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Day At The Craft Fair & Updates

Happy Tuesday!

Here we are at the start of December and amidst the busy season of shopping and wrapping, I find myself just wanting to retreat into the sewing room to create. I spent much of November preparing for our town’s annual Christmas On The Common celebration where I was a vendor on Saturday. This is my third year vending and I found it to be just as fun and inspiring as it was the first time around.

The day itself is a snapshot of small town life. The Kiwanis club organizes this day for our community complete with a parade, craft fair, Christmas tree sale, food, and performances by local dance studios and musicians all day long. Oh yes and Santa is there as well! It’s a fantastic day.

This was my first year representing both my quilt design company and Creative Memories. I recently had a new banner made up to incorporate both companies. Greg helped me get set up in the early morning and then I was open for business!














I met many wonderful people Saturday. Since I was promoting both quilting and scrappbooking, I had twice the fun and twice the amount of inspirational conversations with new and experienced crafters from both hobbies. I am pleased to say that quilting and scrapbooking are both very much alive and well in our community! Several of you were looking for quilting lessons and several more were interested in attending a day long scrap retreat. I’d like to also have a day long sewing retreat and I’ll be looking into places to hold those types of events in the near future.

If you are reading this blog for the first time, I welcome you! I hope you’ll find it an inspirational place to hang out. I also collected a lot of new names for both of my newsletters and you’ll be receiving one soon!

This week I’m catching up with paperwork but also preparing to vend at my daughter’s dance studio on Saturday. I sold out of every ballerina item I had at the craft fair so I’m scrambling to make up more tissue covers and zippered pouches. I am also about to begin the quilting on my mother’s quilt with this pretty pantograph called Pipeline.









I was having a small issue with the bar on the long arm machine but Greg was able to fix it for me and now I can’t wait to get going on this one!

Most of you know over the last two years we have acquired the most adorable Lionhead bunnies, Nala and Daisy.










They are really the loves of all of our lives and our daughters just adore them. They have always lived in our house and had plenty of freedom to roam around our first floor. Well, last week we found out that poor Greg has developed asthma and is allergic to the buns. We decided to relocate the bunnies to the garage and I found the most adorable log cabin hutches for them! Greg put them together over the weekend and moving day was today!








You all know I want to hang little Christmas wreaths over their doors! I moved the bunnies into their new homes this morning and they seem quite pleased with having a ramp to play on and an area under the hutch in which to run around. I’m glad they like their new space and I’m looking forward to seeing Greg feel better.

That’s it for today. I’ll hopefully be posting more frequently now that the craft fair is over. Enjoy your day, quilters!!!


New Projects, New Bunny

Hey there,

This is turning out to be a great week for getting things done in my own little crafty world. I often struggle with myself over my own perceived lack of productivity but in reality, we’re all just doing the best we can with the time we have in a day. Not everything is getting done but enough is getting done that I feel pleased. Next week might be a different story but this week, all is well…except for the coffee I just spilled all over the laptop.

So let’s start with honest to God cuteness…Amanda surprised us by coming home over the weekend. She wanted to help her boyfriend move in to his college dorm as he helped her. Our plan was to use Saturday morning to visit the 4H Fair which is where we got our bunny, Nala, last year. I pretty much think we all knew if we saw another Lionhead bunny, there’d be a good chance that bun would come home…and here she is!









This is Daisy and she is four months old. She’s adorable and doesn’t mind being held which is quite different than Nala who hates to be picked up. We noticed that Daisy was banging into things every so often and I took her to the vet to confirm our suspicions that she can’t see all that well. Yup, she’s partially blind. In our family that means she gets more hugs, love, attention and supervision! Nala and Daisy are experiencing a very slow introduction as Nala isn’t too sure what this little white snowball is doing in our house yet. I’m sure in time, they’ll be best buds.

Ok, for the quilty news, I finished the Seaglass quilt top! I am very happy with how it came out and now I’ll look forward to quilting it on the long arm. When it’s complete, it will be a pattern for sale on Craftsy.









Yesterday I finished up quilting Nancy’s beautiful quilt on the long arm. She was brave enough to entrust this beauty to me and I’m so glad. It came out very nice and I can’t wait for her to see it in person!







I got the great news this week that another of my blocks has been chosen for the next QuiltMaker’s 100 Blocks magazine coming out in November! That means another blog hop and give away! More details will be posted later.

I finished the Disney scrapbook from the trip that Greg, Leah and I took with the dance team that Leah is on. It felt so good to wrap that up.

