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Fun Summer Projects!

If you are in the market to make a new summer table runner, wall hanging or mini quilt, check out the following patterns:

Nautical Table Runner –

Nautical Runner downlaod pic cropped

Click Here For More Information for Nautical Table Runner

Third Seasonal Trio (this pattern includes patterns for all 3 mini quilts)

Third Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Click Here For More Information on Third Seasonal Trio

It’s American –

pattern cover photo

Click Here For More Information on It’s American

Happy Cupcakes –

Happy Cupcakes Hi-Res Photo blog

Click Here For More Information on Happy Cupcakes

Leahbelle’s Garden –

leahbelles garden

Click Here For More Information on Leahbelle’s Garden

and Little Quilts For Big Occasions has plenty of small wall hangings to keep you busy year round!

little quilts

little quilts back

Click Here For More Information on Little Quilts For Big Occasions

Also available on Amazon. Click Here for Amazon link.

And I just noticed this is also available in Kindle format!

Happy Quilting!!


A Word About My Word

Catchy post title, right? More on that later in the post!

So it has taken me about a week to recover from last week which sounds insane but seems to be true. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and few days afterwards. It was filled with shopping and decorating and hanging out and it left me really pooped. I didn’t blog too much. I was keeping up with Twitter but really didn’t tweet much either. I’m feeling back in the game today so yay for that! I’m sure the fact that I’ve actually been on the treadmill four times this week might be helping in finding my mojo again.

In terms of the treadmill and thanks to my mom’s suggestion, I’ve found a way to tolerate getting on it…

Yup, that’s right, I put my Ipad right on that sucker with earphones and the Quilt Show! I am catching up on all the episodes I was lagging on and I’m learning while I’m walking!! It seems to make sense. The episodes are basically broken down into 10- 15 minute segments and I can get in two segments per walking session. I also watched some Missouri Star Youtube videos on there as well.

I received this picture of the Leahbelle’s Garden wallhanging that my mother made for my aunt. It is covering my aunt’s air conditioner. The air conditioner is right in the middle of her dining room wall and this was the perfect way to cover it.

You can find this pattern in my Etsy shop by clicking on “Leahbelle’s Garden” in the previous paragraph.

Earlier this week, I made my grandmother’s gingerbread. I call it gingerbread cake just to distinguish it from the cookie variety! It was sooooo delicious, I could barely stand it. Amanda and Lindsey are helping me devour the entire pan this week. It is delicious with cool whip and also heated up slightly and topped with vanilla ice cream. I will work on posting the recipe under the “Recipe” section of the blog. It’s made with coffee and I used a good, strong one and it is to die for!

Here is the best picture of the entire Thanksgiving weekend to me. How beautiful is my mother trying out the featherweight?

Love her. Love that she loves quilting as much as I do. Hope I look as lovely as she does when I’m 70.

Ok, on to the word about my word. For the last several years, I have chosen a word for the upcoming year a la Debbie Macomber style. Debbie is the author of the Cedar Cove books and so many more wonderful stories. She is famous for Mrs. Miracle and a lot of the nice, Hallmark movies. She chooses a word to try to live up to for the upcoming year. Words I have picked in the past have included, “Flourish”, “Trust” and “Guilt Free”. You get the point, a word that will motivate you or a word that you can focus on throughout the year.

In addition to having a word, I’ve also had many New Year’s lists of things I want to accomplish throughout the year. I list out projects I’d like to complete or start, charity quilts I’d like to make, committees I’d like to join, etc. So here’s the big news, this year…I’m not doing any of it! I’m not picking a word and I’m not making a list. That’s right. I’m setting myself FREE. I’m going to let go of hanging a list and a word over my head for the year. Crazy? Unorganized? Maybe. Maybe not. I have read and seen many of us struggle this year with not feeling worthy because we didn’t accomplish all of our quilting goals. Some of us were nearly despondent over it. I’ve read it in your blogs, I’ve seen it in your tweets, I’ve felt it myself.

