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Crayon Embroidery, A Finish, A Storm

Happy Monday! I missed my blog post last week and maybe even the week before. Not sure how I got so off track. During that time we had school vacation and I celebrated my 47th birthday. I also attended my guild’s Winter Free Workshop which was a lot of fun. Now I’m sitting here writing to you with the help of a generator as we’ve had no electricity since Friday. A huge storm hit us and really did a number on our little town. The crews are out on the road near our house so fingers crossed the lights will come on soon.

We had some of this to contend with as well…water coming through the bricks on the chimney and down to the ash boxes spilling out into the basement. This is an issue for us whenever there is a big nor’easter type storm. We’re lucky it’s not gobs of water. A shop vac is enough to clean it up. In the past we’ve had our chimney waterproofed and it might be time to do it again!









Before the power was lost on Friday, I did finish up the silent auction quilt for Amanda’s sorority. This was a jelly roll by Moda called Summer Breeze. I love the blue and yellow so much!









This is the back of it. The pantograph is called lilac and it works up nicely.








Last Saturday, my mom and I went to our guild’s Winter Free Workshop where members teach other members new techniques in half or full day workshops. My mother and I both signed up for crayon embroidery and we had a great time! The project was from Crab Apple Hill Studios website and we learned how to color an embroidery project, heat set, and then embroider the project. This is the start of mine. I haven’t gotten too much done on it since as I am working on my bunny embroidery first. I always wanted to know how to do this as the ones I’ve seen are so beautiful.









I’m also working on the Christmas tree skirt which is a latch hook project. For my birthday, my mother gave me this awesome table for hooking rugs. I just love it. It makes the whole project so much easier. The little bins for yarn are so convenient. I like watching tv while I work on it.









It was ordered from the Mary Maxim catalog.

Lindsey made a big decision last week! She has decided she will attend the University of Vermont! Oh boy, we’re going to be road tripping up north quite a bit between visiting Lindsey and also Amanda at the University of New Hampshire! We’re super proud of Lindsey for blazing her own trail and choosing a school that’s a bit farther away than her true comfort zone. It’s four hours from us. I know she’ll love it there. It’s a beautiful place.


What have you all been working on lately?


Monday Ramble

Good Monday Morning!

Today is a holiday for everyone in the house. The kids are home from school and Greg is home from work. I am hoping to get a bit of sewing done today. We had a good weekend. Yesterday we went to church, got some things accomplished around the house and then went to our neighbors to watch the football game. Unfortunately, the Pats lost the game so we won’t be going to the Super Bowl. There were some sad faces around last night. I tend to just stare at the football game and not really pay attention so I’m a bit unaffected.

Tonight we are getting some snow. The lovely ladies on Twitter have sold me on trying snow/ice dyeing of fabric. I am planning on getting a piece of prepared for dye fabric ready to go if we get a good amount. I’d love to try the technique out.

Saturday my mom and I went to our guild’s Winter Free Workshop. This is a guild event that happens once a year. It features workshops in the morning and afternoon with lunch served in between the two. The workshops are taught for guild members by guild members. It’s a lot of fun and a wonderful time to get to know people in our very large guild. I believe we have over 300 members. It’s hard to get to know anyone just in the monthly meetings so this is a fun way to socialize.

My mother and I missed the meeting where everyone signed up for a workshop so we opted to still go to the event but to work with the Comfort Quilt Committee to tie quilts, attach bindings or work on teddy bears. We started out with teddy bears thinking we would move to quilt tying but we were enjoying the teddy bears so much, we stayed there for the day.  I met so many nice people. It was relaxing in the sense that I didn’t have to shop for supplies or pack supplies for a workshop.  We have taken two workshops there before. We did one on beading and one on fusible architecture and both were fabulous.  The teddy bears stole the show though! Here are they are…

These are given out to local police and fire stations to hand out to scared children during domestic violence situations, car accidents or fires. They are also given to Alzheimer patients and some of the patients have enjoyed making them as well. I do have the template if anyone is interested in making bears for charity. It’s a great cause.

At our teddy bear table we became friends with a guild member named Jody. Jody was telling us about a program she donates items to called Pieces of Home. Pieces of Home provides items to children at Boston Medical Center who have been taken from their homes. These kids from infancy to teen years are stuck at the hospital with nothing of their own until a foster home can be found for them. It breaks my heart to even think of this situation. I can’t imaging being in a strange place with nothing to call my own. I’m crying as I write this because my kids are safe here and happy and yes, spoiled to death, and there are so, so many who are not experiencing the same level of comfort and love as these girls. The program is looking for all sort of donations to fill backpacks with supplies to last these kids for at least 24 hours. I see on the list that blankets and stuffed toys are items to be donated which sounds like it’s up a quilter’s alley! Jody is a jewelry maker and she donates jewelry for the teen girls. Thank you Jody for the information. Here is the website if you’d like to donate items or money.


That’s it for today. I am heading off to work on my 100 Blocks quilt and some teddy bears.
Have a super day today!