And I am taking on another new crochet project or two. I am the worst, slowest crocheter in history for sure. But I can’t say no to Lindsey when she asks for this…









Really. Ummmm ok. Let me order that along with some sock yarn and book on crocheting socks while I’m at it…









Once I struggle through the first mermaid tail, I have two other requests from Amanda and Leah for one. Lord help me.

That is what’s happening this week here at Quilt Cabana. What are you working on this week?


Summer Wrap Up

How can it be summer has come and gone????? I’m pretty sure this was the fastest one on the books. We wrapped up around here with a flurry of activity in the last few weeks that included a super fun family vacation to Canada and Vermont. We spent 4 nights in Mont Tremblant, 2 nights in Quebec City and 1 night in Burlington, VT. We made lots of memories and we tried real hard not to think about the fact that Amanda would be moving into UNH a few short days from then. I have some beautiful pictures to share in a future post about our vacation.

And move in, she did. The first bird has left the nest. Can you hear me crying? We did a lot of crying that day. A lot. My mama heart was broken seeing Amanda so nervous and scared. For a year or more she’s talked non-stop about attending UNH and living in the dorm with her cousin and another roommate. It all got the best of her come move in day. Thankfully, with each passing day and phone call, she has sounded happier and happier. Change is hard, friends. Here she is working on her desk set up.









Lindsey turned Sweet 16 and that meant a trip to the registry for a driver’s permit!







And Leah continues to wow us with her talent for pointe technique which is part of classical ballet. Check out that foot on the ground!









So now that everyone is about to get busy with school work, I can get busy with quilting and scrapbooking. I worked a bit on the Seaglass quilt this week. The rows are joined and now I need to add the borders.









I also started laying out charm squares for another baby quilt. I’m vending a craft fair on September 24th and I need to get busy on some items for the table in addition to quilt patterns and scrapbooking supplies. My table will be split between Creative Memories and Quilt Cabana Patterns.







The long arm progress has been stalled due to vacation and life in general but that shall pick right up again! What have you all been working on?


Blocks Completed, Migraines, Industry Shifts

It’s been so dang hot here in Massachusetts this week. I can barely stand to go outside for anything so I’ve been sneaking in bits and pieces of time on the Seaglass quilt. I just finished up the last of the 30 blocks! I’m so excited to have them pieced and now I can work on sewing those blocks into rows.







I’m always looking ahead to the next project and I have three lined up…two baby quilts that will be made with these adorable charm packs and a quilt from a kit that I bought in Kauaui last year. I can’t wait to get started on these!







I haven’t done much on the long arm this week. I’m still waiting for my ruler base and rulers to arrive. Hopefully next week!

That’s about it for my weekly progress. Last Friday I stepped completely out of my comfort zone and took the advice of a friend to get a piercing. I was in the middle of a three day-er when she suggested that I get a daith piercing which is thought to reduce migraines. Her daughter and friend had both gotten the piercings and had significant luck with it. I was skeptical to say the least…first, ouch! I mean really, OUCH! Secondly, about half of what I read supported it and half didn’t. I decided since it was kind of cute, I’d go for it. Lindsey wanted to get a piercing higher up in her ear so we went together. I came home with my daith pierced after almost chickening out. LOL! Just for the record, I held Lindsey’s hand while she went first and when it was my turn, she held my hand but looked away at the exact moment that needle was coming!!!! No fair!! I never broke eye contact with her. I chose a cute heart earring and I do like it and I’ve had 7 headache free days. I don’t expect it to cure the migraines but if it will reduce them, I’ll take it.









Over the last few weeks there have been several articles regarding the quilting magazine industry and blogging. With the announcement that Quilter’s Newsletter magazine will join the ranks of many that are shutting down, it seems the whole industry is heading for a makeover. Publishers heavily rely on magazine subscriptions as well as advertisement dollars and both are plummeting. Check out this article from Abby Glassenberg about how some companies are finding innovative ways to survive and even thrive.

This article from Stitched In Color about quilt blogging hit home with a few of us who are finding it easier to post consistently on Instagram as opposed to our blogs. The reason being that on Instagram, we don’t have to write as much. We can just post lovely photos of our work and say a sentence or two. The audience is larger on Instagram than on our individual blogs. I like to blog because I like to write so mine won’t be going anywhere in the near future!

