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Friday Post & Flash Sale

Happy Happy Friday!!!!!!!

It’s snowing here and it’s very cold seeing as we woke up to cold air coming out of our heat vents! I’m pretty sure I didn’t set the heat to 62 degrees when I went to bed last night. Hoping the repairman gets here in a hurry this morning. It looks like this which isn’t bad but makes me feel even colder.

photo (26)

This week I’m still working on Frozen Makeup Bags for the craft fair in December.

photo (25)

I’m running in to a little snafu as stores seem to be sold out of this Frozen fabric. My intention was to bring 12 to the fair with me to sell alongside my patterns but I’ve already sold a few and I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to get more fabric. Tomorrow I’m heading to the Fabric Place Basement to visit the Boston Modern Quilt Guild for the first time so I’ll check there for it. I ordered some online at Joann’s and got notification that the order was canceled because they didn’t have it. I’m also awaiting an order of zippers…so a bit of a standstill at the moment.

I am happy to say that I’ll be delivering 10 more Comfort Bears to the police station as they get ready to head into the holiday season.
It makes me happy to know that they have something comforting to offer any child under duress.

photo 2 (1)

While I was pricing items for the craft fair yesterday, I flipped through Little Quilts For Big Occasions and started thinking about how fun it was to design these projects and what a great book it would be for kids as well as adults. The designs are holiday themed and timeless so I decided to put the book on a flash sale this weekend for 20% off in the Quilt Cabana Patterns Shop . You can purchase it for $7.95 Here are some great photos of the projects that I borrowed from the Leisure Arts website. I’m going pull out my Thanksgiving one and hang that up today. These are all about the same size so once you choose a spot in the house to hang them, you can just switch them out holiday to holiday.









I know many of you own this book already and if you do, pull it out and make one these wall hangings today…there’s plenty of time before Thanksgiving and Christmas to get those ones done!



A Late Throwback & Thanksgiving

I’m late in getting my Throwback post up for the week. This wall hanging is one of my very first attempts at a landscape/art quilt. It’s a quilt of my grandmother’s home on the Cape. I’m not sure what year I made this…sometime probably between 2005-2010?

photo (23)

My grandmother, Leahbelle, had this beautiful house in West Yarmouth which the whole family would visit during the summers as often as we could. It was a short walk to the beach and she had lovely gardens, shuffle board, blueberry bushes and lots of card games and crafts going on. The house is bigger than it looks in this photo as you can’t see the bay windows on the right side of the house which was her kitchen. The second floor of the house alone had two large bedrooms with a total of 6 twin beds and 1 full bed plus a bathroom. A nautical theme was carried through each room. I have so many good memories of time spent there with my family and extended family. When I close my eyes, I can see every detail of Grammy Lee’s house right down to the Tupperware of Ranger Cookies that were always waiting on top of the freezer chest in the kitchen. Grammy Lee and her husband, Ted, were avid crafters. Everything from sewing, home decor, hooked rugs, crochet, toy making, woodworking, painting, you name it…they created it. I wish I could have been more interested in what they were doing back then as I would be now. I think we could have endless conversations about crafting. I was more interested back then in the beach and any cute boy riding a bicycle through the neighborhood!! LOL!

I created this quilt as a reminder of how much the house meant to all of us. The quilt is fused and the actual house is a photograph printed on fabric paper. I added in the trees, flowers and bird house. I think if I made this quilt today, I’d have looked for another way to make those trees! I’m fairly sure I’d throw some textile paint on there as well.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the Quilter’s Gathering in NH. It’s a fairly large quilt show and I’m very excited to walk around and see the quilts and how vendors are displaying quilt samples. I’m 99% sure I’ll be vending the craft fair in town on Dec. 6th and as this will be my first time vending, I need some ideas on making the most of my 10’x10′ space.

The 10% off sale on Christmas patterns in my store is still happening through midnight on Sunday. Go check it out and see if you find something you like! I have some notions to go along with the patterns as well. Here’s a few Thanksgiving quilts that are also available. This first one, Bountiful, is from the Fourth Seasonal Trio Pattern and the second one is from my book, Little Quilts For Big Occasions.

Bountiful from Fourth Seasonal Trio…


Fourth Seasonal Trio quilts included in the pattern…

Fourth Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Thanksgiving quilt from Little Quilts For Big Occasions…

Thanksgiving 1

fall project little quilts front

Have a wonderful weekend!


Fall Pattern Round Up!

Fall into fall with adorable quilt patterns from Quilt Cabana! It’s never too late for easily pieced and fused wall hangings!

They make great gifts and will help you step into autumn with style.

Fall - Copy

Trick or Treat

Both of these mini quilts are from the Third Seasonal Trio pattern series that you can find on Craftsy or through QuiltWoman.


This cute mini quilt is part of the Fourth Seasonal Trio available on Craftsy or through QuiltWoman


Happy Haunting is available on Craftsy.

fall projects three jacks

Three Jacks is available on Craftsy and Etsy.


