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Finishes And A Quilt From The Past

Happy Superbowl Sunday! This has been a good week for finishes over here. I wrapped up the binding on Lindsey’s Love Notes quilt. She was happy to receive it right out of the washer and dryer! This is the quilt I made for her when she was on a school trip to Paris last year. I worked on it each day until she got home. It was my therapy! I also made Amanda one when she went on that same trip 3 years ago.









I also finished up Gail’s pretty quilt on the long arm…










And I also finished a jelly roll race top for a silent auction but the picture won’t load. I’ll try again next post. And I finally put the designer hat back on and submitted a project to Quilter’s World. I really love it and can’t share it here yet…

Greg came home yesterday with this quilt from his parent’s house. It was made in the early 70’s by his great grandmother.









She made one for each great grandchild and I had actually seen Greg’s sister’s quilt last year. I don’t think I looked as closely at it as this one though. The construction method is so neat and I’ve never seen one done like this before. First of all it’s reversible and the same fabric in the blocks on one side is the same fabric on the backside. It’s a double thickness.









The quilt does not have any batting and the blocks are actually whip stitched together!








The prairie points are whip stitched on as well…each one individually…









And there’s even a bunny block!








It’s such an interesting quilt and I am really enjoying having it here to look at and think about. I love to whip stitch so it makes me think this is a great method to construct a quilt by hand. I don’t know a lot about vintage quilts, is this a common method? The quilt is in wonderful shape so I know the stitching holds up.

I live in MA so I bet you know who I’m rooting for today! I’ll have my knitting with me because they don’t win unless I do…superstition is everything on big game days! Enjoy the end of the weekend, everybody.


Open Sew Fun and More

Friday was open sew day for my students here at the house. This time around Nancy and Priscilla came to stitch the morning away with me! We had a wonderful time working on projects and catching up on life with each other.








Priscilla started this neat Valentine table runner…









And Nancy was hard at work on her Hearthside Quintet quilt…









I worked on a jelly roll race quilt that will be auctioned at my daughter’s sorority silent auction in the spring. I’ll post a picture of that when it looks like more than a bunch of rags in a ball!

Last week I finished up Priscilla’s beautiful card trick quilt. She was quite pleased with how it came out and so was I. It was a true pleasure to quilt this one.








Now I have Gail’s jelly roll race quilt on the long arm. This pretty quilt has all the soothing colors I love. I’m using a royal blue thread with a swirling feather edge to edge design.









We were excited this week to see that Leah’s professional Nutcracker pictures finally arrived in the email box. We weren’t allowed to take any photos in December during the production so now I can finally share these.

This was her angel pointe costume…









And this was her Chinese tea dance costume…









I think she’s already looking forward to auditioning again in the summer!

What are you all working on this week?


Mid November Quilty Fun

I feel we are heading straight into the holidays now and I’m super excited for it! Christmas is my favorite and we already have one tree up in the house. I do host Thanksgiving and I consider that our holiday kick-off! Of course there’s a fair amount of cleaning and prep work to be done in addition to working every day with students and on customer quilts. This year I tried to narrow the deep clean down to 5 areas in my home that REALLY needed the most attention. By only choosing five (believe me, there are more than five that are crying out) I am taking the pressure off myself to have a spotless house and perfect holiday that is never going to happen. Instead, I’m going to be satisfied with what I’ve completed, enjoy my family, and continue to work which brings me great joy. That’s not to say I don’t have panic quelling up here and there but I’m going to try my best to not worry about it and journey on. What are your holiday plans and how do you deal with all the stress of preparation?

This week I finished up the blue and white quilt. I adore this fabric line by Gerri Robinson called Charming. It is perfect for this quilt pattern which my mom also made and several of my students are about to take on as well. It’s a fun pattern that my mom found in an older magazine.









I have Nancy’s quilt on the long arm and about 3/4 of the way finished…I finally purchased the plastic overlays to place over the pantograph so that I can use a wet erase marker to mark my guidelines. I ordered these from APQS and I love them.









My students have all been busy too! They are all quite prolific in their quilt making which makes me so happy. Sharyn just finished up this neat wall hanging that she made with a panel. It’s just perfect for the holidays with that snowy window look.









Next she’ll be taking on this pretty purple and green quilt…and my mom might be taking this one on as well. The best part of having talented students is that we all get to share the great ideas with one another!








Gail finished up this adorable Minnie Mouse quilt and I’ll be putting it on the long arm soon. Aren’t the polka dots darling?








Gail didn’t stop there though, she also whipped up this awesome 1930’s Christmas jelly roll race quilt!








We chose this cute holly and berry pantograph with green thread for the long arming (or ‘larming’ as Amanda calls it).









