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Sewing Knits and Bunny Pillowcases

This week I’m learning how to do something new. Before I started quilting, I was sewing clothes for my kids and once in awhile for myself. I had always used 100% cotton fabric or fleece. Lately I find myself wanting to sew with knits but not knowing where to begin. My mom has experience sewing with knits as she once took lessons at Stretch & Sew where they taught the right way and had a large selection of coordinated knit fabric to purchase right in the building. Stretch & Sew doesn’t exist anymore but I am going to give it a try using Nancy Zieman’s Sew Knits With Confidence book that my mother gifted me this week!

I have chosen this pattern and I’m going to make the short sleeved shirt first.









The pattern calls for a few different types of knits to be used including Challis which I was not familiar with but now know is Rayon. I went to Joann’s last night unsure of what I would find in their knit section. They did have a lot of solid and striped jersey but I don’t wear stripes that well and the solids were a bit plain. I did find these two Challis fabrics so I bought both. I also picked up ball point needles, pins and thread.









The fabric is in the wash and will need to line dry before I can get started. I’m excited to try something new!

I did finish one of the three bunny pillowcases and I have the other two nearly done.







I love making pillowcases with novelty fabric, especially bunny ones! And speaking of bunnies, my poor little Nala was spayed yesterday and came home with this collar/lampshade on her head.









Her surgery went fine but she can’t eat with the collar and we had to take it off this morning. She hasn’t eaten in 24 hours which is a serious issue for bunnies who are not supposed to have an empty digestive tract. I went back to the vet this morning and picked up a food that can be administered by syringe until she feels like eating again. Right now she’s pretty out of it and I’m hoping that she won’t start picking at her sutures. Fingers crossed our happy little bunny returns soon!

Have a happy and quilty week! Next post will be a review of my favorite iron!

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Quilts, Proms & Articles

Ohhhh so much happening this week, friends. First off, it’s beautiful outside. Today is going to be 80 degrees. Yesterday was the same. The pool is open and I spent all of last week weeding and doing a little planting. ¬†Friday was gloriously 75 degrees and sunny for Amanda’s senior prom. I pretty much bombarded Instagram and Facebook with prom photos because she was do darn happy and that made me so darn happy!! Here she is with her prom date, Kyle, and one with her sisters, Lindsey and Leah.









Lindsey on left, Leah on right.









She had a blast with her friends and declared it a perfect evening…ahhhhh, can you feel how full my momma heart is right now?

I did get the second set of 10 blocks finished on Seaglass this week! Now 2/3 of the blocks are complete and I’ll start the last ones next week.







I’m thrilled this week that I’m meeting with all three of my students. I had a wonderful day with Priscilla earlier this week working on her Yellow Brick Road baby quilt. Today I’m spending time with Nancy while we work on her star quilt and spend some time on free motion quilting. Tomorrow Gail and I will continue working on quilting her log cabin!

Nancy’s star quilt is coming out so beautifully. Look at how pretty these are!!









My issue of Quilting Arts finally arrived in the mail! My article can be found on the last page under the Last Word column! Pardon my slippers in the picture!
I’m beyond excited to be in this magazine as I enjoy reading it so much.









I’m hoping to get a podcast in next week. Is there anything you’d like for me to talk about or any questions you have? I’d love to answer them! Also, I’m thinking a summer postcard swap would be nice. Perhaps landscape postcards from some place we’ve visited over the summer! What do you all think of that?



Antique’ish Birthday And A Finished Top

I finished the camo quilt top a few minutes ago!!! Ahhhhh, feels good to have that done. Next will be backing it with a camo fleece and quilting it.









So today I join Club 45, otherwise known as my 45th birthday! The kids actually went back to school today after Feb. vacation and Greg was at work which left me home with the bunny, 2 parakeets and a fish! LOL! It was pretty quiet. I did most of my celebrating on Saturday. Greg, the girls and I went to Plymouth where we spent a few hours at the Main Street Marketplace which is the coolest antique store. I say that because the girls even enjoy it! It’s a huge place with a big light house and fire engine in the middle of it.












We did well there. I left with a new cheese board, Greg left with some bar glasses and Amanda left with some jazz albums! I would have liked to have brought home these beauties but the price tag was a bit much on each one. I will say, they were gorgeous!









After antiquing we went to Sam Diego’s for a Mexican dinner and margaritas! Today is National Margarita Day but I had mine Saturday…and I had one Sunday but who’s keeping track?









