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Finishes And A Quilt From The Past

Happy Superbowl Sunday! This has been a good week for finishes over here. I wrapped up the binding on Lindsey’s Love Notes quilt. She was happy to receive it right out of the washer and dryer! This is the quilt I made for her when she was on a school trip to Paris last year. I worked on it each day until she got home. It was my therapy! I also made Amanda one when she went on that same trip 3 years ago.









I also finished up Gail’s pretty quilt on the long arm…










And I also finished a jelly roll race top for a silent auction but the picture won’t load. I’ll try again next post. And I finally put the designer hat back on and submitted a project to Quilter’s World. I really love it and can’t share it here yet…

Greg came home yesterday with this quilt from his parent’s house. It was made in the early 70’s by his great grandmother.









She made one for each great grandchild and I had actually seen Greg’s sister’s quilt last year. I don’t think I looked as closely at it as this one though. The construction method is so neat and I’ve never seen one done like this before. First of all it’s reversible and the same fabric in the blocks on one side is the same fabric on the backside. It’s a double thickness.









The quilt does not have any batting and the blocks are actually whip stitched together!








The prairie points are whip stitched on as well…each one individually…









And there’s even a bunny block!








It’s such an interesting quilt and I am really enjoying having it here to look at and think about. I love to whip stitch so it makes me think this is a great method to construct a quilt by hand. I don’t know a lot about vintage quilts, is this a common method? The quilt is in wonderful shape so I know the stitching holds up.

I live in MA so I bet you know who I’m rooting for today! I’ll have my knitting with me because they don’t win unless I do…superstition is everything on big game days! Enjoy the end of the weekend, everybody.


Summer Pattern Sale!

Three of my favorite summer patterns will be half price on Craftsy all summer long! You can find these three patterns for $5.25 each HERE.

Nautical Table Runner QCP-304

Seaglass QCP-109

Third Seasonal Trio QCP-103

So come and get your summer patterns while the weather is hot and the sewing room is hopefully cool!

This week I’m still plugging along on quilting the love notes quilt for Lindsey. I am enjoying ruler work for the lines on the ¬†inner border and the center block flower motif. The outer border is getting a stipple treatment. The corners of the love notes are getting a free motion back and forth squiggle. How’s that for a technical term?















I have this much left to do…








This is taking time but as I mentioned, I’m ok with that because I like the results. The rulers are fun to work with and I’m discovering more things I can do with the ones I own. It’s also the first time I’m floating a quilt top which simply means the top is not attached to a roller. I’m using the painter’s tape that you see in the photo as a guide on each end of the pole. I know my quilt top must line up with the tape or it will be quilted crooked. It’s good to keep learning and using easier ways to quilt.

Have a super weekend, everybody!


Projects And An Assistant

It’s been a good week of learning new things. I bought a new applique book by Jeanne Sullivan.







It has a lot of information in it and many beautiful patterns. I’m struggling to find the method of applique I like the best. I can tell this is going to take some time to get right but I feel like I’m on a good path. Next week on the blog I’ll talk more about the methods I’ve been trying.

At Leah’s dance recital I had time backstage during the first of two shows to work on a project. I brought this ice cream applique with me and I was able to finish it. The pieces were glued down so all I had to do was stitch them to the background.








When my mother saw it, she really liked it and we decided it should be hers to finish as a pillow for a gift. This is the pattern I had drafted in EQ7 and she’ll finish it with this cute border.









From the book above, I’ve decided to go with this project…IMG_4989








It’s the simplest one in the book which works for me! LOL!!! So far I’ve made the heart…IMG_4990








I made definite progress on Lindsey’s Love Notes quilt. The borders are on and the quilt is on the long arm!









The process of marking it…IMG_4988







And today I began quilting it. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this! It’s THAT much!! I love texture and this is so exciting to me.









The best part of the week was when I decided to hire an assistant to help out with errands, cleaning, and social media for my two businesses. I hired the most adorable college girl named Amanda…does she look familiar? IMG_5014







Amanda (my daughter) is in need of a summer job and I’m in need of a reliable helper. We made a great team this week and I feel less stressed as does she. Finding a summer job when you’re not around for a good chunk of August is a little tough. This is a great arrangement for both of us and now I think I’m not going to want her to go back to UNH at all! LOL!!! I’m getting so much done and my house is clean for students and social media posts are scheduled…ahhhhh. Feels so good.

