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Quilt Show Pictures & Progress

It has a been a very fast week! My mom is here visiting and we are having a great time sewing together with our sergers! My mom is working on zippered box pouches with Hawaiian fabrics. They are beautiful and I love that the purple one is going to me!! Thanks mom!


I am working on toiletry bags for the craft fair in December. I have ten of them cut out, edges serged and ready for zippers. I am hoping to complete these by early next week.


Last Saturday we attended the Quilter’s Gathering show in Manchester, New Hampshire. We only went up for the day but the show is a multi day affair with some great teachers including Susan Brubaker-Knapp. We did catch a glimpse of her from the lobby! The theme of the quilt show was Improv and there was a separate exhibit hosted by the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild with all modern quilts. The reactions to this modern section were varied. I heard some people who loved it and I heard others who didn’t seem to get it or weren’t interested in even looking. I enjoyed the exhibit and saw a lot of interesting work. I guess we still have a divide in our industry as to thoughts on modern quilting.

Here were some of my favorites of the day…

2015-11-08+15.59.42 (1)

2015-11-08+15.59.20 (1)


2015-11-08+15.58.34 (1)

2015-11-08+15.58.04 (1)

And my absolute favorite….

2015-11-08+15.57.39 (1)

I have long wanted to enter a quilt in the show but I thought any entries had to follow the theme of the show and that has deterred me. However, I ran into a fellow guild member who also belongs to the Gathering and she said quilts of any theme could be entered. I’d love to enter one next year…maybe now I will!

Next week on the blog, I’ll be trying a new format to bring more content to you all. I think this will bring the blog to a more consistent level rather than once per week or when I can get to writing a post. Also, next Friday is my day on QuiltMaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour as well. You can enter for a chance to win a copy of the magazine!

Don’t forget to check out the Penguin Christmas mug rug on Craftsy as it makes a great gift that works up quickly.




Beauties From The Quilt Show…

The Quilter’s Connection Quilt Guild, to which I belong, had it’s quilt show over the weekend. I have to say that I am in awe at the quilts that were displayed. I worked in the boutique on Saturday morning which also had a stunning amount of unique products for purchase. Later in the day, I worked as a hostess doing the ‘white glove’ thing. Working as a hostess is neat because you can trade off with other hostesses and move around to the different areas of the show. This allows you to have a chance to spend quite a bit of time with many different quilts. The venue for our quilt show is actually a theater building so quilts are hung on 3 different floors including in the main theater and the black box lower level.

I took pictures of some of my favorites, not all the pictures I took came out great but our guild puts every quilt on the website. This takes a little time to appear but as soon as it does, I’ll post a link so you all can see the wonderful quilts. There were about 150 quilts on display.

This quilt was so awesome in every way. This was done by Anne Kimball. The texture was amazing.

2015-06-01 10.57.09

A beautiful one by Susan Stemporzewski

2015-06-01 10.57.34

This one garnered so much attention. It was made by Pam Arsenault. The background quilting includes all kinds of sea life.

2015-06-01 11.01.46

This one impressed my hubby. It was made by Rosemary Bawn.
2015-06-01 10.58.52

This was one of my favorites by Nancy Howard. The picture doesn’t even do it justice.

2015-06-01 11.01.24

Mike McNamara had a very impressive showing of quilts. This first one with the rooster was selected by reps from the Museum of Fine Arts to add to their permanent collection. Having the reps attend was a great way to start the day off!! I really enjoyed his MLK quilt as well.

2015-06-01 11.00.51























The two in the background are also Mac’s.


I especially loved the colors and texture on this one by Raphaela Greenstein…

2015-06-01 10.57.57























My mom entered the following quilts…one she made on her embroidery machine and another she made from one of my patterns.

2015-06-01 11.00.19

2015-06-01 11.00.00













































I entered the Amanda quilt and also The Lindsey Project…

2015-06-01 10.59.21

2015-06-01 10.58.34

Sometimes the most unexpected things happen at a quilt show like meeting a fellow member you did not know before and finding out that you are so inspired by this person and very grateful to have met them. I had the pleasure of meeting quilt artist, G. Wong on Saturday. G was doing applique demonstrations outside of the boutique while I was working. I didn’t get to see her demonstration at that time but later in the day, she came into the theater area and we got to talking. She so sweetly, took out her demo supplies and gave me my own lesson on Hawaiian applique right there and then. I am sending you all over to her blog, Quilt & Bitch, to see her AMAZING work. When you go to her blog, click on the Quilts tab to see pictures of all of her quilts. The Orange Peel quilt was at the show among others (From The Inside Looking Out and From The Outside Looking In). Her color placement is just.so.awesome.

