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Quilts, Proms & Articles

Ohhhh so much happening this week, friends. First off, it’s beautiful outside. Today is going to be 80 degrees. Yesterday was the same. The pool is open and I spent all of last week weeding and doing a little planting.  Friday was gloriously 75 degrees and sunny for Amanda’s senior prom. I pretty much bombarded Instagram and Facebook with prom photos because she was do darn happy and that made me so darn happy!! Here she is with her prom date, Kyle, and one with her sisters, Lindsey and Leah.









Lindsey on left, Leah on right.









She had a blast with her friends and declared it a perfect evening…ahhhhh, can you feel how full my momma heart is right now?

I did get the second set of 10 blocks finished on Seaglass this week! Now 2/3 of the blocks are complete and I’ll start the last ones next week.







I’m thrilled this week that I’m meeting with all three of my students. I had a wonderful day with Priscilla earlier this week working on her Yellow Brick Road baby quilt. Today I’m spending time with Nancy while we work on her star quilt and spend some time on free motion quilting. Tomorrow Gail and I will continue working on quilting her log cabin!

Nancy’s star quilt is coming out so beautifully. Look at how pretty these are!!









My issue of Quilting Arts finally arrived in the mail! My article can be found on the last page under the Last Word column! Pardon my slippers in the picture!
I’m beyond excited to be in this magazine as I enjoy reading it so much.









I’m hoping to get a podcast in next week. Is there anything you’d like for me to talk about or any questions you have? I’d love to answer them! Also, I’m thinking a summer postcard swap would be nice. Perhaps landscape postcards from some place we’ve visited over the summer! What do you all think of that?



A Storefront, A Pattern & A Postcard

This week I got the online shop up and running on the website! You can visit the shop by clicking here.

I’m excited to have a place to directly sell my patterns, book and some interesting notions. I do hope you will come and visit the shop and check out the exciting products!

I know a few of you are in just about the same place I am in regard to opening a quilt pattern online shop so I’m comfortable sharing information about this on the blog. If you aren’t interested just bare with me a moment and we’ll get right back to quilting talk.

My website host is iPage which I like very much. Through the plan I have with iPage, I am able to open a starter shop called ShopSite Starter. This plan allows me to list and sell 15 items at no extra charge. With at least a dozen patterns, a book and several notions that I feel go well with those patterns, I filled up 15 slots VERY quickly. In fact, I had to delete patterns off the site because I was so excited about the notions I wanted to list. The alternative to picking, choosing and paring down items is to upgrade to the next level at a whopping $30 per month. This allows for an unlimited amount of products. The plan for me will be to see how well I can sell the items that are currently in the store and upgrade when the time comes…


So this is available now!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Snowflake

hi res snowman pic for QW

I am awaiting my shipment of these to arrive so I can put them in the Quilt Cabana Patterns Shop but if you would like to order one now, you can find it on Craftsy and also on QuiltWoman.

This will make an excellent holiday decoration and a terrific gift for someone on your list!

I had some super happy mail arrive this week in the form of a beautiful postcard from Diane! Diane is my swap partner and this is the lovely postcard…

photo (20)

The little crystals and that gorgeous pumpkin just make me smile. Thanks Diane! I’ll update the Flickr group and then post the link tomorrow. So if you have received a postcard from your partner, go ahead and post it to the group.

How is your week progressing?


Fall Bed Runner in Quilter’s World Is Out & News

photo (3)

I’m very excited to see that my Fall Jubilee Bed Runner is in the Autumn issue of Quilter’s World! I was thrilled when it arrived home yesterday as I’m really looking forward to using this on my bed come the fall. It’s a beautiful runner in batiks and would also look good in any fall or winter combination of fabrics! I hope you’ll pick up the magazine and give it a try.

I must be on a roll as I also found out this week that my block will be included in QuiltMaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 10 issue! I love being part of that publication and being on the blog tour which also means a giveaway for two copies of the magazine. Stay tuned for that!

My next bit of news relates to the podcast. After many years and several episodes, I have decided to give the podcast up. I have loved recording Quilt Cabana Corner but frequently I feel I hold information back on the blog to “save” for the podcast and then the podcast rolls around and the news is kind of old. It’s hard to keep up with a podcast, blog and social media and to keep the content interesting. I’d like to concentrate more on the blog at this time. I’ll most likely do one more episode to wrap it up in the next few weeks. In the meanwhile, if you have something you’d like me to talk about on the blog, please let me know.

We have one more postcard swap left on the calendar for the year. The postcard swaps have been happening since the holiday one last December. The first day of fall is September 23rd and that just feels a little to soon for me. How about if we plan for one where the postcard arrives in time for Halloween? That gives everyone a bit more breathing room for the end of summer plans we all might have! I will do a more detailed post in the next few days and start the sign up.

That’s all my news for today. I’m hoping to take my blueberry girl, Lindsey, over to the blueberry farm to pick even though, she has two blueberry bushes here at the house. The girl LOVES blueberries.

Have a beautiful day!


