Painting, A New Toy & A Ukulele

Happy Wednesday!
I seem to be in the habit of posting on Wednesdays the last few weeks. At first it bothered me that I wasn’t getting at least a second post in each week but now I’m kind of enjoying the weekly Wednesday update. I think for the summer, I’ll continue that trend as it makes life easier with 3 kids home all day. I do have hopes of getting a podcast in soon too…

This week I’m working on the project for Quilter’s World. That is my priority for each morning until it’s finished. The deadline is the day we leave for Hawaii so I want to finish that up very soon.

I mentioned in the last post that I was on the hunt for a hand crank Singer toy model. I originally wanted the Singer Model 20 but then I found a beautiful Singer Model 40. I wanted a small hand crank to use out at the pool and also possibly to take on the trip. I found this gorgeous one on Etsy and it is due here tomorrow!


It has the original box and case. I can’t wait to play with it! Last night I started cutting up scraps into 2″ squares so I can make a postage stamp quilt of some kind with the machine. I started cutting at 9pm.

2015-07-01 07.50.17

I got aggravated and remembered why I hate using scraps by 11pm. LOL! Oh my…I kept thinking, ‘doesn’t someone sell these all ready cut?’
I will press on…just not tonight.

Over the weekend I painted the girls’ bathroom. It was white with a red, white and blue lighthouse theme. Now it is aqua (Ben Moore Forget Me Not) with navy and white accessories.

2015-07-01 07.50.42



I am waiting on two new white framed mirrors to arrive to finish the project off.

Tonight I busted out the ukulele again…Linda Hicks, if you’re reading this, I know you are smiling! Linda is the one I caught the ukuklele bug from originally. I reacquainted myself with some notes an chords and worked up to playing Ode To Joy and Love Me Tender. Maybe you’ll hear me struggle through it on the next podcast!!


These beauties have been making me smile in the garden all week. They are so full of color.

2015-07-01 07.51.14

Gretchen over at 120 Blocks posted about making her dream list of what she wants to accomplish in her quilty life. I loved reading her list and feel a bit inspired to make my own and share it. I’ll work on that for next week.

What are your quilty goals?


And the week goes on…

We are almost to the end of the school year!! The kids are out tomorrow and we just can’t wait. It has been a long end of the year. I’m ready for no packing of the lunches, no setting of the alarm and some time to just hang out with the girls. Check in with me around the end of July and my tune will have changed drastically!!! LOL! Just kidding. We are looking forward to a vacation in Kauai during August. We have been to Maui before and are really excited to see another Hawaiian island. Now I need to find the quilt shops on the island and plan when I can get there. I looked briefly and found 2 possibly 3. I’ll whittle my choices down to 2 to keep my fellow traveling companions from the requisite eye rolling and teasing. Time to break out that ukulele again.

This past weekend was the music school show. Look who won the raffle quilt…


For a brief moment, I felt I should tell the school to choose another ticket but Leah was so thrilled to have won it, I didn’t have the heart. She loves it and I’m glad. We had a great show that night. Amanda was given the flautist of the year award along with high honors awards in piano and flute. Lindsey came away with high honors in voice and honors in piano and guitar. It was a good night.

This week I’m working on bright project for Quilter’s World magazine’s spring issue. I can’t tell you what it is but the fabrics sure are pretty…


Greg and I had a hot date to the antique store yard sale on Saturday morning. I know, we are so adventurous! LOL. I found this adorable quilt rack for $15. There was no way I could leave it there. I’ve never seen one like it and it’s perfect in my living room.


I had great news earlier this week. My block has been chosen for QuiltMaker’s 100 Blocks Vol 12! I’m thrilled to be part of that magazine again for the 6th time! They are fabulous to work with.

I’ve got a new obsession. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I see something quilting related and then I obsess until it’s in my possession. I promise myself this will be the last purchase and then it happens again…does this sound familiar? Bonnie Hunter posted about her friend
Carla’s adorable hand crank machine. It’s a Singer Model 20 which is actually a toy model. She has brought it on long flights with her and used it to quilt blocks even though it’s a chain stitching machine. Bonnie swears that chain stitching stitches are small and get crossed over with other seams so they are fine to use. Long flights (Hawaii) + adorable machine + my obsessive nature = I want one. Do you see where this is all heading? Here is the link for the post:

So I troll Ebay every night now looking for one that works and has all of its pieces. And yes, I hate myself for it. LOL!!! I’ll let you know how this works out…

Projects I’ve been neglecting for the moment are Amanda’s Love Notes quilt and the comic show sewing. Hopefully I can get back to those soon. I’ve also neglected sketching and handwork. I see I need to spend some time in the garden as well…thank goodness for summer!