Personally, I think quilting is heading in the same direction that scrapbooking once went. The industry got too big, there were too many products, people were overwhelmed and realized they could accomplish the same things with tools and supplies they already owned. I got tired of scrapbooking magazines because every article was a repeat of the same twenty or so hot topics. How many times can you read about the rule of thirds when looking through your camera lens? How many times can you read the same facts about traditional v. modern quilting? It gets tiresome.

I think almost every scrap magazine closed down and many, many scrap stores shuttered their doors. Scrapbooking seemed to have gone away but now it’s back in a different form. It’s had a makeover. It’s back now in a simpler form. With the advent of Becky Higgin’s Project Life and the reinvention of Creative Memories with it’s Fast2Fab predesigned pages, it’s coming back! Scrappers wanted an easier, less time consuming way to preserve memories. Companies stepped up.

The quilt industry will shift and change and yes, some will have to close their doors. It’s sad but inevitable. I can’t wait to see what’s next in this industry. How will it change to survive and then thrive? What new social media platform will take our breath away? Change is good. It’s hard but it’s good. I’ll be right here waiting for the next big thing.

How about you?


Fresh Start Monday, Updates, Patterns

Fresh Start Monday








Happy Monday! Are you ready to be inspired for the week?

Today I have a great article for you on 16 Things Successful People Do On Monday Mornings. Maybe you could find a thing or two on the list to add to your routine and set you up for a successful week.

Etsy has opened a store inside of the famous Macy’s store in New York! Eight designers will have the chance to see their products inside the store. The designer list will rotate. Mostly it is designers from New York so if you fit the bill, check this out!

If you are a fan of vintage, Pyerex is turning 100 this year! Here’s a cute look back on the history of these iconic dishes!

If you need a quick Valentine gift, check out my Craftsy store for the Sweet Valentine Mug Rug and the cute Valentine mini quilt in First Seasonal Trio.


Full Hearts









This weekend I worked on Amanda’s Love Notes Quilt. I have the center quilted and now I need to quilt the borders.







I only squeaked out one more block for the 1930’s Beach Quilt. It’s the Flower Basket block which is my current favorite!







These beauties came walking down the street Saturday! They took us all by surprise!







This weekend I decided to sign on as Creative Memories Advisor. I have long been a fan of scrapbooking and CM products. For years I wanted to be a Consultant or Advisor as they are called now. So I took the plunge hoping to reignite my own love of scrapbooking. Looking through photos is a beautiful way to revisit memories. My kids still pull out the scrapbooks I’ve completed and enjoy looking through them. And I do as well. So the next step of my scrapping journey continues. Please visit my Facebook page that I’ve set up for this purpose. It will be updated like the Facebook¬†quilting page. I’d love for you to join me. You can sign up for bi-weekly newsletters on each page. You can also sign up for the same quilting bi-weekly newsletter on this page in the right sidebar.

I’m off to clean up my studio and get ready for a quilty week! Enjoy the day!


Monday Ramble And A Pumpkin

So I had my birthday this week! I turned the big 42. I ended up celebrating all week long which was fun and tiring! Friday I left for my weekend scrapbook retreat at the Marriott in Mystic, CT. It is a Croptopia Getaways event that we have been attending for several years. There were a bunch of us down there which it made so much more fun than if you went alone. I’m not sure it’s something I’d want to do if I had no one to go with. Everyone is very friendly, of course, I’m just more of an introvert and wouldn’t love sitting with people I didn’t know all weekend long. I drove down with my friend, Heather, and we unloaded the car outside of the hotel lobby it took TWO luggage carts to get our stuff hauled inside. The bellmen really make out at this event!

This is the ballroom at the hotel that gets taken over by scrappers. Outside of the room was a vendor area, chair massage station and a reflexology station (had to pay extra for the massage/reflexology if you wanted those services). There is also an Elizabeth Arden spa there but I was toooo busy scrapping!

I arrived to find birthday balloons, a birthday tiara, a card and gift at my scrap station all thanks to my girlfriends. How sweet. I love them. Heather also brought carrot cake cupcakes that her daughter had made for the occasion. It was so thoughtful.

We scrapped Friday through Sunday. The crop room was open from 9am Friday until 3pm Sunday with meals being served for Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner and Sunday brunch. We ate in the hotel restaurant for Friday’s lunch. We had tons of snacks and drinks so we definitely did not starve! The food is always good at the hotel. The staff couldn’t be sweeter. The girl who runs these crops is amazing. She supplies about 15 Cricut machines, countless die cut cartridges, a Sizzix station and printers. It makes it so easy to go and not worry about bringing that type of equipment. There are also door prizes, a grand prize for $300 off another event and this year she had a t-shirt launch and I caught one! I also won a door prize and was gifted with a cool tool organizer as a bday gift from one of the vendors.

