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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Fun?

Nope! I don’t think so, especially when it comes to quilting! Last Saturday I met up with my mom and her quilty friends at a local quilt show. We had a great time going through the show and then out to lunch afterwards. Though the show was small, there were some real works of art in there! I’m sure we aren’t supposed to post photos we took but I have to share this one. I couldn’t get over the piecing in this! I am a huge sucker for quilts with little towns depicted in them. I mean really…the love I have for this…









My students are producing awesome work as well! I have Nancy’s quilt all loaded on the long arm and ready to be stitched. The colors in this quilt are so eye catching.









Gail is about to embark on this beauty!









Carol is working on this fun quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co. She is learning accurate piecing skills as we go along. The fabrics used in this quilt are so bright and cheery!









Along with the colors that are shown in the photo, there are darling pinks, purples, yellows, and greens.









I’m still working away on this portrait quilt. I love the process more and more each day that I spend on it. I’m trying hard to take my own advice about using value to its full advantage. It’s paying off with this one. I see the depth that value creates in fabric collage and it amazes me that a concept I once thought very little about, is making this quilt more than I hoped it would be. Lessons I’ve learned from reading and watching Susan Carlson and Leni Weiner are playing non stop in the back of my head as I piece this together.









The rest of the week and weekend I’ll be busy hosting Easter and having my family here. I’m excited to spend time with everyone and enjoy every minute of a full house. The bunnies are happy to see that spring might just have arrived! Here they are in their little log cabins enjoying a warmer day with the garage doors open and some fresh air.








Have a happy Easter everybody! I’m planning on another video cast for next week. I hope you’ll join me over on the Quilt Cabana Corner With Sandi Colwell youTube channel. I’ll post it here too.