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A Chilly Tuesday

This kind of sums up how I feel today…I need a steaming mug of something to ward off the cold temps…

photo (2)

Find the pattern here

It’s just.so.cold. I really feel for those of you who are suffering with even colder temps than we are here in MA. I nearly froze my face off at the bus stop this morning! I still can’t wrap my brain around how some of the kids didn’t want to wear jackets and opted for sweatshirts instead…really? I mean, really? I’ll take my hat, scarf, gloves and warm parka, thank you very much!

If you are interested in watching Sewing With Nancy on your Ipad, you may enjoy the PBS app where you can access lots of her half hour shows and some of her shorter video clips for free. Just search PBS in the app store on your Ipad. I’m going to watch her 30th anniversary specials this week. My mom was checking all of those out and she definitely recommends the app!

On Twitter recently, someone posted a link to a news story about a young woman who turned 24 and spent her birthday doing 24 random acts of kindness. I didn’t watch the video because I had some thoughts of my own based on just the headline. Something about it really spoke to me and I decided that when my birthday rolls around in February, I will tackle 43 random acts of kindness but I will give myself the year to complete them. I’ll keep track of what I’m doing and share it here. I didn’t watch the video because I didn’t want to be persuaded by what the young woman chose to do.
I’m sure I’m going to need a little help along the way with ideas for this project. What are some of your favorite RAK’s? Send me a note and I can get an idea page started. I’m sure that my birthday will be filled with fun and love as it always has been and I’d like to pay that all forward. It’s also a way to engage with others and continue to pay homage to my word choice of the year, “engage”.

During the hub bub of the holiday season I received news that a project I am working on will appear in the Autumn issue of Quilter’s World magazine! I am delighted to be part of that publication again.

Yesterday I finished up my Christmas wall hanging that has to be under wraps for a bit longer. Today I am working on the above mentioned Quilter’s World project which involves some flying geese…perfecting those is the project du jour!

What’s happening in your world today?