Sunday afternoon while the Daytona 500 was on the tv, Lindsey helped me arrange the hexies into 6 coasters. I let her arrange because doing that gives me a headache! I get stressed over it and she does it quickly with great results.







After the Daytona I begged to open one gift because that’s the kind of gal I am! Plus there’s a little pile of gifts wrapped in my bedroom just mocking me and I NEEDED to open one. And here it is….the Pandora Mickey Ring! Yipppppppeeeee!









Tonight I’ll open the rest…Club 45 ain’t so bad afterall!

Have a super quilty week!


Fresh Start Monday

Fresh Start Monday

Let’s go with this post a little bit late today! I’ve been out doing some Christmas shopping and sewing on a certain reader’s Christmas gift which I can’t show until after the holidays. I’ve also been making jewelry today. I’ll be back Tues. or Wednesday with pictures of that. Today, I have four interesting things for you to read.

The first is a post from Ami Simm’s blog on folded fabric ornaments – these are gorgeous and look easy! Click Here.

Second is a funny but true video from Leah Day on the importance of getting dressed and combing your hair for work each day! Click Here.

Third is a close up tour of the gingerbread house displays in Disney World. If you’ve never seen them, you must check this out!
Click Here.

And fourth is an article that I found very interesting about how modern quilters are kind of policing each other…I’m a huge fan or there is no right or wrong in quilting so this sort of made me crazy. What do you think? Click Here.

That’s it for today!
PS. if you’re feeling stressed about the holidays, you might want to read my latest post, Let’s Quit Together, over at www.sandicolwell.com.


The Post Thanksgiving Post

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! At least that’s what I think! Thanksgiving is in the history books now. I definitely ate too much of this…

photo 3 (19)

And this…

photo 1 (24)

But we were all thankful and shared how very much on our blessing tree…

photo 2 (24)

And now I’m back to this…

photo 4 (14)

And I ordered one of these for Christmas even though I could really use it now…

fitness stepper

It’s a Sunny Health & Fitness Stepper Twister that I found on Amazon. I like it because it’s small and I can put it right in front of the TV and then store it again. Our treadmill is in the unfinished side of the basement which is so cold. I can’t stand using it in the winter. I’ll let you know how this goes after Christmas.

I’m back to working on quilts this week and I’m getting ready for the Christmas On The Common craft fair which is Saturday. I am in the process of gathering all my vending items and figuring out displays, etc. This is the mess I’m making in the name of progress!

photo 5 (5)

I think I have everything pretty much ready to go except now I’m wishing I had some sort of an apron that says Quilt Cabana Patterns on it. It’s too late to order but I do have an embroidery machine that might see the light of day this week…but no promises!!

I’ve missed my quilting time lately so now I’m off to do just that!


Episode #40 Is Up!

Episode #40 of Quilt Cabana Corner is up on Podbean now at www.quiltcabanacorner.podbean.com or later today on iTunes.

We talk about a recent quilt show I attended, the Boston Modern Quilt Guild, life updates, book reviews and a magazine round up! Lots going on so go have a listen!

Books mentioned were The Husband’s Secret and The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty, The Motivation Manifesto by Brendan Burchard and Kansas Troubles by Earlene Fowler.

The Flickr Group for the Fall Postcard Swap is HERE.

I spent some time the other day gluing more fabric pieces to The Lindsey Project art quilt. I’m almost finished now with the foreground she is standing on. Here it is…

photo (27)

Friday is my blog tour day for the 100 Blocks Blog Tour for QuiltMaker magazine…join me here for a neat post and a give away!


Have a beautiful day, everyone!


Rainy Weekend Progress

The weather here is less than desirable for summer at the moment. It was rainy all day yesterday and very cloudy today. I didn’t mind one bit though because it equaled some stellar sewing time for me!

On the agenda was the three pairs of sleep shorts for the girls. They had picked out fabric at Keepsake Quilting a few weeks ago and I ended up making one pair each day of the weekend. I made Lindsey’s on Friday and discovered that the pattern needed to be adjusted to make the shorts settle more around the hips than the waist. I pulled the elastic out of the first pair, cut off a few inches from the waist and then put the elastic back in. It was a good result and the girls were happier. So the first pair (Lindsey’s) went from this…

photo 2 (2)

To this…

photo 1 (3)

A bit more modern looking for how the kids like to wear the shorts.