Have a great day everyone! I’m off to work on a t-shirt quilt for a special grad!


Monday Embellishments

Happy Monday!

My guild hosted its annual quilt show this weekend and it was lots of fun with 157 beautiful quilts. Our guild does have a boutique during this show but not a vendor area. However, there was a member there demonstrating machine embellishing and she was selling some kits she made up with silk threads, colorful skeins of floss and sequin type embellishments. I couldn’t resist the colors of these fibers so this pack came home with me…
photo (100)

Last week I was watching Quilting Arts and saw some water soluble crayons and colored pencils being used to create backgrounds on small art quilts. The artist would color with the pencils and then use water to spread the color around. The colors are more intense than with watercolor pencils and they dry on the quilt as permanent ink. I checked my supplies and found I only had watercolor pencils so yes, you guesses it, I got myself to Michael’s and paid a pretty penny for these babies…
photo 101

photo 102

These are Inktense blocks that will work like a pencil but they are a bit thicker. I had wanted the pencils but they were sold out and I decided these would work just fine. I used a coupon and got them down from $35 to $17. I can’t wait to play a bit with them over the next few weeks. My mind is churning possibilities as I type.

Does anyone out there have experience with these?

The 95 degree weather finally broke and so I am hoping to get out the garden this week. There’s lots of work out there to be done. Of course it takes away from quilting time though…boo hoo.



Exciting Announcement!!

Project Hope

After last week’s events here in Boston, Sandy Hasenauer of Quilting For The Rest Of Us and I were both compelled to want to use our love of quilting as an outlet for our emotions. It was a horrific week of terror, angst and violence. It hurt to watch it on tv. It hurt more to know that many of my loved ones including my mom and other family members who reside in Watertown were smack dab in the middle of that chaos. It was school vacation week here and very hard to explain to my children what all of this meant for not only last week but for the future. The truth is, we have no idea what will happen today, tomorrow or the next day. We live in a world where we don’t know what will happen next but we also live in a world where love and hope are very much alive. This was evident in the actions of everyone who ran towards the explosions, the doctors who worked tirelessly on victims, the police officers who worked round the clock to do what they could to keep us safe, the people who called and checked on loved ones throughout the week, yes, that includes all of you who contacted me numerous ways regarding my mother’s safety and my state of mind.

There is where hope lives. It lives in our hearts. It lives in our actions. It lives in our prayers. It lives in the eyes of our children and grandchildren.

SO what does this all mean? It means that Sandy and I want to celebrate hope! We want to extend an invitation to you to celebrate hope with us. Join us for the Project Hope Online Quilt Show. Here is how…

In keeping with theme of hope, love and peace, create a 12″ x 12″ art quilt that conveys your thoughts and emotions.

The design rules are simple…there are none. Use whatever creative means on this piece of art that you want to…stamps, paint, couching, transfers, crayons, thread, beads, simple piecing, applique, you name it, you can do it!

We ask that you include an artist statement in your Flickr description about your piece and how you felt while you were creating it.

Upload through June 30th, 2013 to the group on Flickr titled Project Hope Online Quilt Show

If you are feeling moved to take more action while creating this art quilt, we ask that you make a donation of time or money to an organization of your choice that exemplifies the theme of hope, love and peace. One such organization could be The One Fund. This fund is currently collecting money to go to the many victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Use the link to find out how to donate and for more information.

Sandy and I will both speaking more about this in our podcasts this week. Sandy will also have a blog post regarding this later today. Share the posts, encourage people to participate. Once the quilts are all posted it will be such a beautiful online quilt show to share with each other. Hope is not lost, it will be alive and well right here.



Fair Quilt Show & Some Progress

Happy Saturday!

Last night I went to our church fair and as part of the festivities, there was a small quilt show. Quilts filled the sanctuary and each one was numbered. A booklet detailing each quilt had been put together and it was quite a nice show. Here are some pictures – iphone ones with poor lighting…sorry.

This one caught my eye in particular because it was a card trick quilt and I’m making one myself. I love how the maker chose patriotic fabrics. The blocks are a bit bigger than the ones I’m making.

In regard to my own card trick quilt, I’m very happy to say that I pieced the LAST BLOCK this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo! I’ve been working on it every time I have a few spare minutes in between being the chef and taxi driver. I laid it all out this morning.

