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Snow Dye Challenge Reveal

Sandy of Quilting For The Rest Of Us and I decided to have ourselves a little challenge this winter. We are both in very snowy locations and we enjoy snow dyeing fabric. The problem that arises from making these pretty snow dyes is that we find ourselves not wanting to cut into them. I imagine a lot of people feel the same way as snow dyeing is a full day process. In order to move ourselves past this issue, we decided to have a challenge whereby we had to use at least one of our dyed fabrics in a project by March 15th. It turns out we both got excited enough about the challenge to finish it early. Sandy posted her finish yesterday, click here to see it. It’s beautiful and I love the story that goes along with it.

I should say that Sandy officially finished hers and I completed my quilt top but I still have to do the actual quilting on it.

From the minute we discussed using snow dyes, all I could think about was the Snowball Block. I decided to make something I would really be able to see the dyes in and also something functional so that I could see them every day! I pulled out most of my snow dyes and threw in a few low immersion dyes and made a table runner.

photo 1 (27)

photo 2 (30)

The colors of the fabrics made me think about stained glass and I thought black sashing and borders would make those colors stand out.

The fabrics that are low immersion water dyes are the pink one and the two blues.

I’m not sure how I will go about quilting this because I like to see the snow dye fabric without any stitching going through it. This might be a stitch in the ditch affair. Since it will be staying at my house and not going to anyone, I think I can live with that even though part of me always wants to add some background stitching.

I’m glad we did the challenge and now I think I’ll have less fear about cutting into my dyes in the future. Thanks Sandy!


Results With New Dyes…

So hey, it’s snowing again…a blizzard again…more time to snow dye!!!

Just so you have an idea of how much snow we have gotten in the last month, here is poor Greg sunken in the snow while trying to rake the snow off the roof! I was busily taking photos and then realized he might actually be stuck! Thank God he wasn’t but this is a tad ridiculous now, don’t you think?

photo 1 (26)

Yesterday we had a very fun Valentine’s Day and I snuck in some dyeing with my new colors. I used Raspberry and Kingfisher Blue in low immersion bath dyes and they came out so vibrant and beautiful. I really love that blue.

photo 4 (11)

photo 3 (9)

I went out the back door with my bucket and spoon to gather up some snow and subsequently fell in the snow pile about up to my thighs. I wasn’t planning on actually trekking through snow so I only had on my little Toms shoes!!! After I hollered a bit and got myself back in the house, I snow dyed at mix of Marigold and Bahama Blue…

photo 2 (29)

I like this one too!

I’m taking a break from snow dyeing today to watch City of Bones with Lindsey which she received as a Valentine gift and to make a pot roast and to work on my snow dye challenge which I also worked on yesterday.

I’m off to make sure Greg hasn’t become a snowman out there…have a good day!


Snow Dye Result & My QW Interiew!

Happy Thursday! This has to be the fastest week in history! 2 snow days can really  speed things along.

As promised, I did a snow dye yesterday. I piled up the snow on my fabric and loaded the top of the snow with pink, turquoise and yellow dyes. It looked like a giant snow cone!

photo 1 (23)

It took its time melting and at the end, I had this!

photo 2 (27)

It has the look of an oil painting. I didn’t love it at first and now I really do! My dye equipment is still in the bathroom so I might do one more today.

And….over on the QuiltWoman blog is an interview with yours truly! Here is the link…I hope you enjoy it!



Snow Dye Results – You Win Some, You Lose Some

We had quite a bit of snow here yesterday so I took advantage of it and did some snow dyeing. I ended up with mixed results and learned a lesson at the same time.

Here is what the bathroom looked like for most of the day…

photo 5

I’ll give you the bad results first…

photo 1

Yup, the color came out in the wash. Nope, your eyes do not deceive you. The problem here, I think, is that I had some premixed dye left over from last time and I think it was too weak/too old. This should have been blue and yellow.

Another not great result…

photo 2

This was blue dye in powder form and some of the premixed dye…see a pattern…premixed, old dye doesn’t get the job done! The powder dye is all that shows up.