What are you all working on this week? I’d love to hear about it. I’d also love to know what’s on your quilty wish list for Christmas this year?


Catching Up and Crossing The Finish Line

I think I missed my weekly post two weeks in a row! October has been a busy and good month complete with quilty finishes and a new member of the family! Let’s start with furry goodness…you know how I love bunnies….









Meet Ginny…she’s a three month old Lionhead Lop Mix and I don’t think there’s anything cuter than she is!









With those airplane ears that go one up and and one down…oh my. I couldn’t pass her up to save my life. She is a sweetie and I’m glad to have her join our little bunny family! The girls adore her and I think Nala and Daisy don’t mind her too much, either.

Ok, on to quilty things…my longarm machine has been busy over the last two weeks. I finished up the Christmas quilt I was long arming for my mom. This was the one with the holly and berry pantograph.



















I also finished up the jelly roll race quilt with the Halloween theme. The pantograph is called Pumpkin Fest and it was a true joy to longarm. I just love how this came out. Leah had requested a Halloween quilt and so now we have one. I’m really surprised that I finished it before Halloween because usually I start these things with the best intentions and lose interest somewhere in the middle. But, here it is!














The binding was finished up today and Leah’s skeleton buddy thinks it’s A-OK.








I also finished knitting one sock on the sock loom! I have started the match to this pair and I can’t wait to wear them! The next pair will be for Amanda.









My students are busy too! Carol is beginning work on this awesome quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Company. We ordered all the same fabric and I can’t wait to see it progress. Carol has all the background fabric cut and is just beginning to piece snowball blocks.









On the home front, we’ve got Lindsey’s college applications sent out and soon I’ll be writing the check for her cap and gown! I think that’s due in the beginning of November. Time is really flying around here.

Amanda was accepted into her new major today which is Communication Sciences and Disorders (speech pathology). She will also minor in deaf and hard of hearing studies. I think she’s going to thrive in this major. She’s also involved with the University of New Hampshire’s Model UN and she is so looking forward to this each week. They are representing Kazakhstan in the UN and Sweden in the Security Council. They’ll have an opportunity to travel to NY to go the actual UN and represent their countries. Amazing. I’m beyond thrilled for her.

That’s about all the excitement I can handle! Every time I turn around something new is happening. It’s exciting and a wee bit exhausting!



A Finish!

I put in the last stitch this afternoon on the jelly roll race quilt that I started last summer! Here she is and she will stay right in the living room.


I do love the colors, I don’t love the quality of the fabric but I’ll live with it.

I went to Joann’s this morning to get more green thread and to find some backing fabric for the Christmas jelly roll race quilt that I want to finish next. While I was there I picked up a small Ottlite Flip light. I am hoping this will give me that little bit more light I need in the evening to do my handwork. I’m unmotivated to do handwork at night because of the shadows that are cast in my poorly lit living room. I will try this out over the next week and let you know how it is. It was $20 but I used a coupon. It can stand up and also clip to your clothing.


Yesterday we had a blast in the backyard celebrating my nephew’s high school graduation! Lots of people, good food, a pool, a bouncy and badminton…very fun…very hot too…
Today I am throwing in laundry here and there, finished that quilt and now I see my backyard is filling up with some neighbors who no doubt would like to coooool off…it has been many, many days of 90+ heat.

Don’t forget to enter to win the 8″x10″ canvas (see previous post).


Workin’ On It Wednesday

Today is the day I post things I worked on all week. I spent most of my week either on the computer pattern writing or outside weeding…not too much actual quilting time happened. I also attended my nephew’s high school graduation Sunday which was very hot but fun!

Sometime around last Monday I started feeling that I really needed to get outside and weed. I kept thinking that if I didn’t get those garden beds cleaned out, I might as well not bother planting anything because the summer will be over before anything is ready to be harvested. I ended up going out two or three days for short amounts of time and got everything out back weeded. Saturday morning Greg rototilled the two vegetable gardens and on Saturday afternoon, Lindsey helped get everything planted.

photo (112)

photo (111)

We tried to really only plant what we thought we could eat. In the end, we have 6 tomato plants (Roma and Cherry), 2 basil plants, 1 spearmint plant, 1 dill plant, green onions, 2 zucchini plants and 3 pumpkin plants. We wanted to do bush cucumbers but the store we were at was out of them…will try again next year…we were late to the planting party!