So now that I’m home again and realized that last year when I unpacked, I think I scrapped one day in the whole year and then packed it all back up again. This morning I took a few minutes to clear off my craft room counter and set myself up to scrap more often. The quiltiness has taken over my room and I’d really like to make it more balanced ūüėČ

When I got home last night not only was the house clean, dinner ready as well as Oscar watching snacks prepared but I also looked on kitchen counter to see this!

Leah has a full blown pumpkin plant happening! She has an amazing way with house plants and this is no exception. Now I’ve been gardening long enough to know that this plastic cup arrangement is not going to work. The plant needs to vine and this flower is probably a male flower which means in another short while, there will be a female flower with an actual pumpkin. Any ideas on how I can keep this going? Do I plant it in something bigger or do you think it will die? Not sure what to do and I think Leah will be crushed if I don’t find a suitable solution….SOS, mayday, mayday….

I am recovering from a huge migraine this morning. The kind you wake up with, the kind that makes you want to close your eyes and hide in bed. I have pushed through it and now I am about to start the afternoon kid activities. I hope you had a great weekend! Tell me what you have been up to?


Back to Reality…

I spent an incredible weekend with incredible people! Have you ever had one of those weekends where you loved every minute of what you were doing and who you were doing it with???
This was my annual get away scrapbooking retreat with my friends and this time, my family too! We were in Mystic, CT at the beautiful Marriott for 3 days of scrapbooking. As always there was delicious food, lots of vendors, loads of time to be creative, goody prizes and more. Since it was the end of school vacation, my husband and the girls came down for a night along with another family and we had a nice dinner out. The kids used the indoor pool and watched some movies in the room.

I was working on my California ¬†album from a San Diego/Anaheim vacation we took in 2010. I love reliving the vacation through my photos…probably 500 of them or more. I completed 30 pages while I was there which is about standard for me at one of these crops.

This was a Croptopia Getaways retreat and the woman who runs it is fantastic. Susan is friendly, helpful and always ensures that we are having a super time! Susan gives back at each retreat by having a basket raffle with proceeds going to a local charity. The chocolate basket photo is of the basket my group of friends put together. I’ll be podcasting on this soon experience soon.

Right now I’m headed to Joann’s and AC Moore. I need some border fabric for the landscape quilt. Here are some photos from the weekend that one of the gals at the retreat took. The first one is of my friend, Heather (on the left), and myself. Don’t we look like sisters? LOL.
Have a great day!


Projects In Progress…

I had a really productive weekend mixed with lots of fun! ¬†My husband was away so I decided to pull out my scrapbooking and see if I could get any of my California trip album done. ¬†I have a gazillion photos and I usually take a long time with each page but this weekend I decided to speed scrap for the sake of getting a chunk of it accomplished. ¬†Well, I finished 12 pages! ¬†Scrapbooking was my first crafty love and I miss it so much. I am going to leave my scrap stuff out in the craft room and really try to do a few pages each week. ¬†Many years ago I had a layout published in Memory Makers magazine, boy do I miss that magazine. ¬†It was full of inspiration. ¬†I feel out of the loop somewhat with it because I have been so busy quilting. ¬†Maybe I’ll add a second podcast to the line up about scrapbooking someday.

On Saturday, my mom came to visit and we took the girls to a local quilt show. ¬†It was just the right size show as not to bore three young ladies to death! ¬†There was a vendor there selling Pandora style beads and charms for super cheap money and the girls went to town purchasing beads for their bracelets. ¬†My mom got some beautiful fabric for a jacket and I got some hand dyed fabric all cut in 2″ squares for English Paper Piecing. ¬†Later that night we went to the book store and out for dinner. ¬†It was such a great day! ¬†We hoped to win a raffle or two but no phone call has come =( ¬† My 10 year old daughter informed me if she won a basket, she was going to auction off the contents to my mother and I and make some big money! ¬†How can you not admire that¬†entrepreneurial spirit?

I am going to post some of the other projects I worked on in the quiet moments of the weekend.  I will post a picture of one of  my scrap pages, the English paper piecing vase mat I finished up, some squares of an afghan I am working on for my living room, and my hand quilting project in progress.  I hope you get as inspired as I did this weekend!