Postcard Swap & Catching Up

Wow! What a week it has been around here. School got out last Thursday and we’ve been moving at the speed of light ever since. We had a nice end of year pool party for the girls and their friends. That was in the midst of a very busy week of rehearsals for the Godspell play which was held over the weekend. It was fantastic. It was moving and beautifully produced…hence the amount of rehearsals in the month of June. Those were met with some grumbling but usually quelled when I asked, “How do perfect plays happen?” The answer was always “Rehearsals.”
Here are a few pics from the play.

photo 1

This week we are gearing up for the “Big Show” which is the recital for the music school that the girls attend. It’s a long show but worth every minute. The talent is amazing and the girls always seem to leave with an armload of certificates and trophies and last year, a scholarship.

So as you might have guessed, I haven’t been quilting much this week other than working here and there on the Window Pane 9 Patch. I did also finish the T-Shirt quilt.


photo (1)

I have been out in the garden fussing around here and there and enjoying it…I’m happy to say. It’s usually not my thing but with all these pretties happening, it’s hard not to embrace it.

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

Update on the postcard swap…If you haven’t been to visit the Flickr Group for the postcard swap, please do! The photos are piling up in there and each one is unique and beautiful and a reflection of the creator.
Here is the link…go visit!!

Have a beautiful day!


Thursday Progress & Stuff

Happy Thursday!

I hope you are all having a good week. It has been so busy here with the school year wrapping up and trying to get Amanda’s car on the road. Not that she can drive it by herself yet but it needed to be registered and inspected so that Greg and I can drive it around so it doesn’t just sit. You know how bad that can be for a car engine. It’s been an endless few weeks of school activities and projects, music concerts, a wedding and trying to keep up with the house. I’m tired y’all! Let’s see so far this morning I’ve had 3 cups of coffee and half a dark chocolate candy bar in the hopes of waking myself up and getting motivated.

Yesterday I worked a bit on my niece’s t-shirt quilt. She is graduating this weekend and I’d love to finish it for her before I see her again. We are awfully proud of Rachel as she is the Valedictorian of her class!! I have the t-shirts nearly sashed. I had to make a couple of custom blocks and now that those are finished, the rest should go quickly. The shirts I have to work with are mostly white which makes for a slightly boring quilt but these are the shirts/events she would like to remember. The back of this will be a beautiful red fleece. The sashing is black but it has a little flower design on it. She asked for red and black fabric to go with her school colors.

photo 1 (1)

Yesterday I met up with my mother at the local quilt shop, Heart In Hands. I will have store pictures in the next post but for today I’ll show you the beautiful layer cake I picked up.

photo (1)

I like to have a precut project ready to make on the featherweight. It seems like if I have something easy to make, I’m more inclined to save it for using that machine. I like to concentrate on the sheer joy of using the machine and easy precut projects help with that. This will be a Broken Dishes quilt using the method on the Missouri Star tutorial. So it begs the old question…do you wash your precuts before using them? I have not. Where this layer cake has so many lights and darks though, I feel like perhaps I should. What do you think?

On my way home from the quilt shop, I stopped at Target to buy myself a writing desk. Due to having to move my current desk into the sewing room to place my new machine on, I’ve left myself with only two tray tables to function as a desk…it isn’t working out. So for about $70 (on sale) I picked up this cute desk.


I just need hubs to assemble it for me. I’d do it myself because I’m not afraid of assembling but the box is so darn heavy; I can’t get it up the stairs on my own. Hopefully by the weekend, it will be put together and usable.

Check out this little guy who was in the middle of the road Saturday night. He just stood there for the longest time. I hope he made it back to wherever his home is without incident or accident…it was getting dark at this point in the evening…

photo 2

POSTCARD SWAP- How are your postcards coming along? Please try to have them to your partner by June 21st. Also put your photos in the Flickr Group.
Thanks 🙂

I got fun mail from down under this week too! Thanks to Ozzypip I had this wonderful package waiting for me when I got home the other day. It had a beautiful postcard made with Australian themed fabrics and an awesome panel with a turtle and a whale on it from Philipa’s stash. She knows how much Leah loves turtles and thought perhaps I could make something with this. I think it would make a wonderful pillow. In fact, Lindsey would like a whale pillow so it will work out fabulously.

photo 1

Many thanks Philipa! How wonderful it is to be part of such an amazing group of quilters who support and delight each other with kindness continuously. If you are not a Twilter on Twitter yet, join in the on the fun! Just find me at @quiltcabana and you’ll see who I follow that is crafty and you can follow along too.



Announcing Spring Postcard Swap!


Happy Friday!

AJ over at The Quilting Pot expressed interest in a spring fabric postcard swap and I thought that was a great idea and volunteered to organize it! We had a very successful holiday swap in December…I think only one postcard actually got lost in the mail which was sad but we did see a beautiful picture of it.

The rules would be the same as the last time which is simply…there are no rules! If you like piecing go ahead and piece one If you enjoy applique by hand or machine, go for it! If you’d rather paint or use crayons, please do!! Everyone can do this and it’s a great opportunity to try out a new technique. We had postcards last time that had traditional binding and others that were done with a zig zag around the edge…anything goes..really!

