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The Crafty Christmas Loot

Happy last day of 2017! I love new beginnings like a new year or a new school year. It’s time to take stock, make plans, and set new goals. As I mentioned in the previous post, my word for the new year will be ‘yes’. I am looking forward to all the possibilities that might bring! Tomorrow I’ll be working on setting new goals for the year and I’ll also be taking down my Christmas tree (boo hoo).

I wanted to share with you all the crafty related items I received for Christmas this year. These are projects that I’ll be working on in my spare time and showing you on the blog from time to time…

As I set up the Christmas tree this year I was looking at the hooked rug tree skirt that I have around the base of my tree. It was made by my grandfather and I have always loved it. I thought it would be nice if I made my girls each one for their future homes. I found several online at Herrschners and had the girls each pick which one they wanted. Lindsey chose the one with the Christmas trees. Leah and Amanda chose the ones with the cats and dogs.









I have started work on Lindsey’s and I know this is going to take some serious time. The designs aren’t stamped, it’s more like counted cross stitch where you have to follow the guide and count. The girls won’t have their own homes any time soon so I can relax about it and take my time.

I also started this redwork bunny door stop that Greg gave me for Christmas. Yes, I ordered it and he wrapped it up. LOL! I started this one while on vacation this past week. I am enjoying the rhythm of embroidery and I am a huge fan of redwork so it’s a win win on this. And you know how I feel about bunnies so it’s really a win, win, win.









From my mom I received two exciting projects! I’ve been itching to do some garment sewing again and I found these easy patterns on the Nancy’s Notions website. One is for a maxi style dress and the other for easy shirts. I now have the patterns and the fabric to make them! I can’t wait to make these and I hope I don’t mess them up!










I’m not the only one crafting this week…we gave Amanda a kit for a no sew throw that has her sorority logo as the design. She couldn’t wait to make it and she worked on it for an afternoon and finished it right up!









The winner gift for me has to be the one Greg picked up on a whim and thought I might like for stitching at night in the living room…an LED headlamp!!! Of course I had to put it on and be goofy with it but it is amazing for embroidery and knitting in a room that is not well lit…like every room on my first floor!









So that was the Christmas haul! Not too bad at all. It should keep me busy for quite a while.

Tuesday I’m back to work teaching and long arming. I have a few quilts in line for the long arm and I’m eager to get started on them.

What are your crafty goals for 2018? Did you receive some crafty gifts for the holidays? I’d love for you to share them here in the comments.
Happy New Year!


New Look And Progress

The blog looks different but it’s still little o’l me doing the posting! It was time for a fresh, new look around here. What do you think?

Over the weekend I managed to get a few small things accomplished. Whenever I had time over the last few days, I hopped into the sewing room and did a step on a project here and there…and it added up to some finishes…

I made 5 Comfort Bears so that the next time the police station needs replenishing, I’ll have a bunch ready for them.

photo 2 (1)

I worked on more buntings for Angel Outfitters. I have 12 made so far.

photo 1 (1)

I pulled out the Cozy Toes pattern that I received from my mom at Christmas (ordered through Nancy’s Notions) and made some slippers. These are a smidge too small for me so they now belong to Amanda. She was thrilled. I’ll make them again but this time using Sherpa for the lining instead of faux fur. The fur was a mess to work with and it was hard to sew because I couldn’t see where I was sewing with all that fluff in the way.

photo 3 (1)

Saturday I took a 3.5 mile walk with Amanda. My Fitbit probably thought I was having a major malfunction…I logged 12,500 steps!! We also took a picture of this cute mailbox along the way.

photo 4 (1)

Easter is around the corner and you have time to make this mini quilt…it’s from the Second Seasonal Trio series and measures 12″ x 12″. You can order here.

Easter Joy



Weekend Fun/New Fabric

How was your weekend?  Did you get to sew or do something you enjoy?  Our family had a busy weekend.  Saturday we baked cookies and crafted with my cousin, Allison.  The girls made these delicious cookies and I haven’t been able to stop eating them!


Yesterday we went to a friend’s house to watch the Superbowl.  What a disappointment that game was to us since we are from Massachusetts!  We still have the Bruins and I understand pitchers and catchers report in two weeks so we can cheer on the Red Sox soon.  The food and company during the game more than made up for the Patriot’s loss.

I did work on my Knook knitting project for awhile during the game.  I had brought my hexies to work on too since I was planning on participating in the Super Bowl Sew In on Twitter.  I did get a few tweets in but the game became so intense, it was hard to do much else but stare at the tv.  My middle daughter won $150 on a football square so she’s pleased as punch this morning!!  LOL.

Saturday’s mail delivery brought some goodies!  The curtains for my newly painted living room arrived so once I’m done posting here, I’m off to wash windows and iron curtains.  The FedEx man brought these yummy fabrics – I had fun petting them and stacking them in order.


These are the fabrics for my pictorial applique quilt that I am hoping to send to the MQX show next year.  This bunch of fabulous batiks came from Nancy’s Notions.  I believe there are 20 fat quarters here for $40!  This is the Tropic Batik Fat Quarter Bundle.

I am off to get the curtains hung…enjoy the day!



Lone Star Template

Hi there,

I had a request from a listener for some additional information on the Lone Star Templates.  The request was for some video of how the templates work. I don’t have any video myself but I did go to the Nancy’s Notions website and found a product demonstration video.  Here is the link:


Once you are on this page, click where it says Product Demo.  I do hope to make more of these quilts in the future but like everyone else, I’m on a backlog of projects and seemingly no time to finish anything!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.  My family spent it in Disney World and we had a great time trick or treating through the Magic Kingdom.  It’s so fun to see all the  people dressed up in their costumes and I saw some that looked like they were handmade and had taken some serious time to put together.