Boo-tacular is available through McCalls magazine for free as a free web bonus.

fall project little quilts front

fall projects little quilts back

And my book, Little Quilts For Big Occasions, has lots of patterns for year round enjoyment!
You can purchase it on Amazon or through Etsy.

Which project will you choose?

If you live locally to me and would like to learn how to make any of these projects in a private quilting lesson, please contact me through the blog or at sewsandi8@yahoo.com

Happy Fall Crafting!


Fun Summer Projects!

If you are in the market to make a new summer table runner, wall hanging or mini quilt, check out the following patterns:

Nautical Table Runner –

Nautical Runner downlaod pic cropped

Click Here For More Information for Nautical Table Runner

Third Seasonal Trio (this pattern includes patterns for all 3 mini quilts)

Third Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Click Here For More Information on Third Seasonal Trio

It’s American –

pattern cover photo

Click Here For More Information on It’s American

Happy Cupcakes –

Happy Cupcakes Hi-Res Photo blog

Click Here For More Information on Happy Cupcakes

Leahbelle’s Garden –

leahbelles garden

Click Here For More Information on Leahbelle’s Garden

and Little Quilts For Big Occasions has plenty of small wall hangings to keep you busy year round!

little quilts

little quilts back

Click Here For More Information on Little Quilts For Big Occasions

Also available on Amazon. Click Here for Amazon link.

And I just noticed this is also available in Kindle format!

Happy Quilting!!


Fall/Winter Projects

Quilt Cabana Patterns has quite a few fall and winter patterns that are fast and easy! If you’re looking for a nice weekend project, check these out!

Let’s start with a free one…Bootacular is available free right now through McCall’s. Click Here.




Three Jacks and Happy Haunting are available through Craftsy. Click Here.

fall projects three jacks






Winter Joy and Holly Table Runner are also available through the above Craftsy link.


fall projects winter joy





Coming Down The Chimney is available through QuiltWoman. Click Here.

Coming Down The Chimney Hi Res Photo for blog




The Seasonal Trio’s are also available through the above QuiltWoman link.

Fourth Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW




First Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW



Third Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW




This one is more spring-y though…

Second Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW



The Gingerbread Table Runner is available in the Etsy store. Click Here.

fall projects gingerbread house





Little Quilts For Big Occasions has several winter projects. The book is available on Amazon and the Etsy store.


fall project little quilts front

fall projects little quilts back



Whew! I think that is it for now….
Happy Quilting!!


Welcome To The 100 Blocks Blog Tour!!



I am so thrilled to be part of the QuiltMaker’s 100 Block Blog Tour once again! I was doubly thrilled when I saw the magazine and realized that my Home Tweet Home block was among the blocks chosen to be on the cover! I’m happy you’re here and let’s get started…oh and don’t forget at the end of the post you can comment for a chance to win a copy of 100 Blocks Volume 7 (I have two to give away) and one lucky winner will win a signed copy of my book, Little Quilts For Big Occasions.

My block is #628 in the magazine.

I thought you might like to see how I came up with the block design and also see the wall hanging I designed in a different color scheme to go along with it.

Here is the highly technical sketch of my design!
blog 7 tour 1

I use a sketch book and colored pencils to get an idea of what I want the block to look like and which colors I think will go nicely with it. I don’t always stick to the original sketch though. The project usually grows from that original to something similar but not exact. In this case, it was pretty close.

I took the sketch to my fabric stash and chose these pieces to create the block.
blog 7 tour 3

The next step was to create the templates that would be used in the design.
blog 7 tour 4

I am huge fan of fusible applique and I use it in almost all of my quilts. Here the design is being built. Once I have all the pieces, I head to the ironing board to fuse them down and then start stitching around the appliques with a blanket stitch.
blog 7 tour 5

blog 7 tour 6

I added some buttons as embellishments and here is the final block and a closer view of the details.
blog 7 tour 7

blog 7 tour 8

Our family has two parakeets so I was happy to work on a block that featured sweet little birdies.

When I thought about making a wall hanging using the block, I went right back to my sketch book…
blog 7 tour 2

I knew I wanted to try the block with muted colors just to see how it would come out! Turns out, I absolutely love it! This quilt can be seen in the Designer’s Gallery section of the magazine.
blog 7 tour 9

And here’s a closer look at the detail.
blog 7 tour 10

I hope you have enjoyed this stop on the blog tour and I encourage you to visit all of the designers on the tour this week! There are chances to win at each stop and a grand prize at the end of the week. Click here to visit the QuiltMaker blog to see a list of all the participating blogs and a chance to win the grand prize.
Leave your comment below for a chance to win!



Let’s hear it for Friday!!!

