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New Thread and an Easter Pattern

This week I tried out my new Glide thread from FilTec on the long arm. I had previously been using a cotton thread that was pretty linty in the machine. This one is a soft polyester thread with a sheen like rayon. It’s strong and practically lint free. It took me a bit to get the tension correct for using it but once I did, I had smooth sailing. I like it a lot.

My color play quilt is what I used it on and I am pleased with the results. This was also a practice with ruler work for me. I can’t wait to get the next quilt on the machine!









The back…









And some other shots of the front…

























I’m in the process of hanging up Easter decorations and I put this cute mini on the door yesterday! It’s available as part of the Seasonal Trio 2 collection in my Craftsy store.









I’m preparing to record a new podcast episode tomorrow with all kinds of fun reviews of various items I have ordered recently. If you have anything you’d like me to talk about, let me know today!

Have a happy and quilty day!


New Look And Progress

The blog looks different but it’s still little o’l me doing the posting! It was time for a fresh, new look around here. What do you think?

Over the weekend I managed to get a few small things accomplished. Whenever I had time over the last few days, I hopped into the sewing room and did a step on a project here and there…and it added up to some finishes…

I made 5 Comfort Bears so that the next time the police station needs replenishing, I’ll have a bunch ready for them.

photo 2 (1)

I worked on more buntings for Angel Outfitters. I have 12 made so far.

photo 1 (1)

I pulled out the Cozy Toes pattern that I received from my mom at Christmas (ordered through Nancy’s Notions) and made some slippers. These are a smidge too small for me so they now belong to Amanda. She was thrilled. I’ll make them again but this time using Sherpa for the lining instead of faux fur. The fur was a mess to work with and it was hard to sew because I couldn’t see where I was sewing with all that fluff in the way.

photo 3 (1)

Saturday I took a 3.5 mile walk with Amanda. My Fitbit probably thought I was having a major malfunction…I logged 12,500 steps!! We also took a picture of this cute mailbox along the way.

photo 4 (1)

Easter is around the corner and you have time to make this mini quilt…it’s from the Second Seasonal Trio series and measures 12″ x 12″. You can order here.

Easter Joy



Double Slice Layer Cake & First Seasonal Trio

While I was at Keepsake Quilting, I picked up this Moda layer cake.
photo (46)

My plan for this is to make it into a Double Slice Layer Cake quilt for the music school to raffle off next year. My mom recently made this beautiful one with a Riley Blake layer cake (that rhymes quite nicely). LOL.

double slice layer cake

I love the way it came out. My mother found this tutorial from Missouri Quilt Company for instructions.

I am going to be posting photos of the Seasonal Trio pattern projects over the next few posts. Today’s post will feature the First Seasonal Trio pattern.
These patterns are available now for sale through QuiltWoman. Click here to see the patterns and so much more on that website!! The Seasonal Trio patterns are available as paper patterns and digital downloads.

Here are the photos from First Seasonal Trio pattern.

Winter Pleasures
Winter Pleasures

Full Hearts
Full Hearts


Click Here for detailed photos of all of the Seasonal Trio projects.

Have a happy day!


Keepsake Trip, Summer Roller Coaster, Devotionals, Patterns & Give-Aways!

photo (35)

We had our wonderful trip to Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH last week. Here’s Leah picking out some Dr. Seuss fabric for some pillows she is going to make herself. The trip was a quick one but we managed to get into the quilt shop twice in 24 hours! I didn’t purchase a lot this time around as I made the mistake of going there without a clear plan. I was hoping for coordinating music themed fabric for the music school quilt but this time around the selection of music fabric was slim. Instead I opted for a non-music themed layer cake and I will make something of that for next year’s raffle.

Here are more pictures from the trip…
photo (36)

photo (34)

photo (33)

photo (32)

photo (37)

While I was away, my second canvas arrived!!! This one is the 8″ x 10″ size and I will hang it in my sewing room! It came out beautifully and there’s still time to enter to win one of two of these! Click Here.

photo (38)

My four new patters are available now for sale through QuiltWoman. Click here to see the patterns and so much more on that website!! The Seasonal Trio patterns are available as paper patterns and digital downloads. For the next few posts, I’ll feature photos of the projects beginning with the Third Seasonal Trio seeing as it’s summer and all….

Summer Fun
Summer Fun

Fall - Copy

Trick Or Treat
Trick or Treat

These are 12″ x 12″ mini quilts that fit into the Ackfeld table stands.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them!

The last topic for today’s post has to do with the summer roller coaster syndrome I’m experiencing. Since the end of the school year, I feel as though I have pretty much just been struggling to keep up around here. The laundry is piled high, the flower beds need attention, the bathrooms need cleaning, the blog needs updating, a podcast is overdue, patterns need writing, new projects are a joke at the moment and no exercise is happening. The reasons why I’m behind are all fun things…the kids are home, the friends are over, places to go, packing for vacation, summer activities, etc, etc, etc. I have no right to complain but I still have that feeling that I’m not achieving anything. Honestly, it gives me anxiety. I just want to pass along to you that it seems every time I’m down and I open my Daily Guideposts book, the exact right message is waiting for me and somehow makes me feel better. I don’t know if you are familiar with Daily Guideposts but it’s a book that contains a daily devotional. I went on their website this morning and saw that you can sign up for a free 30 day devotional by email. So for 30 days, you will receive an email with a devotional. It’s a nice way to try it out. This is not something sponsored just something that I thought you might want to try out.
Click Here for the Daily Guideposts website.

Happy Sunday!


Workin’ On It & A Sneak Peek Reveal!!!

This week has been a quiet one and I loved it! We went to the beach and I tried out my first in the hoop embroidery design. I had seen quite a few people making these on Twitter and I figured I’d give it a try…now I know why they made them…they are addictive!!! These are little pouches that you fit on your key-chain with a split ring. It’s big enough for chap-stick, coins, Splenda, etc.

Here are the ones I made this week:

photo (31)

photo (30)

photo (29)

And here is FREE design download so you can make one or ten yourself!

I didn’t do much else in the way of quilting this week apparently! Today is Leah’s 11th birthday so there won’t be much today either. I did format and send off my Coming Down The Chimney Pattern to be printed so that will be available shortly as will my 4 new Seasonal Trio patterns…stay tuned…..ok, sneak peek…here is what the seasonal ones look like. They will be available through QuiltWoman, shops near you and through my website.

First Seasonal Trio
First Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Second Seasonal Trio
Second Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Third Seasonal Trio
Third Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Fourth Seasonal Trio
Fourth Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

There are four patterns each with three projects and they measure 12″x 12″ and fit perfectly in an Ackfeld Stand. How cute are they??????????????? I spent the entire school year working on these little quilts and I am so completely thrilled with the results. I think you will be too. More info coming on these soon….

We are Keepsake Quilting bound soon. No idea what I will bring home with me but I can’t wait to go!