What are you all working on today?


A Finish & Good News

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all making some decent progress on your projects this week. I’m thrilled to have finished up the t-shirt quilt I was working on for my friend’s daughter. She had a combination of 23 t-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops. We used the fronts, some backs, and even a sleeve! It was quite a project and took many hours of planning and prepping. I sashed it in a printed black cotton fabric and backed it with fleece. The quilt is heavy as all get go but is durable and warm!

2015-06-17 11.28.48

2015-06-17 11.29.45

2015-06-17 11.30.07

When I wasn’t working on the t-shirt quilt last week, we were getting ready for the dance recitals. Both Lindsey and Leah were in all three shows that day. It was Lindsey’s 6th and final recital and Leah’s 10th recital! Leah has been dying to get her hands on a 10 year trophy since the day she received her 5 year trophy! Lindsey had a long day as she still is feeling affects of her concussion. She wanted to be able to wrap up her dance career though and she did just that. Greg and I are so proud of both of them.

2015-06-17 11.31.30

2015-06-17 11.30.42

Leah getting one last practice in!

2015-06-17 11.32.31

This week we are moving on to the music recital where Amanda and Lindsey will both be performing. I’m hoping the raffle quilt I made will take in some good ticket sales.

I received some great news from the lovely people over at Quilter’s World that one of my projects will be included in the Spring 2016 issue! I love working with them and I’ll be busy now for a few weeks completing the project. It’s due the day we leave for Hawaii in August so I’ll be working on that sooner rather than later!

I had an idea to research some Block Of The Month programs and to possibly design my own. I’m wondering if there would be interest in that? I’ve always wanted to organize one but haven’t had the time. I’ll keep you posted if I move ahead with that.

I think that’s it for today! Have a good one.


Turtle’s Pace

Ever feel like you’re moving at turtle’s pace? That’s how I’m feeling this week. I have a million things to do but every day life is getting in the way of progress.  It’s the urgent v. the important all day long. Everything seems urgent this week and some of it is important but the lines are blurred amongst the dance rehearsals, dentist appointments, doctor appointments and influx of school paper work. I kind of feel like giving up. Of course right when I wanted to throw in the towel, this amazing article arrived in my mailbox on the topic of giving up or gutting it out.  This one section stood out to me the most:

This Is Life

Life is a constant balance between giving into the ease of distraction or overcoming the pain of discipline. It is not an exaggeration to say that our lives and our identities are defined in this delicate balance. What is life, if not the sum of a hundred thousand daily battles and tiny decisions to either gut it out or give it up?

This moment when you don’t feel like doing the work? This is not a moment to be thrown away. This is not a dress rehearsal. This moment is your life as much as any other moment. Spend it in a way that will make you proud.

—-James Clear

So I’m gutting it out right here with you now. Yesterday I worked for a few solid hours on the T-shirt quilt. I completed all of the measuring, remeasuring, stabilizing and cutting.

2015-06-10 07.58.14

I laid them all out and started making sashing strips. The sashing will be black which is by request of the young lady. I took a quick picture and sent it to her to confirm that is wasn’t too much black but in typical kid fasion, that is what she likes best. So I’ll continue with that this week. The quilt will have a pretty red fleece backing.

2015-06-10 07.57.41

I had some great news last week that my Hanukkah Celebrations mini quilt pattern will be offered on the beautiful 1-800-dreidel website. The pattern isn’t up there yet but should be by the end of the week.



If you’re looking for summer quilt projects, check out the Third Seasonal Trio , Nautical Table Runner , It’s American, and Sail Away Mug Rug patterns on Craftsy.

Third Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW


pattern cover photo

mug rug cover 2


T-Shirts and Irons

Happy Thursday!

Today I’m working on the t-shirt quilt for my friend’s daughter. I think the math and planning of a t-shirt quilt is the hardest part. Lucky for me, this young lady knew how she wanted the shirts layed out so I just have to figure out how to make that all work mathematically. I’ve progressed from making a diagram and labeling to working on the cutting and interfacing.

