Fresh Start Monday

Fresh Start Monday

Let’s go with this post a little bit late today! I’ve been out doing some Christmas shopping and sewing on a certain reader’s Christmas gift which I can’t show until after the holidays. I’ve also been making jewelry today. I’ll be back Tues. or Wednesday with pictures of that. Today, I have four interesting things for you to read.

The first is a post from Ami Simm’s blog on folded fabric ornaments – these are gorgeous and look easy! Click Here.

Second is a funny but true video from Leah Day on the importance of getting dressed and combing your hair for work each day! Click Here.

Third is a close up tour of the gingerbread house displays in Disney World. If you’ve never seen them, you must check this out!
Click Here.

And fourth is an article that I found very interesting about how modern quilters are kind of policing each other…I’m a huge fan or there is no right or wrong in quilting so this sort of made me crazy. What do you think? Click Here.

That’s it for today!
PS. if you’re feeling stressed about the holidays, you might want to read my latest post, Let’s Quit Together, over at


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