Enjoy the weekend everybody!

For long arm quilting service information, please visit my website www.quiltcabanapatterns.com

For Creative Memories scrapbooking supplies, please visit my website https://www.creativememories.com/user/sandic


Love Notes and Applique Wannabe

I find myself obsessing lately about applique methods. I haven’t done much traditional applique as I’ve been a huge fan of fusible applique since I began quilting in 2004. Thanks to quilt stars like Karen Kay Buckley and Jill Finley, I am now obsessed with learning how to do it correctly and efficiently. I purchased some supplies, of course. I bought freezer paper, a tailor’s awl, Roxanne’s Baste It Glue, thimble dots, and starch.









I decided to follow Jill Finley’s applique method with stacking four pieces of freezer paper together to make the pattern templates. That seemed to work out ok except that I got the templates too wet with starch when I was brushing the starch on the seam allowance. I dried it out with the iron but I think the templates still bent a bit. I thought it would be good to have an applique project with me tomorrow at Leah’s dance recital. I’ll be backstage for hours and having a hand project sounded good. The other 28,000 hand projects I have started ¬†would also have been good. None the less, I made an ice cream cone pattern on EQ7 and prepared the pieces for applique.









I wish I had made the pieces larger but this will have to do.









All the pieces are glue basted to the background and ready for stitching.

This week I got the white borders on Lindsey’s Love Notes quilt. Today I got one outer border on as well.









Next week I’m going to be marking this for the long arm. I just purchased a six pack of blue washout pens. I’ll be ready to mark it up in Judi Madsen fashion and do some custom quilting in all that negative space.

But tomorrow is Leah’s dance recital and that is what I’ll be focused on. I had posted lots of pictures from dress rehearsal on Instagram and Facebook but here are my favorites. This is the debut of Leah’s pointe class on stage. They are dancing to Phantom Of The Opera and it’s really amazing.










What are you all working on this week? I’d love to hear about it. I’ll be posting a podcast episode hopefully the week after next so stay tuned for that. Feel free to ask me questions and I’ll answer them on the podcast.



NYC and a Long Arm Finish

It’s been a few days since I blogged but I have a good excuse. Leah and I took a trip to NYC with her dance studio. We had a fabulous time traveling with friends and seeing the sights. This is the second time we’ve done a weekend in NYC with this group and we all travel really well together! We arrived in Times Square on Friday afternoon and we shopped a bit, had dinner at Guy Fieri’s restaurant, and then we saw Get On Your Feet which is the broadway show of Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s story. It was amazing! It was at the Marquis Theatre which is just beautiful.









Saturday the girls attended a workshop with a cast member from Get On Your Feet then we shopped til we dropped. We had dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Cafe and then we pretty much fell asleep. While we were walking around we came upon the ballerina balloon that is currently displayed at Rockefeller Center. We knew it was there, we just didn’t know it was so huge and amazing.









Sunday morning the girls had another workshop at the same dance studio. We picked them up and headed to the 9-11 Memorial before heading home. It was a strange experience being there with so many kids who weren’t even born when that tragedy occurred. I think they all appreciated seeing it. I was in awe of this national quilt that was hanging on display. Every victim has a block. It’s very large and evokes all kind of emotions when you see it.














We got home late Sunday night but it was worth it! It was a great weekend.

Last week before I left, I finished the quilting on the Hawaiian flower quilt. I used a hibiscus pantograph and I love how it came out. So now it needs binding.













Yesterday I spent time getting these Love Notes blocks sewn into rows. If I have time today, I’ll stitch rows together. This one is for Lindsey.








For Mother’s Day, I ordered Judi Madsen’s new dvd on background quilting for applique quilts. She has so much information in her dvd’s. I just love them. I’m a little more than half way through as it’s pretty long – 158 minutes. Hoping to catch the rest of it tomorrow morning.









That’s about it for today. What are you all working on?


So much stuff….