2015-06-04 13.21.32

2015-06-04 13.22.36

2015-06-04 13.21.00


decided to replace my Panasonic iron with a Black & Decker Digital Advantage iron before I began this quilt. I’m so glad that I did because this iron heats up quickly and does a bang up job of actually ironing. I’ve had several $100 irons and a few $20 ones. This one was around $45 and seems to be just right…hmmm…sounds like Goldilocks! Oh and it tells you digitally when it’s heated to the desired temp for whatever fabric you are working with. Fingers crossed this one doesn’t leak or randomly stop heating.

2015-06-04 13.22.06

Ashley Hackshaw’s blog is one of my favorite ones to read. I started following her when she began her series about her fight with cancer. Since winning her battle, she has given up her fast paced life in CA and moved to a slower paced and simpler life in North Carolina. She makes a life of making connections with her surroundings and those around her. She wrote yesterday about a quilt she purchased on Ebay and how that quilt went full circle through her back to it’s original owners. It’s a sweet story with a beautiful ending. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a lovely evening…


Beauties From The Quilt Show…

The Quilter’s Connection Quilt Guild, to which I belong, had it’s quilt show over the weekend. I have to say that I am in awe at the quilts that were displayed. I worked in the boutique on Saturday morning which also had a stunning amount of unique products for purchase. Later in the day, I worked as a hostess doing the ‘white glove’ thing. Working as a hostess is neat because you can trade off with other hostesses and move around to the different areas of the show. This allows you to have a chance to spend quite a bit of time with many different quilts. The venue for our quilt show is actually a theater building so quilts are hung on 3 different floors including in the main theater and the black box lower level.

I took pictures of some of my favorites, not all the pictures I took came out great but our guild puts every quilt on the website. This takes a little time to appear but as soon as it does, I’ll post a link so you all can see the wonderful quilts. There were about 150 quilts on display.

This quilt was so awesome in every way. This was done by Anne Kimball. The texture was amazing.

2015-06-01 10.57.09

A beautiful one by Susan Stemporzewski

2015-06-01 10.57.34

This one garnered so much attention. It was made by Pam Arsenault. The background quilting includes all kinds of sea life.

2015-06-01 11.01.46

This one impressed my hubby. It was made by Rosemary Bawn.
2015-06-01 10.58.52

This was one of my favorites by Nancy Howard. The picture doesn’t even do it justice.

2015-06-01 11.01.24

Mike McNamara had a very impressive showing of quilts. This first one with the rooster was selected by reps from the Museum of Fine Arts to add to their permanent collection. Having the reps attend was a great way to start the day off!! I really enjoyed his MLK quilt as well.

2015-06-01 11.00.51























The two in the background are also Mac’s.


I especially loved the colors and texture on this one by Raphaela Greenstein…

2015-06-01 10.57.57























My mom entered the following quilts…one she made on her embroidery machine and another she made from one of my patterns.

2015-06-01 11.00.19

2015-06-01 11.00.00













































I entered the Amanda quilt and also The Lindsey Project…

2015-06-01 10.59.21

2015-06-01 10.58.34

Sometimes the most unexpected things happen at a quilt show like meeting a fellow member you did not know before and finding out that you are so inspired by this person and very grateful to have met them. I had the pleasure of meeting quilt artist, G. Wong on Saturday. G was doing applique demonstrations outside of the boutique while I was working. I didn’t get to see her demonstration at that time but later in the day, she came into the theater area and we got to talking. She so sweetly, took out her demo supplies and gave me my own lesson on Hawaiian applique right there and then. I am sending you all over to her blog, Quilt & Bitch, to see her AMAZING work. When you go to her blog, click on the Quilts tab to see pictures of all of her quilts. The Orange Peel quilt was at the show among others (From The Inside Looking Out and From The Outside Looking In). Her color placement is

Have a great day everyone! I’m off to work on a t-shirt quilt for a special grad!


Quilter’s Connection Quilt Show

This weekend is my guild’s quilt show in Watertown, MA. If you are local, I’d love to see you there! I’ll be working in the boutique on Saturday morning and hostessing in the afternoon.

Here is the flyer for the show. It’s always a wonderful display of quilts at every skill level!! The boutique is full of gorgeous items including hand dyed fabrics. Check it out!

QC show flyer 2015_PDF

Looking for a summer table runner? Check out Nautical Table Runner available on Craftsy now.



Progress Inside & Out

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We spent it at home and I was thrilled to get my planting done. I have two small gardens and my favorite phase of the garden, is the planting! The two garden areas are small but it holds just enough for our family and to give a bit away. This year we are growing zucchini, summer squash, basil, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, beefsteak tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes. In the past we’ve done more herbs but this year I wasn’t feeling it! LOL!!