Quilting brings us joy in lots of ways. For some of us, it’s not only a hobby but also a job. A job we love. A job we are passionate about it. Why are we making it so hard and stressful? Why is it a competition to see how many finishes we can post? Does it really make any of us feel better? I doubt it. I’m taking it back a step, dialing it down. I do have a family to care for and they are first on my list. I have other things I need to do on a daily basis. I love to quilt but I’m just not going to make a federal case out of not living up to crazy goals I set for myself in January. Or a word that I picked out when I felt like everyone else was choosing and I should too. Nope. Not gonna do it. I applaud those of you who will do it and I hope that you meet each and every goal you set. I hope you live by your word. I truly do. I also hope you don’t stress yourself out or lose your love of quilting trying to do it. I will be working diligently as I always have but I won’t be worried about the results as I usually do.

So that’s my word about my word. Now I’m off to quilt!
Have a super day.


Advent Calendars

all crafts 34 Best Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorials {diy}


I was looking around on the internet this morning for some cute Advent calendar ideas and I came upon this incredible website for all things crafty.  Try this link for the calendars if you are looking for something new and inspiring!


The winner of the Leahbelle’s Garden pattern is….Leah!!!  I have your address from the last giveaway and will send the pattern out to you!  Thanks for leaving a comment!

Have a super happy Thursday!



Leahbelle’s Garden Pattern Available & Give-Away

Leahbelle’s Garden is a cheery quilt that can be used as a wall hanging or a table topper!  It is made with easy piecing and fusible applique.  It measures 27″ x 27″ and was featured in the June/July issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts.  This pattern can be made with spring or fall colors as seen below.

Pattern available directly through me or my Etsy shop.  One lucky winner who leaves me a comment will receive this pattern as a give-away.  Winner will be picked one week from today (November 16th)!



Happy Quilting!



Feeling Fall-ish

I have a few more weeks of summer left but today I woke up with that energized feeling that usually comes in fall and on New Year’s Day.  Suddenly I want to finish up my summer projects and get going on a new year for Quilt Cabana Patterns.  My company calendar runs Sept. to Sept. (in my mind) because I started QCP in the month of September.  I have a lot of “irons in the fire” at the moment and each one brings a new challenge and chance to bring you all something new.

First of all, my quilt, “Boo-tacular”, will be featured in the Oct./Nov. issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts.  The lovely staff over there sent me a wonderful picture of the quilt in the magazine to be used on my blog/website but I don’t believe I can post that until the magazine is on the newstand in the next few weeks.  Once I see it’s out there for sale, I’ll post the picture.  I can’t wait to share it with all of you!!

Soon I’ll be getting my “Leahbelle’s Garden” quilt pattern ready for sale.  This quilt was featured in McCall’s Quick Quilts in July.  This quilt is a tribute to my grandmother’s garden.  This grandmother would be Leahbelle, not Daisy, who I mentioned in my previous post on “Why We Quilt”.  Leahbelle was also an avid seamstress and all around crafter as well as a gardener.  I’m lucky to be blessed with such creative roots.

I can’t wait to record the next episode of Quilt Cabana Corner which will come out in September.  I have lots of ideas for that podcast as well as the popular Magazine Round-Up!

I’ll be taking my yearly trip to Keepsake Quilting the week after next.  Pictures will be  posted!

Little Quilt For Big Occasions continues to do well and I hope you all have ordered your copy either from me or the other retailers I’ve listed in recent posts.  You can still get a copy and if you live in MA, you can have it signed personally by me at Pieceful Quilters in Middleboro, MA on Sept. 10th from 1-3pm.

Also in the works is something of a personal challenge I’ve been working on for the last month.  This will take some time to complete and all I can tell you is that it will involve your ebook reader and quilting….

Do you feel Fall-ish yet?  What’s on your to do list for the cooler months that you  have been putting off all summer long?

Have a super day!