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Happy Thursday!

I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend! It was cold but sunny here and so the Easter egg hunt still went on! We had a great crew of cousins to find all those eggs. Here they are relaxing after the big hunt!







This was our family photo Easter morning before church…







And of course, this little lady stole the show all day long!! Nala enjoyed nosing around the eggs and we were delighted to love on her all day!









I was exhausted on Monday and didn’t do much other than take a nap and do a bit of cross stitch. Tuesday and Wednesday I really got back into working on the Seaglass quilt and this was totally my happy place on those days…







While I was cutting 7 million squares, I started thinking about quilting and being in a totally happy quilty state of mind. This led to thoughts about what kind of quilting and crafting really makes my heart sing. What am I most passionate about? And why am I not doing more of it? I started having major revelations about things on my to do list. It was freeing.

What I realized is that I am at my absolute quilty happiness when I’m combining my love of quilts with my love of pictures. I adore photos. I love to take them, touch them, sort them, and turn them into a quilt version when possible. I also love little fabric bits. When I worked on The Lindsey Project, I was in a super happy place most of the time. At one point, I was overwhelmed at which time, I took a break from the project.

photo 1 (33)








Taking a break was a good thing and when I came back to it a few months later, I was ready to finish it up. So having just come off Easter and feeling it’s a time for new beginnings, I think I need to return to turning photos into art quilts. Life is too short to work on things that don’t excite me. Combining my two passions is a thrilling thought!

That being said, I enjoy other types of quilting as well. Fusible applique is another technique that makes my heart go pitter patter. Finding a simple block that looks more complicated than it is, also excites me.

Take some time to think about work that excites you and work that leaves you bored or frustrated. Can you skip out on the boring and really concentrate on your passion? Absolutely!!!! Let’s dare to dream and do work that matters to us. Let’s do work that we truly care about that allows us to grow as artists.