I didn’t realize how many days had passed since my last blog post. I thought about posting several times over the last few weeks but each time I got overwhelmed by how many pictures I had so I bagged it. It has been a fun and busy few weeks here with the junior prom and Lindsey’s trip to Paris. She’s due home tonight and I can’t wait to see her! I’ll just jump in with what I’ve been working on. First off, I’m thrilled to say that my long arm frame was extended from 8 feet to ten feet on Wednesday. We didn’t have space initially to set it up to the full extent but after some furniture maneuvering, it does fit! I am so happy that I can now quilt a queen size on the frame. I’ll be updating my website this month with information on my long arm and the designs I offer.

I’ve been working on the small color theory quilts again and this time I worked in a monochromatic blue scheme. I wanted to continue my study of color and creating improv quilts by piecing gentle curves without pinning! GASP! I know, right? Unbelievably, I found it very easy and relaxing. The curves came together nicely even though I could have sworn they weren’t going to! Convex and concave can be con-tricky!!!


















Here is the final piece which I’ll mark for quilting next and then put on the long arm for ruler work practice. I love that by working on these small pieces, I learn color theory, improv piecing and ruler work! It’s the perfect hat trick!









This week’s fun news is that my bunny block made the inside cover of 100 Blocks this time around!









I will be hosting a stop on their blog tour on May 2nd! Here is the awesome thank you gift I received for being part of their magazine! I love it!









While Lindsey’s been in France, I began working on her Love Notes quilt. I made the same quilt for Amanda when she went to France two years ago. Back then Lindsey asked if I would make one for her when it was her turn to go on the trip! I ordered the fabric two years ago and now I’m making it!









I have the half square triangles done and in piles for 42 blocks. This afternoon I pieced the first two blocks. I love making these cute little love notes!

















For Easter I decided to surprise my mom with a bouquet she could really get into…who doesn’t love a flower pot filled with fat quarters!









This week I also treated myself to new fine and extra fin pins! What a difference these make!









And lastly here’s a little peek at my Lindsey and her prom date, Alex. They had a great time!

Have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be back next week with more to share!


A Finish!

I had a finish over the weekend!!! Yippeee!! Drum roll please….Amanda’s Love Notes quilt is complete!









A close up…









I started this quilt last April while Amanda was on a school trip to Paris. I knew I’d be anxious every day that she was abroad and I wanted something sweet and fun to work on while she was in France. I used the Love Notes pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company and Kiss Kiss fabric by Moda. I loved that it had adorable Eiffel Towers printed all over it. So sweet. I managed to make the quilt top while she was away but didn’t get to the actual quilting until this year. On Sunday I stayed in my jammies until it was done!

My next project for Amanda is this cute and quirky chicken wall hanging. My girl loves her chickens!









I’m thinking April vacation will be a good time to start this one. I’m back to work on Seaglass this week.

We had a rainy day at UNH on Saturday for Accepted Students Day but that didn’t stop us from having a good time! It’s considered good luck to rub the wildcat’s nose but Amanda would not do it on previous trips for fear of jinxing herself from being admitted.








So finally now that she is accepted and is going to attend UNH, she rubbed the wildcat’s nose.








Don’t you just love a happy ending? LOL!!

Have a fun and quilty day!


A Canal, A Campus, A Bridge & A Binding!

Happy Wednesday!

Another full and busy summer week has vanished into thin air! Thursday Lindsey, Leah and I had a picnic by the Cape Cod Canal. We walked along the canal up to the Sagamore Bridge. I took some photos but they are a bit dark as it was a cloudy day. It was also very hot near our house but much cooler along the water.




There were hardly any boats out that afternoon so we’ll have to go back again!

Friday was Greg’s birthday and we had a great night by the pool, Sunday we had a cook out with some of our favorite people and Monday we hit the road at 7am for a college visit at UMASS Amherst which happens to be my alma mater! UMASS by the numbers is a large university with over 20,000 undergrads and 6,000 grad students. It’s daunting but if you can get past the size, the realization of how much this school has to offer comes to light. I asked Amanda early in the tour what she thought and she replied, “I’m terrified”. At the end of the day, I asked again and she said she liked it. It’s a beautiful place but it shall remain #2 on her list as she really loves UNH as her first choice. So, we are working on the college essay, the applications and getting her test scores sent out for early action at her top 3 schools. It’s a lot to deal with but we’ll muddle through. Here is a picture of the UMASS campus from our tour day.


