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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

I’m so excited that Christmas is going to be here soon. It’s my favorite time of the year for sure!! We spent Friday putting up the Christmas tree and decorations and of course pulling out some Christmas quilts. This is our living room…









I managed to get a few quilts on the long arm too. Eileen’s quilt came out so nice with the fall colors and the Abundant Leaves pantograph. This was a joy to quilt!










And the blue and white quilt is on the long arm and nearly finished. This is being quilted with a pantograph called Lilac. I’m happy with the progress on it and I’ll show more pictures next time when it’s done.









Progress is happening on all fronts and I keep adding to my list of projects to which Greg laughs and says, “You really know how to pile it on.”–yes, yes I do but I’m ok with that because I know it’s passion and a desire to learn that’s fueling it all. The list of handprojects is huge and I am thinking that I need to set myself up a schedule to work on them. I absolutely love knitting the socks on the loom and I’m almost done with the orangy colored pair. I find that I’m missing embroidery though and I’ve ordered a kit for myself for Christmas to get back into it. Lindsey reminds me daily that I haven’t finished her crocheted afghan and that makes me a groan a bit. It’s the least enticing project right now. LOL!

Amanda asked if I could make a quilt to donate to her sorority silent auction in the spring and we decided on a jelly roll race quilt made with the Kappa Delta colors of green and yellow. So I found this beautiful Moda jellyroll and it’s coming out this month. I preordered it and I can’t wait til it arrives.









My students are all keeping busy and purchasing fabric for new projects! They are a talented bunch and I am so looking forward to working with each of them on those projects. And of course, I’ll share them here so you can see too.

Our family has a busy weekend with the annual Christmas on The Common parade and dance performance. I decided not to vend at the craft fair this year due to an additional Nutcracker rehearsal that Leah was involved in on the same day. I figured the logistics were too much to stick Greg with for the day and in the end, that rehearsal was canceled so it didn’t really matter but I’m happy to have a year off! It will be fun to walk around and not worry about a table.

The Quilt Show Newsletter came this morning with this cute tutorial in it.¬† It’s too complicated for me to do at the moment but I just adore the red and white and thought you might want to try it!

Fabric Swedish heart tutorial

That’s it for today! What are you all working on this week?



Pattern Sale!!

Happy Halloween to Everyone!!! I hope you all have your costumes ready and candy by the door!

After today, I think Christmas will be on the minds of quilters everywhere. Let’s celebrate with some really cute and easy patterns. All Christmas patterns in the Quilt Cabana Patterns Store are marked down 10% today through Nov. 2 at midnight est.

Come see what’s new at www.quiltcabanapatterns.com

Click on the SHOP tab and that will bring you to the store.

Here’s a little promotional video I put together this morning.





Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday!

I’ve been sewing up a storm for the past week. I’ve been working on drawstring backpacks, makeup bags and hobo bags for the upcoming ¬†comic type shows I mentioned on the podcast. A coworker of my husband’s is involved with selling Transformer items and other Marvel comic and Hello Kitty items at several upcoming events and nicely offered to take some of my merchandise along. I understand the big show is Transformer Con held in Toronto next July. I’ll be working steadily over the next few months to accumulate inventory to send there.

Here are the makeup bags and drawstring backpacks. The backpacks are made with Spiderman and Transformer fabric.

photo 1 (20)

I was asked about making a hobo bag which is something I’ve never attempted before. I found a great, free tutorial on reversible hobo bags and I was able to make this test bag.

photo 2 (20)

I liked the bag but kept thinking it was kind of small and the straps were way too short. I did a little backtracking and realized that when I printed the pattern, I had the printer set to “Fit To Page”…duh. The pattern printed but not in its full size. I pulled out the Hello Kitty fabric and some Micheal Miller dot fabric and made this! And I love it!!

photo 3 (16)

Much roomier and so cute in its reversible glory…

photo 4 (10)

I did change the pattern to allow for about 3″ longer straps. I like my straps to be long enough to swing over my shoulder easily.

You can find the tutorial here.

This past weekend Leah took her Elsa costume out for a spin when she attended a Halloween party. The only thing missing from the costumer was the tiara that she didn’t feel like bothering with for the party.

photo (21)

Lindsey asked me last night if I could make her a new afghan in purple and yellow. She basically wants one giant granny square made with purple on the inside and yellow on the outside. I went to Walmart this morning and picked up Red Heart in Amethyst and Lemon. The Amethyst looks like blue in this photo but it really is purple. I am excited to have a mindless crochet project that will keep me warm on the couch at night! Yahoo!

photo 5 (3)

Quilting Daily is offering a free ebook with 6 modern quilt block patterns…check it out here.

Have a super day!


Skirt, Cool App and Thread Painting

Hello there and happy Tuesday!

This week I finished up Amanda’s skirt. She chose the fabric and asked if I would make her a short’ish, simple skirt. I love the fabric she picked out. It’s a beautiful Michael Miller print. These short skirts are all the rage for her age group at the moment and she wants me to make more of them for her. It was a simple pattern from New Look and took very little time to make. Due to the fact that it is short, the girls wear spandex shorts underneath or longer bicycle shorts or legging underneath when it’s cooler outside.

photo (57)

The directions in the pattern say to finish the seams with a zig zag, overcast stitch or by pinking the edges. My pinking shears are so dull at this point, they are useless. I don’t own a serger and I didn’t feel like zig zagging so I pulled out my rotary cutter with the wavy blade and trimmed the edges.

photo (56)

It looked so cute when I finished, I had to take a picture. It was simple to do, looks good and the seams won’t fray in the wash.

photo (55)

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday on BJ Adams’ website. I was reading all about her work in my Master’s Art Quilts Volume 1 book and I was intrigued right away. She creates the most amazing art quilts that she first draws by pencil and paper and then recreates in thread. She works a lot with series quilts and carries the theme through from one to another. Her design and use of the human hand in some of her art pieces is just stunning. The detail is incredible. The thread painting is something most of us will only ever dream of achieving. Grab a coffee and click on her website. When you get to the home page, be sure to click on the links to see the quilts in that particular series and then click the link to see each quilt because you will see not only the quilt but a detail photo of the thread painting.
CLICK HERE to go to the website.

I also clicked on her blog and now subscribe to it. Somewhere in a post she talks about playing around with the WURM ipad app. It’s not meant for serious artists but it’s so fun to play with and can certainly be used as color and design inspiration for a quilt. Here are some doodles I made using the app. Beware that there are two similar apps listed…the WURM one and the WURMY one. I purchased both for $1.99 each but the WURM one seems better.

photo (1)

photo (2)


Can you see how inspiring this could be? All you do is choose your shapes and colors or let the app decide for you and drag your fingers around. That’s it!

Have a beautiful and crafty day!