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Sewing Progress & An Interesting Article

Happy Thursday!

It’s been a slow week for me over here as I’ve been saddled with a cold and some nasty fatigue. I’m feeling better today so I’m thrilled. I tried to get in some sewing for the craft fair in December and I managed to make a few tote bags and even some Star Wars bibs.







After asking around a bit about the best way to do the closures on the bibs, I settled on plastic snaps. I ordered this Kam Snap Plier bundle set from Amazon for $25. It came yesterday but I haven’t tried it yet.

a kam

I ordered some Minion and Frozen fabric this week too. It has arrived and it is washed and waiting to be pressed. These will be for pillow cases.

I came across this article from James Clear about creativity and whether it is a function of destiny or development. It speaks to creativity being a process. I think it’s a great read and very inspiring. What do you think?


Don’t forget to get your $2 Three Jacks Mug Rug pattern on Craftsy!

table photo

cover hi res

It’s also a great time to pick up the Third Seasonal Trio Mini Quilt Pattern on Craftsy…

Third Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

And Happy Haunting as well…

1 happy haunt


Sketching and Tote Bags

I continued on with the next two lessons in my sketching class. Thank you to everyone who commented either here or through email and Twitter about my progress (or lack thereof)! The first homework assignment was to sketch a still life. The second assignment was to use pen and cross hatching to create texture. I sketched a vase and started cross hatching to show some shadow, etc. Well, I pretty much cross hatched the heck out of it which was good practice but not great in terms of actually showing shadows correctly. I posted this in the class homework section and this was the reply I received from Paul Heaston who is the instructor.

This sketch has better ellipses, nice job! You are getting some lovely textures with the cross hatching and the pattern on the vase. Look for highlight areas, where the vase is getting more light and less shadow, and don’t worry about cross-hatching in those areas.

Next time, I’ll be more judicious in the amount of cross hatching.

2015-04-14+08.07.28 (1)























The next homework assignment is to work in watercolor. Hmmmm…don’t have any nice sets laying around..yup, back to Michael’s this morning for a water color pad, brushes and the paints. I had success in getting the pad and brushes but the watercolor paint set that is recommended wasn’t there. I came home and ordered it on Amazon. It will be here Saturday. I got the travel set of 24 colors so that I can take it with me to Kauai this August. I do indeed picture myself sitting in a lush, tropical locale with my sketch pad and watercolors and flowing, flowery dress and oh, maybe a sun hat. Can’t you just picture that? Ok, reality is I’ll be sitting in my wrinkled shorts and t-shirt begging my family to let me stay one more minute to get that last detail!! LOL!!

Yesterday I tried sketching on the go. I had to pick up Lindsey from school and had a few minutes to spare. I pulled out my pocket sketch book and a pencil and looked for something interesting. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong side of the parking lot with only this to look at:

2015-04-16 11.08.54

I sucked it up and went to work. In a few minutes time, I sketched this:

2015-04-16 11.06.39

Not terrible? I’ll be looking forward to that new paint set on Saturday and I’ll post my homework when it’s complete.

In sewing news, I made 4 tote bags for upcoming comic shows. Sock-It-To-Me-Toys is the name of the business that I am working with and they are attending quite a few shows in the near future. I enjoyed making these very much. They are fast and they are lined and boxed which makes them super nice. I hope they sell well at the shows. I have a lot more fabric so there will be more of these made up in the next few weeks.

2015-04-16 11.08.28

2015-04-16 11.08.02

2015-04-16 11.07.41

2015-04-16 11.07.16

Ok, don’t forget the Sail Away Mug Rug pattern in on sale this week for .99 cents on Craftsy!! After next week, it will be $2.00.

mug rug cover 3

mug rug cover 2


Swap Update & Stuff

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent the weekend with family getting ready for Easter. We went to church and then hosted dinner and an egg hunt here. It was such fun. Here are the girls on Sunday morning…


Earlier this week I had some fun mail from down under! Philipa of Ozzypip Quilts made a beautiful tea shop quilt that you can read about on her blog. I admired the appliques so much and was ecstatic when she mentioned that she had purchased the pattern twice by accident. I immediately asked her if I might take one of those patterns off of her hands in the form of pattern trading. She was game and I sent her one of my Easter patterns in return for this one!
























I was even more ecstatic when it arrived and I found out it was fusible applique and not needle turn…Yippppeeeee! I think you all know by now I have a love affair with fusible applique! The pattern is really for a teapot cozy but I might do as Philipa did and make a quilt out of it instead. I’m hoping Philipa receives the Easter pattern in the mail this week. As of yesterday, it had not arrived. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday I made this tote bag as a sample one for the comic collectibles sewing I am doing. It’s lined and has a boxed bottom which I like very much.
























It took an hour and I used this great tutorial from Skip To My Lou.

It’s also reversible if you want to line it with something fun and not just a solid color.

The mug rug and potholder swap is well under way and participants are beginning to receive some really fun mail!!! If you have received your mug rug or potholders, please take a quick pic and post it to this Flickr Group. So far there are two photos in there so go ahead and take a look!

Also this week, I received an invitation to speak at the Seaside Quilter’s Guild in Duxbury, MA in May. I am really looking forward to presenting my Mission Possible: A Quilting Journey presentation and trunk show. It will be lots of fun!

I’m hoping to get on track with the pattern writing for the Hanukkah mini quilts today. Friday is Amanda’s junior prom and we are busy preparing for that tomorrow and Friday morning! Then we will be consumed with getting Amanda ready for France!! We’ve been talking about this trip for a long time and it’s almost here. For those of you that travel, can you confirm this for me regarding voltage adapters and converters….if your iphone or camera charger states that its input is 100-240 volts, does she only need an adapter and not a converter?

Have a beautiful day, everyone.