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Sewing Knits and Bunny Pillowcases

This week I’m learning how to do something new. Before I started quilting, I was sewing clothes for my kids and once in awhile for myself. I had always used 100% cotton fabric or fleece. Lately I find myself wanting to sew with knits but not knowing where to begin. My mom has experience sewing with knits as she once took lessons at Stretch & Sew where they taught the right way and had a large selection of coordinated knit fabric to purchase right in the building. Stretch & Sew doesn’t exist anymore but I am going to give it a try using Nancy Zieman’s Sew Knits With Confidence book that my mother gifted me this week!

I have chosen this pattern and I’m going to make the short sleeved shirt first.









The pattern calls for a few different types of knits to be used including Challis which I was not familiar with but now know is Rayon. I went to Joann’s last night unsure of what I would find in their knit section. They did have a lot of solid and striped jersey but I don’t wear stripes that well and the solids were a bit plain. I did find these two Challis fabrics so I bought both. I also picked up ball point needles, pins and thread.









The fabric is in the wash and will need to line dry before I can get started. I’m excited to try something new!

I did finish one of the three bunny pillowcases and I have the other two nearly done.







I love making pillowcases with novelty fabric, especially bunny ones! And speaking of bunnies, my poor little Nala was spayed yesterday and came home with this collar/lampshade on her head.









Her surgery went fine but she can’t eat with the collar and we had to take it off this morning. She hasn’t eaten in 24 hours which is a serious issue for bunnies who are not supposed to have an empty digestive tract. I went back to the vet this morning and picked up a food that can be administered by syringe until she feels like eating again. Right now she’s pretty out of it and I’m hoping that she won’t start picking at her sutures. Fingers crossed our happy little bunny returns soon!

Have a happy and quilty week! Next post will be a review of my favorite iron!

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Fresh Start Monday

Fresh Start Monday









Welcome to Monday! It’s a cold one out there.  For today’s Fresh Start I have a few interesting items to share.

First up, I saw this blog post over on Nancy Zieman’s blog about making fleece hats for different causes. The hats are adorable and the pattern is given at the bottom of the post if you want to try one.  Nancy Daly of the Hat Ladies has estimated they have made over 50,000 hats for charity! That’s a lot of hats! Maybe you could whip some up for a good cause in your community.

Next, check out these adorable Cookie Kisses over at Bakerella!

1 a kiss








I found a Hershey Kiss cookie cutter on Amazon. If you don’t have the cutter, she provides a template.

Abby Glassenberg wrote a post at the beginning of the month over on the Sew Mama Sew website about industry predictions. It’s a good read.

We all know tension rods are great for hanging curtains but here’s 15 plus uses for them! I like #4 and #10.

And here’s 23 signs you are slightly obsessed with Michael’s stores.  Sound familiar?

Happy Monday!


Salvage Chic Visit & Things I Want To Share

Happy Saturday!
Yesterday I treated myself to a little visit at the Salvage Chic antique store a few minutes from my house. I like to go in there every once in awhile to see what’s new and how they display their items. The store has many rooms that you can move around in and it is set up like a house. The kitchen items are found in the kitchen, the bedroom type items are in one room, office stuff in another, etc. It’s a nice place to spend some time wandering through and you never know what you might find! Nothing came home with me but here are some things I looked at…

Pretty little granny square afghan.

This poor old Crazy quilt. It was so tattered and worn it had to be displayed in a cardboard box…someone put an awful lot of care into making this and it was sad to see it in such a state.
photo 5

This was an enigma. It was so stuffed into this barrel that I couldn’t get it out even when I tugged on it a bit. Some things are better left alone?
photo 4

There were cute and I was glad to see them displayed on a bed…
photo 3

But this, this stole my heart. I so wanted to bring this beautiful coffee set home. The aqua and white stripe…oh my. The store wanted $30 for it and I almost caved and bought it. It was so beach-y looking and I was daydreaming of coffee by my cabana and how lovely it would be to have this little set for company then I realized, it’s hot out at the cabana…and it’s glass (not a fan of glass in the pool area) and really I’m usually drinking water or a beer at my cabana! LOL!!! So it stayed at the shop but it’s still calling to me…those cute red spoons in the mugs…seriously.

photo 1

I have a few other things to share with you that have come across my path this week…one is the awesome video invite to my quilt guild’s show at the end of the month. Quilter’s Connection has a lovely quilt show and I am sad that I can’t participate this year as I have another commitment. I’m sharing this with you because it’s such a great idea to make a video of the show announcement…maybe you would like to suggest this to your own guild. Here’s the Youtube link.


I follow Lindsey Cheney’s The Pleated Poppy blog and I love her What I Wore series. She is a stay at home, home school mom, crafting entrepreneur and she got tired of wearing yoga pants and pajama pants all day so she started dressing better and takes photos of her outfits each week to post. Others are welcome to link up to her. Last week she did a post on packing light for a trip to Barcelona that she is going on. She lays out several basic wardrobe pieces and accessories and turns those pieces into 11 days worth of clothing. I’m fairly fashion challenged at the moment as I’m home also and naturally gravitate to the comfortable. I made a list of all the pieces Lindsey shows and then check marked what I already own and then I went out and bought some missing items to beef up my own wardrobe. I confess, I got some of those basic pieces at the Salvation Army Store because they are a treasure trove of basic pieces!! I didn’t really need much, I think I just needed to see how to coordinate what I have in a more fashionable way. Check out her blog, you won’t be disappointed! Here’s the link:


Today Nancy Zieman has an interesting post on what size rotary cutter is best for which job…worth the read and there’s a cool new rotary organizer gadget at the end of her post…


Have a beautiful Saturday!!!


A Finish, A Binding & A Bird

This week I finished up the Christmas Jelly Roll quilt!!!

photo (85)
The backing fabric was from Joann’s and I think it was a good complement to the quilt.

photo (84)

I also worked some more on my free motion quilting…these are the samples I have been working on for a few minutes twice a week.

photo (83)

Today on Nancy Zieman’s blog, she has a tutorial for how she joins the binding on a quilt and this is exactly how I do it as well! Check it out, it’s so easy.


I found out this week that the Seasonal Trio and Coming Down The Chimney quilts and patterns will be going to quilt market with the QuiltWoman booth!! Yippee!!! So glad to be represented there although I wish I could be there myself. These are the ones that will be there…

Coming Down The Chimney Hi Res Photo for blog

Third Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Fourth Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

First Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Second Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

If you want to order any of these, please click here.

Recently we put up a humming bird feeder on the window and look how cute this little guy is…

I’m off to work on a new pattern that I am hoping to use some of Holly Holderman’s Sweet Thing fabric on…her fabric is soooo cute.