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Post Maui

After 10 days on the beautiful island of Maui, we’re back to reality around here. It’s a week of getting ducks in a row for a new school year for Lindsey and Leah, and packing for another year at college for Amanda. I’ve even made the trip to Canton to pick up my sewing machine which was getting serviced while I was away. I’m still missing this view every morning…








and this one from our perfect beach spot…










and this one from sunset each night…









I do miss these greatly but I’m also happy to be home again. After 10 days and 12 hours worth of flights each way, your body has a way of telling you it’s time to return to your normal routines. While I was in Maui I went to the Maui Quilt Shop which I know a few of you have been to also. It’s a wonderful but small store. They pack a lot into their store space.
















I purchased the pattern for this pineapple quilt on my last trip there. I haven’t made it yet but I am collecting fabrics for it here and there.









I can’t show you what I bought this time because I purchased the same thing for my mother and I haven’t given it to her yet!

Since I haven’t sewn anything this week, I’ll show you a few pictures from the trip including these beautiful flowers which were just a sampling of the stunning colors found everywhere on the island.









This photo is from our walk around the Grand Wailea hotel which is just amazing in it’s own right…








These two are from the Maui Tropical Plantation. We took the tram tour and enjoyed walking the property…

















Lastly, Leah took this selfie picture of all of us at the Sheraton Maui where we watched the cliff divers at sunset one night.








I have so many photos, it’s hard to choose which to share but these were some of my favorites.

Next week the kids are back in school and I’ll be back to work. I’m looking forward to finishing up some quilts I’m working on and getting back to my teaching schedule!

Have a great Thursday everybody!


Hawaiian Adventure Part 6 – Inside Maui Quilt Shop

photo (58)

While on the island of Maui, I had a chance to visit Maui Quilt Shop in Kihei. This was my second trip to the shop in 5 years and it was just as beautiful and full of inspiration as I remember. If you’d like to see what I purchased, CLICK HERE for the post on the goodies!

The pictures are pretty much self explanatory. On this first one by their front door, I love these little fabric pineapple ornaments.

photo (65)

Full shop view…as you can see, it’s small but jam packed!

photo (63)

This is the turtle quilt that I bought the kit for to make for Leah.

photo (61)

I wish I could have purchased the kits for all of these….

photo (59)

You can see the pineapple quilt peeking out here. I bought the pattern and some fabric for this.
photo (60)

More pics…

photo (64)

photo (62)

So we are back home now after a long period of being on airplanes and in airports. We left Maui Sunday night at 10:30pm (Hawaii time—6 hour difference between Hawaii and MA). We had about a 6 hour flight to Phoenix which we all kind of slept through (as much as you can sleep on an airplane). The Phoenix flight was around 5.5 hours and we arrived home to MA Monday at 6:30pm. We effectively lost one night’s sleep. This morning I made myself get up at 9am so that I could 1. make coffee 2. get used to MA time 3. go pick up the birds from the pet shop and 4. pick up the Kindle Fire I won through the kid’s orthodontist office! All good reasons to get up. In between it has been laundry, laundry, groceries and laundry.

What have you been up to?


Hawaiian Adv. Part 5- Quilt Shop Goodies

Yesterday I went through the bags of souvenirs sitting in a pile. We’ve been so busy here that I have not had a chance to really look through my quilt store purchases. There are three quilt shops on the island but I will only get to this one, Maui Quilt Shop. I have 4 non quilters in tow and a jam packed schedule so I went with the shop I know and love from the last trip! I will post pics of the inside of the shop in a later post.

I knew going in that I wanted a turtle quilt kit to make for Leah. I found this one and I believe it is reverse appliqué which will be new to me.


I also wanted a new Sashiko project for myself so I picked up this one.


I almost left the store without this beautiful quilt pattern and I’m so glad I didn’t. The quilt was hanging as a sample and the kit was about $150. I really didn’t want to spend that much so I settled on the pattern and choosing a bunch of fat quarters to get me started. It calls for 18 fat qtrs so this is a good start.


There were several beautiful Hawaiian flower patterns for wall hangings. I chose the Bird Of Paradise one and got some border fabric for it.


I wasn’t leaving without a book on the history of Hawaiian quilts!!


And as a thimble collector, this is going home too…


I wish I could fit more in my luggage to bring home! Thankfully, Maui Quilt Shop has an online store as well….

Today is my Lindsey’s 13th birthday!! We are going to celebrate Hawaiian style with a trip to the Maui Ocean Center and a nice dinner out.