Whoo hoo!!!!!! It’s Friday again. It’s been a busy week but a great week for sure. We’ve had lots of homework and activities to deal with but I still managed to get a bit of quilty work in over the last few days. I really have a hankering to do some personal quilting and sewing but it might not happen for awhile yet. I need a Twitter Sew In…I think there might be a Columbus Day one coming up but I have promised my daughter, Leah, that we would have a craft day spent with polymer clay. So I’ll switch to polymer clay hat and see if I can come up with something cute for the Etsy store. Perhaps buttons or an ornament.

This week I picked up my new glasses! I have had the same ones for sooooo long and I really wanted a second pair so that I could have one pair upstairs on my night table for watching tv and the other pair downstairs for driving and everything else I need them for.
Here they are…

My oldest daughter, Amanda, has informed me with my new specs that I am “hipster”…still not sure what that means and if that’s even a good thing! LOL!

I wanted to share with you that I saw Green Fairy Quilts is having a huge sale this weekend on Moda Jelly Rolls! I am headed to her site after typing this to pick up a Christmas jelly roll for a race quilt. All jelly rolls are $26.95. That’s a really great price for Moda jelly rolls. Here is the link…
Green Fairy Quilts
I’m sure the jelly roll race quilt that I’m planning to make won’t happen until next year…but that’s ok…I’ll pet the jelly roll until then!

I’m also on the lookout for an easy vest pattern that I can make with the jelly roll I purchased at Keepsake in June. I want an EASY pattern. This was brought on by a beautiful vest my mother and I saw a woman wearing at the Kaffe Fasset event. It was purple, green and brown and so pretty. Now I have a vest on the mind!

Now for some reminders….if you haven’t answered the $300 podcast research question, you have until probably Tuesday to do so to be included in the next podcast. The question is what would you spend $300 on at your favorite quilt shop?

The 100 Blocks Blog tour for Volume 6 which I am in, is coming up in November. I will have a copy of the magazine to give away to a lucky reader. There will also be a grand prize at the end of the blog tour which includes a copy of my book, Little Quilts for Big Occasions. So stay tuned on that!

This weekend we are headed to RI again to visit friends and attend something called Water Fire that is done in Providence. I believe it is a bonfire on the water with music type thing…more on that after I attend and take some pictures!

I think that’s it for today. What are you working on over the weekend?


Comin’ Down The Chimney in McCall’s Quilting!

I am super excited to share with you my new pattern in McCall’s Quilting November/December issue!!!!

It’s called Comin’ Down The Chimney and here it is!!!

If you are looking for this issue at the store, here is the cover…

You can also see it on their website at the following link…

I hope you’ll give this pattern a try. It’s easily pieced and features fusible applique just like all my patterns.
If you want to see more of my patterns, check out my Etsy store and Craftsy store…and my book, Little Quilts for Big Occasions. Now is the perfect time to order the book for holiday gift giving. It has seven easy, fun wall hangings!

I didn’t forget about the podcast question! Here it is…
If you had $300 to spend in your favorite quilt shop (brick and mortar or online), what would you spend it on? I chose $300 because it is a really decent sum of money and you could buy something fancy like an Accuquilt Go!, a whole bunch of fabric, books, notions, some other cool tool…which item or items would strike your fancy? Reader results in next podcast!



Happy Haunting Pattern and Getting Ready for Fall

I have a new pattern listed on Craftsy just in time for the fall! It is my Happy Haunting wall hanging and features easy piecing and fusible applique…the techniques I love the most!

If you’d like to purchase a digital download of this pattern for $8.00 on Craftsy, here is the link:

Yesterday I finished and shipped a project that is going to be in the April issue of Quilter’s World. I’m so excited about it but also feeling free and ready to start the next project on the list. This weekend I’m hoping to work on 2 backpacks during the Twitter Labor Day Sew In which you can follow along with at this hashtag, #LDSI. Hope to see you there!

I’m spending time updating the calendar today. The kids started school last week and now all the activities are happening too. The calendar is jam packed full of commitments and the various lessons the kids take. It’s overwhelming to look at but I’m thankful that we have the means to participate and the desire to participate and that each activity is done with friends and at places we enjoy going to. We are blessed.

The fall for me will be spent on working on a new major project…can’t say much else about that right now. When I’m not busy with that I’ll be working on some personal sewing projects that I’m dying to complete! I also want to get back to dyeing some fabrics and recording podcasts. I’m not sure about continuing the videocast as it seems more people listen to the podcast than watch the vidcast. We’ll see how it goes and how much time I have to do it.

I hope you’ll check out the Happy Haunting project and also Little Quilts for Big Occasions as there are many cute holiday projects in the book.

All for today…have a super weekend and don’t forget about the Twitter sew in!


Episode 9 of videocast is up!

I just got the videocast uploaded for the 9th episode of Quilt Cabana Corner. In today’s episode I have two books to show you – Jelly Roll Quilts by Kathy Brown and also my own book, Little Quilts for Big Occasions. I also have some video clips from the Keepsake weekend and Joey’s Diner and Pizzeria. We also take a look at the apple core quilt progress…grab your coffee and join me!