That huge brick building is the library! That’s a lot of books!! LOL!

Last night I snuck in a few minutes in the sewing room and made the binding strips for the Love Notes quilt. I have to baste it and quilt it next.


I also ordered 6 more yards of the aqua Paris yardage to put away for when I make Lindsey’s Paris quilt in 2 years!

Now I’m on to packing because I will soon be sitting at the beach on Kauaii!!!! I can’t wait. I’m hoping to get some pics from the trip on the blog while there but it might not happen. So if you don’t hear from me for a week or so, you’ll know where I am!



Top Done & Cross Stitch

Another busy week around here. Last Wednesday we made the trip to University of New Hampshire for a campus tour. Friday was mine and Greg’s 21st wedding anniversary and Saturday we went to a tour of Simpson Spring which is the oldest bottling plant in the US. We toured the small facility and tasted yummy sodas. Brought a few home too!

I got the borders put on Amanda’s Love Notes quilt this morning! I couldn’t blog until that was done so I’d have something quilty to show you all…


I am loving the aqua borders. The quilt measures about 50″ x 60″. I have a few yards left of the aqua but possibly not enough to back and bind it. I really want the aqua for the binding so I’ll cut all those strips first and then fudge the back with some other fabric in addition to whatever is left of aqua.

I went to Joann’s on Saturday and got hooked into the cross stitch section. Like I need another hand project!!! I didn’t see anything I loved and of course knew in my mind I had several at home…both ones that are started and some in the packaging. These are two I picked up years ago in Lancaster County because that’s what you do in Landcaster County, right?


This one I picked up in Disney World and gave myself 15 years to complete, at least 8 or so have gone by. It should look like this…


This is all I have completed…lol!!!!


Now I’m going to blame it on the floss. Disney is sparkly and magical and the instructions want you to use whatever color floss called for plus a piece of metallic floss for dazzle. Well, do you have any idea what a pain in the behind metallic floss is to work with? Just saying….Of course I found this cross stitch in the first quilted tote bag I ever made…


Ok, so moving on. The last one I have in progress is this really cute Christmas one. I pulled it out, reread the instructions and began working on it again this week. I have to tell you though, the little bitty squares on the aida cloth have gotten significantly smaller in the last 10 years. Wow, is that hard to see.


That’s about it for the week. We are back to doctors and dentists and orthos and oral surgeons this week. No fun. Next week we head to UMASS Amherst for a college tour. That is my alma mater so I’m looking forward to returning to it. Amanda’s heart is set on UNH now and I can see that but we must visit a few more!

Have a good week and be well.


Update For The Week

It has been a very busy week around here. Leah turned 13 on Friday!! That makes teen daughter #3! When I think back to when the girls were really little, I couldn’t really imagine what life would be like when they were teens. Now it’s here and I can hardly believe it. Life is fun and there’s never a dull moment, that is for sure.

Saturday we hosted a family reunion which was very fun. Yesterday I finished typing up the Quilter’s World project and this morning I shipped it! Now I’m tying up loose ends and getting phone calls and emails out of the way.

On Sunday I treated myself to a morning of sewing for pleasure and I finished piecing the love notes quilt.


This one is for Amanda and it served as my ‘therapy’ quilt while she was away in Paris in April. I got the rows all joined but it needs some major borders to get to an acceptable size. I will do an inner border of 3″ in Kona white and then a larger 8″ border in the aqua Paris Kiss Kiss fabric. Amanda chose the aqua over the pink and I think it will be pretty. I ordered the yardage from Fat Quarter Shop this morning. I ordered enough for borders, binding and backing.


The white Kona I’ll have to get at Joann’s because I couldn’t match up the whites on Fat Quarter Shop. I originally got the white at Jo’s so I’ll go back this week.

My next work projects will be a few more mug rug patterns for Craftsy and some magazine designing for upcoming submission deadlines.
What are you all working on?