Something’s Fishy!


Cooking meals that don’t involve meat for my daughter, Lindsey, isn’t always easy for me. I’m not that creative of a cook and quite frankly, I’m sick of making dinner after 24 years! So making her a separate vegetarian dinner every night gives me about as much pleasure as gnawing my own arm off! Lol!!!

This week I was determined to buy some fresh haddock. Normally I would bread and fry it and call it a meal. However…I’m not eating bread or flour for weight loss reasons (read I have a physical coming up). So…I sought advice from my mom and sister and came up with this haddock recipe to try. It was mouthwatering good and Lindsey loved it!!!!

Here’s the recipe:
Place the haddock fillets in a glass 9×13 that is sprayed with Pam. Heavily drizzle with melted butter. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, parsely, and tarragon. Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Perfection!



One thought on “Something’s Fishy!

  1. Sandy H

    You’re a nicer Mom than me. When my daughter decided to be a vegetarian at 13, I told her I would not be cooking separate meals but I would pay attention to side dishes to make sure she had substantial options. I also bought her a couple of simple vegetarian cookbooks and had her make an appointment with a nutritionist at the Y to get good ideas for inserting appropriate proteins into her diet. She wasn’t as good at that last part (we called her a “starchitarian” for years because of her heavy reliance on pasta) but she did learn to cook a few things quickly—whenever her Dad was away for dinner, I was her guinea pig for vegetarian dishes. She created a roasted red pepper pasta sauce that’s very good! She doesn’t like fish, though, so she decided that was part of her vegetarianism. Thankfully, she never went vegan as that would require major changes!


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