goodies from Lindsey’s birthday party.

Have a great day!

photo (13)


Fitness Friday & Items to Share

photo (12)

Happy Friday!! My step count started out slow at the beginning of the week where I was still recovering from the dreaded cough and virus. Monday through Thursday I really got my act together with 2 mile walks each day. I’m still not being good about tracking food and we had book club here on Wednesday night with lots of food and desserts that are still tempting me today. Tracking food is the key and I need to embrace it again.

Week of Sept. 5th
Friday -6,285
Saturday – 3,045
Sunday – 5,858
Monday – 10,081
Tuesday – 10,199
Wednesday – 10,354
Thursday – 10,256

Speaking of book club, this month’s selection is The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.

I noticed this morning that the Missouri Quilt Company has a new, cool Falling Triangles quilt tutorial featuring precuts. Here is the link:

Enjoy your Friday! I’m finishing the quilting on the baby mat and prepping for Lindsey’s belated friend birthday party…that’s a mouthful.


Throwback Thursday

So here’s the little apron that started my whole love affair with the sewing machine!


With my mom’s help, I made this apron using a sewing pattern for the first time ever. This was around 2002 or 2003? I’m not quite sure but the kids were really little. I learned to read the pattern, cut the fabric, sew the pieces together and press. My mother would show me a step then watch my little babies while I completed the step! Then she’d show me the next step. It was an eye opener to me and I finally understood why my mom and her mom before her loved to sew! It was fun! It was creative! It was something other than changing diapers and picking up toys off the floor. Do you know what I mean? Not that changing diapers and picking up toys off the floor wasn’t enough for me but this was exhilarating!

The little apron was used for cooking and then obviously for art purposes. I remember setting the girls up in the kitchen with all kinds of crafts and we pretended to be on the Carol Duvall Holiday Workshop tv show!! Lol!! Yes, they will have plenty to share with a therapist some day.

This apron led to Amanda asking me to make her a dress which led to multiple dresses which led to skirts and ponchos and then finally a foray into quilting.

I’m linking up with Quiltin Jenny for Throwback Thursday!
Have a good day!


WIP, Postcards, BBW and More

I’ve made some decent progress this week on items that were piling up in the sewing studio. Unfortunately, the timing isn’t right for me to show them all though!! I finished up my 100 Blocks submission and got that in the mail. I also finished up my art quilt for the Banned Book Week challenge. I’ll post my photos during Banned Book Week with everyone else who is participating. Sandy H. and Tanesha are hosting this event.

I did some fabric ‘filing’. Are you like me and have piles of leftover fabrics from past projects cluttering up space? It felt good to sort the fabric by color and put it back in the cabinet. Now I have some breathing room…ahhhhh.

The Fall Postcard Swap partners have been assigned! I used the Direct Message feature on Twitter to contact everyone this morning. Please check your Twitter message box if you signed up to participate. Postcards should ideally reach your partner by October 31st. I have a few ideas floating around in my head for this swap. I can’t wait to start putting them together on fabric.

The next project to go under the needle will be this baby mat.

photo 3 (5)

I pieced it on the Featherweight and it is ready for quilting. This will go into my Etsy shop. I think this must mean that it’s time to get another Featherweight project lined up. I have two pretty precuts sitting on the counter and I’ll have to choose one and a pattern and get busy! I like to sew on the Featherweight in the dining room where she is set up in a cabinet. It becomes a good project place for while I’m waiting to drive the girls somewhere or waiting for dinner to finish cooking.

Tonight I am hosting my book club. We are celebrating our 4th year tonight as a neighborhood book club. I have the food ready, the wine chilled and the house cleaned. I love hosting book club just for that reason…my house gets cleaned! LOL!! We are discussing One Plus One written by Jo Jo Moyes. She is an excellent author and we also read Me Before You which is another of her wonderful novels. Our book club usually meets once every six weeks and we rotate houses and hosting duties. It has worked out really well and we’ve read so many great books.

I’ll leave you with this article that I saw on Morna McEver Golletz’s blog today about quilt show judging. I don’t know much about the criteria set for quilts to be judged as I have never entered a juried show and this was insightful.

Morna McEver Golletz is the founder and CEO of the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals where creative arts entrepreneurs craft business success. Her weekly e-zine offers tips, techniques and inspiration to help you craft business success from your creative arts passion. You can sign up for a FREE subscription at

Have a great Wednesday!


A Post-Finally! Catching Up.

Well, I didn’t mean to be away for as long as I was! I got home from vacation and promptly got sick and then forgot to renew my domain name which caused the website and blog to be down for a few days. So here it is Monday and I’m just getting back in the swing of things. The girls are embarking on their first full week of school! Yippppeeeee!!! Wait, did I just say that? LOL!!

I wanted to post a Fitness Friday report but that fell through when I realized my site was down. The report is dismal anyway due to illness but here goes from last week…

Friday Aug 29th – 4,246 steps
Saturday Aug 30th – no steps/sick in bed
Sunday Aug 31 – 2,932 steps/sick on couch
Monday Sept. 1 – 10 steps/don’t think I put the Fitbit on that day
Tuesday Sept. 2 – 3,522 more of the same
Wednesday Sept. 3- 8,204 steps- last day of summer run around
Thursday Sept. 4 – 4,345 steps – sat at my sewing machine! YAY!

Today is the first day I sort of feel human so I’m hoping to take a walk around lunch time.

Ok, postcard swap is upon us. Tomorrow I will be pairing up names so if you have not signed up yet, please do it today. You can message me on Twitter, leave a comment here by tonight or email me at

The following people have signed up:

Sandy H
Kim P
Jenny G
and myself

Today I’m working on finishing my submission for 100 Blocks Vol. 11 then I will start work on my Banned Book quilt. Next after that is the church fair advent calendar and then continuing on with the Lindsey Project and new designs for future patterns. So much to do and I’m finally excited to do it all! I think I had a major quilting slump over the summer but the mojo is returning.

Have a beautiful day.


Fitness Friday

I’m linking up with Ozzypip and Sandy of Quilting For The Rest of Us for our Friday fitness accountability posts.

Two days were spectacular as we were still in Disney World. Racking up steps there is super easy with all the walking around the parks and hotels you do.

I haven’t been very good since I arrived home. I haven’t made any specific move to exercise or walk. I blame it on the exhaustion of the trip, the plane ride and now a sore throat, ear ache and cough…all of which is viral says the doctor! I hope next week, I’ll get myself back into a routine again.

Here are my step counts for the week:

Friday 5,181
Saturday 17,009
Sunday 18,200
Monday 6,807
Tuesday 4,750
Wednesday 3,377
Thursday 5,026

Here’s hoping for a more fit next week!!!