Since I’m in the pattern writing mode at the moment, I can work on my own UFO list for a bit when I’m not on the computer. I pulled out this jelly roll race quilt from last summer to work on. I am currently working on the borders. The fabric is pretty but it’s not great quality. This was a cheap Walmart jelly roll that only had about 22 strips in it. I am really having to make up for that with wide borders. Regular jelly rolls have about 44 strips in them. This was my first attempt at a jelly roll race quilt and it’s staying here at my house so I’m not too obsessed about the end result. I really had just wanted to try one and I’m glad I did because the Christmas one that was from Moda strips is also waiting for borders and I did a much better job piecing it. Here is the Walmart one….

photo (110)

The kids are nearly done with school and so homework is dwindling, projects have wrapped up and it seems a bit slower around here in the evening. I’ve been plagued with headaches lately though and it makes me want to do nothing at night. Today I cut my caffeine a little, didn’t allow myself any Advil for any reason and drank tons of water. I hope that helps because these headaches are starting to bring me down. Sometimes when I have multiple headaches in a week, I feel like all I’m doing is taking Advil and Naratriptan and that is surely having a rebound effect. I think the running will help though.

Speaking of which, I wrapped up Couch To 5K Week 6 this morning! It was a 15 minute run then a 5 minute run with 3 minutes of walking in between plus the minutes of warm up and cool down walking. Friday is the start of my week 7 and it is a straight 20 minute run with nothing in between. I am very much looking forward to it because I don’t like stopping in between runs. I feel like I can’t get with it on the second run even if it’s only a few minutes.

As I mentioned above, I am working on turning the 12 projects that I made over this school year into patterns. They are adorable and I am finally working with a distributor to get these out! More details as they come out over the summer. I’m SUPER excited about these!!!!!!

Have a great night! Go Bruins! Sadly, I’ll have to miss my husband yelling and screaming at the tv tonight as I’ll be at a church Finance Committee meeting….LOL.


Workin’ On It Wednesday!

Hey there,
Hope you all had a quilty and crafty week! I worked on a few things this week that I enjoyed so much.

The first was my Christmas jelly roll race quilt. I pieced this on the my Featherweight and will finish it some time before this Christmas! I absolutely loved the fabric. It was a Moda jell roll of some sort.
photo (93)

I also worked on my apple core English paper piecing. I decided to use a few of the duplicate jelly roll strips from the Christmas quilt and I will make either a small wall hanging to match that quilt or a pillow (Lindsey’s suggestion).

photo (92)

I worked on these at the library this week while waiting for the tutoring session to be over. I found a nice wooden table to spread everything out on and went to work quietly and peacefully. It was great! I will be honest and say that apple core shapes are harder to work with than hexagons. It’s do-able just a little more challenging.

I got the itch to dye fabrics. I wanted a bright, multicolored piece and a rich chocolate piece…
photo (94)

photo (91)

I also worked on something that can’t be shown at this moment but these are the fabrics…
photo (90)

My running is coming along too. I am on week 4 day 2 of the 8 week program. I was very nervous about today’s run as it involved two 5 minute runs and 2 three minute runs plus 22 minutes of walking. Yesterday I had almost talked myself out of any possibility of succeeding today. That was my fault from reading internet blurbs about people having to repeat week 4 because if you’ve never really run before, the 5 minutes are a killer. Happy to say, I did it! Take that week 4 day 2!!!

This morning I am working on that pink/gray/black & white project. What are you working on?

Don’t forget about your Project Hope Quilts which in light of Oklahoma’s tragedy, makes these quilts even more important.



Joining the Jelly Roll Race

Yesterday I decided to jump on the jelly roll race band wagon! I knew I didn’t want to use my brand new jelly roll from Keepsake just yet so I went to Walmart just to see if they had anything that was decent looking and inexpensive and they did! They have a new line of precuts and the jelly rolls are called Slices. They come 24 in a pack for $11. Since there were 24 strips and not 35 or 40, I knew my quilt would come out smaller than most but I’ll add a border and build it up.

Pretty right?

I undid the roll and started sewing strips together on the diagonal (binding style). I ended up with a large pile on the floor but it was fun to look at! Stitching the strips together took one hour.

Next I had fun laying out the strips end to end across my bedroom and into the hallway. Here is the picture from the second time out of four that I had to lay them out and pin them…my back wasn’t all that happy during those steps…

And back and forth from the floor to the machine. It was completely mindless and I really needed that after the apple core quilt!

My kids were fairly intrigued at this point trying to figure out what the heck I was doing! And here is the jelly roll race quilt…3 hours later! Not too bad!

Today I’m hoping to get to Joann’s to pick up backing fabric for both the apple core and this jelly roll. I also need a border fabric for the race quilt. I’m thinking a 3″ border all around will bring the size up nicely.

The girls and I are having lunch with a childhood friend of mine and her daughters…should be a fun lunch with lots of catching up and 5 lovely young ladies!!!

Don’t forget to watch Episode 9 of Quilt Cabana Corner on Youtube under Quilt Cabana.