2015-05-26 09.01.30

Lindsey normally helps with the planting but this year she wasn’t feeling it as she is still slowly recovering from her concussion. She had the staples in her head removed last Thursday and now we are taking the rest of the recovery slowly. She is in school this week for half days and will try to get a handle on the work she missed.

I managed to finish up the music school raffle quilt. I’m happy with how it came out and I’ll be even happier to hand it off!

2015-05-26 09.02.35

This week I received some fun mail. The wonderful folks over at 100 Blocks sent these adorable tote bags out as a thank you for participating. I love bags!

2015-05-26 09.03.13























I also made this cute box bag on the serger! It was one of the projects in my Craftsy class, Beginning Serging with Amy Alan.

2015-05-26 09.02.06

The super awesomely cute fabric was from Lori K. I pulled it out and thought it would be perfect for this little bag.

The bag was easy to make but I did have two mistakes. One was that the zipper on the far end of the photo was not lined up properly. The other mistake was that I didn’t have the knife turned on so there were some stitches on the inside of the bag that sort of had too much loopiness on the edge. I’m planning on making another soon and I hope I can correct the issues on that one.

Over the weekend I met with a friend and her beautiful daughter. They are looking to have a t-shirt quilt made with all of her daughter’s high school t-shirts. We laid them all out and came up with a plan so I’ll be working on that next.

Have a beautiful day!


Monday Happenings Or Not

bandaid-bear copy

I don’t have too much to report in the way of quilting this week. Poor Lindsey fainted Thursday evening and landed herself in the ER with a concussion and 7 staples in her head. She fainted in her bedroom and unfortunately, there was no one to break her fall and she hit her head on the wooden bed frame. So this week, I am entertaining her as she is on brain rest for a few days. Brain rest means no texting, movies, tv, computers or books. That doesn’t leave much for a teenager to do. We are playing games, baking and hanging out. She is doing some coloring. I wish she was sleeping a bit more so her brain can really heal up but the headache is too much and she’s not a napper…never has been.

Before her accident, I did get a chance to thread my new serger from scratch. When I can get to it again, I’ll work on one of those cute little box bags. The instructions for that are part of the Craftsy class on beginner serging.

I am also hoping to get the quilting done on the music school raffle quilt. I have the machine set up and the quilt ready to go. That will just be a stitch in the ditch at this point. I’ll also be bringing the backing to the front to make the binding edge. That is not something I normally do but I feel like it will be quick and I’d like to wrap this one up.

Tell me what you are all working on this week?


Blog Tour Winners & Guild Visit


I hope you enjoyed the 100 Blocks Blog Tour last week! I was thrilled to take part in it for my 5th time. I think it’s about time to announce the two winners of the 100 Blocks Vol. 11 magazine give away! I will be sending the winners an email shortly but I’ll post it here too.

The winners are Lisa Marie and Joy!! Congratulations!!




This has been a pretty busy week for me. I’ve been working on altering some costumes for a production of Hello Dolly that Lindsey is in next week and I’ve also been trying to figure out my new serger. Both my mom and I ordered the Brother 1034D and we also signed up for the Beginning Serger class on Craftsy. My mom has gotten much farther along with figuring things out than I have and she already made this! It is one of the projects in the class.


Clearly, I have some catching up to do.

On Monday evening, I had the pleasure of presenting a lecture and trunk show to the fun ladies of the Seacoast Quilter’s Guild in Duxbury, MA! They were a wonderful group of ladies to visit. I presented Mission Possible: A Quilting Journey which is a basic guide to taking your quilting to the next level whether you want to design and publish patterns, start a website or blog, begin a podcast or a newsletter. This presentation gives you the information in a lo-tech way to inspire you to go ahead and take that first step! We followed that up with questions and a trunk show and then the ladies presented their show and tell items. It was super fun and I loved that right off that bat, they were pooling fat quarters and drawing names for who was going home with a new stash of reds and also having a drawing for a great door prize! I really enjoyed myself and I think they all went home armed with some new information! Click Here to read more about this guild presentation.

Next up for me is getting the music school raffle quilt finished up and to continue work on my Love Notes Quilt as well as plug along with the comic collectibles sewing and I’m working on a few submissions.

What are you all working on this week?

There is a new episode of Quilt Cabana Corner up on iTunes and Podbean if you are looking to listen to some quilty talk while you stitch.