We took our postcards to the post office in a variety of ways…some were in envelopes and others not. Those that did not have an envelope had a postage sticker affixed to them and even though some us worried the sticker would fall off, it didn’t. If you feel better placing your postcard in an envelope, by all means do it. I will do that myself this time around.

I will set up a new Flickr group to show our work once both swap partners have received their postcard in the mail.

Here is the time line…

***Send me your name and full address by the end of January – sewsandi8@yahoo.com or message me on Twitter.

***I’ll send you an email with your swap partner’s name and address during the first week of February.

***Work on your postcard during February and try to have it mailed in order to arrive on the first day of spring which is March 20th.

I will also announce this on the podcast next week.

I think this will be so much fun! You can make it spring themed or just something beautiful that makes you feel refreshed like a spring day.

Below is the link to the holiday postcard swap information that has tutorial links.


If you couldn’t join us last time due to the holiday craziness, please join us this time around! It’s always fun to receive a fabric goody in the mail!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Episode #32 Postcard Swap, Book/Scissor/Iron Review and More!

Episode #32 of Quilt Cabana Corner is up on Podbean and will be on iTunes later today. This episode has lots of great information, so I hope you’ll join me!!

Some show notes:

EDITED – the thread sketching ebook I mentioned as being free is actually $5.97 – my mistake, didn’t realize that I purchased that one. However, www.quiltingdaily.com does have a free thread sketching book that includes part of the Susan Brubaker Knapp book. The $5.97 book is there as well or you can find it at www.interweave.com

Postcard Swap – if you are interested in taking part in holiday or winter themed postcard swap where you make a fabric postcard and mail it to another person, please let me know by the end of October. I need you to send me your first and last name as well as your address and I will pair everyone up. Postcards need to be made in November and in the mail (taken to post office for hand stamping) by December 1’st so your swap partner will have it to display thoughout the holiday season. I will provide links for tutorials on how to make the postcards in another blog post. Based on the success that Sandy H. and I had last year, I think this will be very fun!!!

In this episode, I reviewed the book, Quilter’s Handy Guide to Supplies & More. I gave a brief review on the show but here is the written review of the book. Take a minute to read it as the book is very good. It is available for pre-order. You can order on Amazon here….

And through C&T here…

quilters  handy guide

Quilter’s Handy Guide to Supplies & More
Dawn Cameron-Dick

I recently had the opportunity to review the Quilter’s Handy Guide to Supplies & More by Dawn Cameron-Dick. The book is published by C&T. The book is an overview of all things related to quilting and it has the added bonus of some entertaining and inspiring quotes sprinkled throughout its pages. I was first drawn to the book because I enjoy reading everything I possibly can about the quilting process. As a person who is self taught, I know I can benefit from these types of books and I always learn something new. This book was no exception and I found myself taking lots of notes as I read through it.
It is a very well thought out book with great photography, easy to read diagrams and a section for notes at the end of each chapter. I particularly liked the way the book was laid out and how easy the graphics were on the eyes.

The book is broken down into the following chapters: Needles, Threads, Sewing Machines, Batting, Fabric, Bits & Pieces (a catch-all category) and Resources. The Needles chapter is very comprehensive with information and graphs on needle types and sizes. I had no idea there were so many parts to a needle!

The Thread chapter gives an excellent description of what kind of fibers thread is made from and how it is made. A table indicating thread use and proper needle size is included in this chapter. Good information on thread weight and usage as well as a discussion on thread breakage is provided. If I had to choose which chapter I took the most notes on and learned the most from, it would be this one! There are so many threads on the market and it’s hard to know which one to select, this chapter helps to de-mystify that process.

The Sewing Machine chapter gives a nice review of a machine’s features, feet, cleaning, tension and tips on purchasing a machine. A nice tip from this chapter is that the clear plastic extension tables for sewing machines can also double as a light box!

The Fabric chapter is interesting with a brief description of how fabric is made. The chapter touches on the wash or no wash debate as well as information on color bleeding and fading. Some great tips are given in this chapter on how to test for bleeding and what can be done about it after the fact.

The Bits & Pieces chapter is full of a bit of everything. It covers storing quilts, setting up a sewing area, rotary cutting, rulers, basic cutting formulas and pressing. I loved seeing the different layouts in the book for setting up a sewing area that works best for you.

The end of the book contains a Resource page with information for different manufacturers mentioned in the book.

This book would make a wonderful gift for a new quilter who is just learning to navigate the sometimes confusing world of quilting. I am also pleased to have this in my library as a reference guide and I’ve been quilting for nearly ten years! The information in the book is current in the industry and it is presented in a clean, concise way with beautiful graphics.

You can find this book on Amazon and through C&T.

Here is the link for the Panasonic iron:

Quilt Market – If you are there and could stop by booth #315 which is the Quilt Woman booth, please take a few photos of the booth and my quilts being displayed…I would really, really, really love that!

That’s it for today…enjoy the podcast!!!