Yesterday I made Leah’s…

photo 2 (3)

This morning I made Amanda’s…we are joking that hers look like they belong to a lumber jack!

photo 3 (3)

It took be about 3 hours to make each pair. The pattern was a Kwik Sew one.

photo 3 (1)

And it was quick but I would make a minor adjustment the next time I use the pattern. The pattern has you overcast all the edges which is great but I think next time for the hems and the elastic casing, I’ll take the extra time to fold in 1/4″ and press then hem. This would make the raw edges disappear completely. I feel like the overcast edges are a bit messy, especially with flannel that shreds a bit on the edge. I know the pattern is “Kwik Sew” and therefore supposed to work up quickly but I think taking that extra step would be beneficial.

After I got Saturday’s sleep shorts made, the hubs and I headed to the attic to finish the cleaning job we started up there about a month ago. I am so thrilled to have the attic cleaned and organized. You can not imagine how many gift bags were in my attic!!! I could open a little shop with all those bags and tissue paper! LOL!!!

Hubs also had a birthday this week and I got him a Fitbit. I wasn’t sure if he’d actually like it but he’s really taken to it. Now I have to up my steps to keep up with him!

How is your weekend going?


Skirt, Cool App and Thread Painting

Hello there and happy Tuesday!

This week I finished up Amanda’s skirt. She chose the fabric and asked if I would make her a short’ish, simple skirt. I love the fabric she picked out. It’s a beautiful Michael Miller print. These short skirts are all the rage for her age group at the moment and she wants me to make more of them for her. It was a simple pattern from New Look and took very little time to make. Due to the fact that it is short, the girls wear spandex shorts underneath or longer bicycle shorts or legging underneath when it’s cooler outside.

photo (57)

The directions in the pattern say to finish the seams with a zig zag, overcast stitch or by pinking the edges. My pinking shears are so dull at this point, they are useless. I don’t own a serger and I didn’t feel like zig zagging so I pulled out my rotary cutter with the wavy blade and trimmed the edges.

photo (56)

It looked so cute when I finished, I had to take a picture. It was simple to do, looks good and the seams won’t fray in the wash.

photo (55)

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday on BJ Adams’ website. I was reading all about her work in my Master’s Art Quilts Volume 1 book and I was intrigued right away. She creates the most amazing art quilts that she first draws by pencil and paper and then recreates in thread. She works a lot with series quilts and carries the theme through from one to another. Her design and use of the human hand in some of her art pieces is just stunning. The detail is incredible. The thread painting is something most of us will only ever dream of achieving. Grab a coffee and click on her website. When you get to the home page, be sure to click on the links to see the quilts in that particular series and then click the link to see each quilt because you will see not only the quilt but a detail photo of the thread painting.
CLICK HERE to go to the website.

I also clicked on her blog and now subscribe to it. Somewhere in a post she talks about playing around with the WURM ipad app. It’s not meant for serious artists but it’s so fun to play with and can certainly be used as color and design inspiration for a quilt. Here are some doodles I made using the app. Beware that there are two similar apps listed…the WURM one and the WURMY one. I purchased both for $1.99 each but the WURM one seems better.

photo (1)

photo (2)


Can you see how inspiring this could be? All you do is choose your shapes and colors or let the app decide for you and drag your fingers around. That’s it!

Have a beautiful and crafty day!


De-Cluttering & A Visitor

Yesterday I felt like if I had to live with the excess clutter in my sewing room, I was going to lose it. My earliest crafting days started out with creating in polymer clay and scrapbooking. As a result of that, my sewing room is filled with supplies from these hobbies. I now have quilting and fabric dying supplies in there as well. It was all.too.much. But where was I going to put all these supplies once I moved them out of the sewing room? I looked around the house and found that the closet under the stairs in the finished basement was nearly empty and had a set of shelves. A-ha!! Space. I enlisted the girls to help me clear the items out from my sewing space to the closet in the basement. I still have a lot of stuff, believe me. I didn’t want to put away all the scrapbooking stuff either plus I have way to many albums to be anywhere other than the shelves that were built for that purpose. This is the result…I needed a clear counter top for my own sanity.

photo (54)

The wooden desk is where I can design and write. I actually have 3 or 4 chapters of a young adult novel written. I’d like to finish it. The young adults in my house think it’s pretty good which is HUGE.

photo (53)

photo (51)

photo (52)

So I went in there this morning and nearly finished Amanda’s skirt. It was heaven. Space. Clean counter. Organized shelves (for the most part). Feels.So.Good.

Last night we had a visitor to the bird house hanging from the tree in the backyard….well, hello there Mr. Toad.
photo (50)

I owe you winners from the photo canvas give-away. As soon as I hear from my contact over at Easy Prints, I will notify the winners and announce the names!

WordPress is deathly slow today…signing off…