Now for a better result…

photo 4

This was dye in powder form with some squirts of the premix…came out ok but I’d rather not see so much white.

My favorite piece was this one…

photo 3

This was all dye in powdered form and I really love the result.

I think I’ll overdye at least the first two. The third could be useful cut up in a landscape.

I think I’m not really going to do much more snow dyeing. I like the results from low water immersion dyeing the best.

Housekeeping: – Send me your name and address if you are interested in being in the Spring Postcard Swap!
Have a happy day!



Third Snow Dye Result

Last night I finished up the third snow dyed fabric. I purposely used just a 1/4 teaspoon of yellow and blue dye so that it would be more of a pastel. It didn’t look that way in the bucket because the dye always looks dark.

Here is the finished piece. I really like this one as I am feeling ready to start some landscape quilts. Just dyeing these pieces makes me want to come up with an ocean theme or something.

If you missed the last two posts, here is the second piece from earlier in the week.

This was the first piece.

All very different just depending on how much dye and how big the bucket was. I think a large, rectangular works best.

As opposed to a round one.

I’m learning more and more about dyeing as I try different things out. I do keep a journal on what I’m doing so I can repeat if I want to. However, I like the different results each time.
Enjoy Saturday!


Next Snow Dye Result & Random Acts To Inspire

I finished the second snow dye last night and I love how it came out. I think it would be a perfect piece for a sunset or sunrise. The Bubble Gum Pink and Lemon Yellow came together to make orange in some spots. I like these colors better than yesterday’s colors. If I have time today and the snow doesn’t melt too fast (expecting 50 degrees today), I’ll go for a third one with blue and yellow.

I’m back to scrapbooking stuff today. I have to order my photos and start figuring my list for the craft store. Keeping fingers crossed for heat on the second floor today!! It’s a might bit chilly coming out of the shower into 58 degrees and cold clothing.

I want to leave you with this today…if you follow Lil’ Blue Boo’s blog at all, you will have already seen it but if you don’t, please turn on your speakers and watch as Boo and her mom spread their joy through random acts of kindness.

See if you can find a way to spread joy today and leave me a message so we can all share in your inspiration.


Thankful Thursday & Snow Dye

I don’t think this Thankful Thursday post could go by without me being thankful for all of the support and well wishes from everyone during the blizzard. We never could have made it through without good friends like the Milton’s who so thoughtfully brought us a generator. We could not have stayed in our home during that storm without it. I don’t even know how to repay such awesomeness!!! We also never could have gotten by without our “Blizzard Buddies”, the Folino’s. My friend coined that term this week and she hit it right on the money. We always manage to turn a winter storm or hurricane into something fun and exciting with them. I also had my wonderful quilty friends to see me through via the internet. I appreciate every message and email I received from you all with words of comfort and reassurance and lots of humor. I am blessed more than I deserve to be.

Yesterday I started the snow dyeing process and it went from looking like this…

To looking like this!

I’m amazed that not one drop of blue dye stayed blue during the process. The fuchsia definitely reigned supreme here. The blue and yellow turned to green. The fuchsia and blue turned to purple. It’s an interesting piece now. Due to there being no heat on my second floor (which is being fixed tomorrow), the snow took forever to melt…we’re talking hours and hours here. I decided since we got a light snow last night to try it again with the fluffier stuff. The snow from yesterday was quite packed down. Today’s is much fluffier but when I poured the dye in, the snow wanted to melt quickly. More quickly than I would have liked. So in the washing machine now is this batch:

This is Bubble Gum Pink and Lemon Yellow dyes. You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see how this one goes.

Today I lost the afternoon to the computer and my old picture files. I’m working on my scrapbook plan for next weekend’s retreat and came across this one of Lindsey. I can. not. stand. how. cute. this. is.

And because I was lost in their sweetness all afternoon, I had to share this one with their brand new fleece ponchos that I made them…where oh where does time go…why oh why does it have to go so dang fast…

Have a beautiful day.