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Progress On A Thursday

Happy Thursday!

This week is flying right by! I’ve been busy meeting with students and working on my projects. I have the Seaglass quilt on the long arm finally. I chose the swirling feather pantograph and I love the design of it.
This is the quilt…









And a few pictures of the pantograph I’m using…









It’s an easy one to follow with generous curves…









I’m still plugging away on my sock loom. I found the sock I made a few years back. I never made its match lol!!!! I have no idea why! It’s not a bad looking sock and it fits!








I pulled out the various sock yarn I have accumulated over the last month and it feels as yummy as fabric..uh-oh! Another thing to collect!









Yesterday I recorded a new episode of Quilt Cabana Corner. You can find episode #45 on Podbean or itunes. I hope you’ll join me for some quilty fun! Please leave me a question or comment on anything you want me to talk about on the next episode! I’ll be sure to mention your name! If you are unsure of how to listen to a podcast, click on the link below and just hit the play triangle. The podcast will start immediately. Make sure your volume is turned up!


I’m off to get ready for Gail to come for her lesson. Have a great day!


A Great Week For Quilts And Socks!

This was a better week for our family for sure! Amanda is all better and back to school and Leah is feeling a bit better too. It was a little hard to get back into the groove of normal life but it felt good once we were doing it!

Tuesday was the first day everyone was pretty much out of the house and so I decided to go to Joann’s and buy some yarn. Retail therapy was much needed. The night before I pulled out a book on crocheting socks and I got discouraged very quickly.









I consider myself a beginner when it comes to crochet and everything in the book felt overwhelming. Then I remembered that a few years ago I bought a sock loom. I loved knitting the scarves on a loom at Christmas time so I thought I’d pull this back out.









I found pretty sock yarn at Joann’s and yarn for another scarf on the bigger loom.









I started the socks this week and it take some time but I am enjoying the process! It’s relaxing for me and I’ve been watching either The Quilt Show while I knit or shows on Netflix. I love that the yarn is self striping. This is Deborah Norville sock yarn in the super fine weight.









By Wednesday, I was itching to get on the long arm! I’ve had Nancy’s beautiful star quilt loaded on there since last weekend and I couldn’t wait to begin the quilting. Nancy requested a large stipple as she’s wanting it to have a nice texture without being too dense. I finished it this morning and then delivered it to her door!










Look how beautiful the backing fabric is that she chose…








Once I get past the initial ‘heart attack’ of quilting someone else’s creation, I truly enjoy the rhythm of the work. It has a zen like nature to it. I’m eager to use the pantographs I received last week, so I pulled out the Seaglass quilt and I have that ready to load on the frame next.









I chose the Swirling Feathers pantograph and I have a beautiful blue variegated thread for it.









Last week when I went to my doctor’s appointment, the doctor pointed out that my spine is starting to get a slight curve to it. EEEEEKS. I said I believed that to be from years of poor posture but she thought it to be an occupational issue where years of bending over sewing machines, ironing boards, and cutting tables might be more to blame. So….being sufficiently freaked out, I ordered the Body Rite counter weight to use while sewing and long arming. I think this is the same one that Leah Day uses.  I’ve used it a few times this week and it has been nice. It won’t cure anything on its own but it does pull the shoulders back while you work so your back stays straighter. I’ve noticed I’m much more aware of my posture when I’m not wearing it than I was before. Nancy’s Notions sells this but I did find it a little cheaper on Amazon.









I’m looking forward to the weekend! What are you all working on?


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Sock Loom

So I’m almost finished with the first sock on the loom and it has taken me awhile…of course today I realized that when I’m done with this one, I have to make it’s match!  Good thing they are socks for colder weather…it will probably take me until October to finish at the rate I’m going!











In other news, I should have a podcast up by the end of the week which will include an interview with Judy Holmes and my 10 Bobbins Of Wisdom!

If you are looking for quick projects, don’t forget to check out my new book, Little Quilts for Big Occasions available on my website, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Joann stores and Hancock Fabric stores!

Have a super day!



Tuesday Stuff

It’s quite windy here in the Boston area today.  I hate to see all those beautiful flowering bushes and trees lose their petals in the wind! Some of my bushes were just hitting their stride too.

I’m busy this week getting ready for a weekend trip to Disney with my husband.  We take the kids fairly often so I’m trying not to feel terribly guilty over this.  It’s the last hurrah of my 40th birthday celebration and I’m looking forward to a few days away.  Of course, I thought it would be a good weekend to go since the dance recital, semiformal, and music shows are all on other weekends but I didn’t realize the school band concerts were this weekend! My mom will have to attend not one night of concerts but two! Sorry mom….

I have some photos to share.  I saw these on Bakerella’s blog today…how adorable!


I’m getting ready to work on a new table runner that uses an Orange Twist Block and here are the fabrics I’ll be using…









Also got new pink sneakers for Disney…couldn’t resist these babies…









And…for Mother’s Day, I received a garden gnome…meet Ted…









I probably won’t see much of the sewing room this week but for Mother’s Day I also received the Knitting Board Sock Loom so I’ll be chugging away on that project.

What are you working on this week?

Happy Quilting!