The bottom row blocks need to be pressed, trimmed and sewn together. After that I need to stitch all the rows together and add the border which will be green. I can’t believe this is finally progressing. I guess this has been my Slow Quilt Movement project!

There won’t be much more work done on it today though as we are headed to Gillette Stadium for the UMASS Amherst football game and Marching Band Day. My daughter’s band will be joining other bands across the state to perform the half time show. Afterwards there will be fireworks and a performance by the UMASS Minutemen Marching Band. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the bands but not looking forward to being frozen! I don’t do “cold” very well. I’m hoping to bring my knitting/knooking project to pass the time a bit because I’m not a big football fan either…

Don’t forget the Twitter Black Friday Sew In is happening on Friday. I think I shall give a copy of my book away that day as well….



Weekend Quilt Show Pics

Yesterday after church, I picked up my mother and we headed to a quilt show put on in Lexington, MA by the Rising Star Quilt Guild. We got there around 1:30 and the show was closing at 4pm so naturally we did what any good quilter would do and we hit the vendors first!!! LOL! In addition to the vendors, there was a lovely boutique, a snack bar, lots of raffles (none of which we won) and over 150 quilts on display. The quilts were gorgeous and I really loved how they were displayed. The show was held in Cary Hall which I believe is the town hall in Lexington. The quilts were on display on racks on the main floor but also draped over the seats in the auditorium. Here are a few pictures from the show. They had quite a few jelly roll race quilts that were being donated to a charity after the show.

There was also a scavenger hunt for kids and this cool design wall where kids could sit and put felt shapes onto the easel in quilt block designs. I think if my younger girls were with us, they would have spent all their time at this station. The felt shapes were in the tray attached to the easel.

It was a very nice show and just large enough that we didn’t get tired walking through it. I did spy two beautiful feather weights while I was there. One was being used by it’s owner who was very happy to talk to me about how she acquired it (Brimfield Antique Show) and the other one was for sale at one of the vendor booths. Sadly the price tag was $499 so at the booth it stayed! I did purchase a new Sashiko kit though! It is a pretty design and about the size of a pillow. It will give me something to work on over the winter.

The highlight of the day though was when I picked my mom up and she had this beautiful quilt out for me to see. She just finished it and it will be a charity quilt for our guild’s Comfort Quilt committee. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love, love, love the fabrics. This was a pattern by Darlene Zimmerman called Sunny Days.

After the quilt show, we had dinner out and then I had to head back to my home for Sunday night homework, etc…

Hope you have a great Monday…don’t forget the podcast research question…what is your favorite quilt novel and/or quilt magazine.


Rainy Day- Perfect Quilt Show Weather!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, a quilt show is never boring!!!
If you live near Watertown, MA take advantage of the rainy day and come out to see the Quilter’s Connection quilt show!!!

There are over 200 quilts, raffle baskets and a boutique!
Here is the link to the guild website.

I am working the front gate from 10-3pm so come visit me. Admission is $6.

Here is my mom’s beautiful quilt on display there!



Projects In Progress…

I had a really productive weekend mixed with lots of fun!  My husband was away so I decided to pull out my scrapbooking and see if I could get any of my California trip album done.  I have a gazillion photos and I usually take a long time with each page but this weekend I decided to speed scrap for the sake of getting a chunk of it accomplished.  Well, I finished 12 pages!  Scrapbooking was my first crafty love and I miss it so much. I am going to leave my scrap stuff out in the craft room and really try to do a few pages each week.  Many years ago I had a layout published in Memory Makers magazine, boy do I miss that magazine.  It was full of inspiration.  I feel out of the loop somewhat with it because I have been so busy quilting.  Maybe I’ll add a second podcast to the line up about scrapbooking someday.

On Saturday, my mom came to visit and we took the girls to a local quilt show.  It was just the right size show as not to bore three young ladies to death!  There was a vendor there selling Pandora style beads and charms for super cheap money and the girls went to town purchasing beads for their bracelets.  My mom got some beautiful fabric for a jacket and I got some hand dyed fabric all cut in 2″ squares for English Paper Piecing.  Later that night we went to the book store and out for dinner.  It was such a great day!  We hoped to win a raffle or two but no phone call has come =(   My 10 year old daughter informed me if she won a basket, she was going to auction off the contents to my mother and I and make some big money!  How can you not admire that entrepreneurial spirit?

I am going to post some of the other projects I worked on in the quiet moments of the weekend.  I will post a picture of one of  my scrap pages, the English paper piecing vase mat I finished up, some squares of an afghan I am working on for my living room, and my hand quilting project in progress.  I hope you get as inspired as I did this weekend!