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Post Maui

After 10 days on the beautiful island of Maui, we’re back to reality around here. It’s a week of getting ducks in a row for a new school year for Lindsey and Leah, and packing for another year at college for Amanda. I’ve even made the trip to Canton to pick up my sewing machine which was getting serviced while I was away. I’m still missing this view every morning…








and this one from our perfect beach spot…










and this one from sunset each night…









I do miss these greatly but I’m also happy to be home again. After 10 days and 12 hours worth of flights each way, your body has a way of telling you it’s time to return to your normal routines. While I was in Maui I went to the Maui Quilt Shop which I know a few of you have been to also. It’s a wonderful but small store. They pack a lot into their store space.
















I purchased the pattern for this pineapple quilt on my last trip there. I haven’t made it yet but I am collecting fabrics for it here and there.









I can’t show you what I bought this time because I purchased the same thing for my mother and I haven’t given it to her yet!

Since I haven’t sewn anything this week, I’ll show you a few pictures from the trip including these beautiful flowers which were just a sampling of the stunning colors found everywhere on the island.









This photo is from our walk around the Grand Wailea hotel which is just amazing in it’s own right…








These two are from the Maui Tropical Plantation. We took the tram tour and enjoyed walking the property…

















Lastly, Leah took this selfie picture of all of us at the Sheraton Maui where we watched the cliff divers at sunset one night.








I have so many photos, it’s hard to choose which to share but these were some of my favorites.

Next week the kids are back in school and I’ll be back to work. I’m looking forward to finishing up some quilts I’m working on and getting back to my teaching schedule!

Have a great Thursday everybody!


An Update, A Bunny & More Aloha

Happy Wednesday!

This has been an interesting week for our family as we added a new furry family member! Meet Nala, our new Lionhead bunny!!


If you asked me on Friday if we would own a bunny on by Sunday, I would have told you no way. So are you wondering how this happened? Amanda and I attended a 4H Fair on Saturday mainly to see her boyfriend perform with his Beatles tribute band called Four In A Row. Amanda was so excited to go to the fair and see the animals as she is planning on studying Biology and Animal Sciences next year in college. We headed out to the fair at 10am and stayed until about 4pm during which that time, she begged me a thousand times for a bunny. Let’s just say we spent a lot of time in the bunny tent and the poultry tent!


Long story short, I resisted the begging but couldn’t stop thinking about the adorable Lionhead bunnies all night. Sunday morning came and led into afternoon and I started thinking that if I was serious about getting the kids a bunny, I only had a few hours until the fair closed and also to get to Pet Smart where I would have to run to gather up some supplies. Leah and I were the only ones home and after a couple of text messages to Greg that sort of went like, ‘hey, I’m going to get a bunny, is that cool?’ and a reply of ‘sure that’s cool’, I grabbed Leah and we went to the fair! Poor Leah was in shock and had no idea what was going on and then was ecstatic that she was going to get to choose the bunny! Here she is at the fair trying the bunny on for size! LOL!!!


So we paid for the bunny and headed to PetSmart with her in a cardboard box!! Oh Leah and I giggled the whole way there saying a million times, “We just bought a bunny!” Everyone in the store wanted to know what was in our box! Lol!

The girls named her Nala after the female lion in the Lion King movie since she is a Lionhead bunny. She is two years old and we have a lot to learn about owning a bunny. So far she seems to like us as much as we like her! She is a cutie for sure.


Ok, on to the quilty stuff. This week I am finishing up a fall mug rug pattern that will be available on Craftsy by the end of the week. I just have to bind it and draft the pattern.

I ordered some charm packs to make a few baby play mats for my Etsy store.

I need to start my next 100 Blocks submission due 10/1.

I have many totes, toiletry bags and pillow cases to make for the comic shows.

I talk to my podcast audience often but only in my head and not in the recorder….one day soon, I will record another episode.

For a little aloha today, here are some pictures from Vicki’s Quilt Shop in Kapaa, Kauai and Kapaia Stitchery in Lihue…


This was a nice quilt shop and I loved all the samples hanging on the walls. I almost bought the sashiko and applique kit hanging on the left side of the photo but decided I didn’t need another sashiko project just yet as I’m currently working on the turtle one on the right.





Kapaia Stitchery really just blew me away. It not only had beautiful fabrics and samples but a huge selection of cross stitch items as well.


I immediately fell in love with this Hawaiian ukulele quilt sample…oh just love this…


I didn’t purchase the kit or pattern though because hanging right near it was this pineapple quilt and I already own this pattern and haven’t started it yet…


I could have spent hours just gazing at the samples…


And there’s the turtle quilt I made for Leah after our Maui trip!


I would love to return to this store someday.

That’s it for now. Have a good day!!!


Aloha 2!

Aloha! Here is part 2 of my Kauai trip photos and some quilty stuff, of course!

Let’s start with the quilty…I visited my mom over the weekend and was able to deliver her much anticipated fat quarters! Here are the colorful fat quarters she is using to make boxed bags and some 7″ squares of Hawaiian fabric. There are about 60 squares there, 30 of each of the two prints. I can’t wait to see how pretty her bags are with these!



In the way of progress this week, I’m not making much. The girls go back to school on Wednesday and I’ll start the task of reorganizing Quilt Cabana Patterns and setting some work hours to stick by. I did make this Avengers pillow case though for an upcoming comic show in September.


Today I’ll show you some pictures from the beautiful town of Hanalei. This is the Hanalei bridge that you take turns with oncoming cars to get across. Local courtesy is to let 5-7 cars go across the bridge and then it is your side’s turn. I only saw one instance where more cars went across than should have. It’s a cute bridge with a stunning view of the mountain ridge and taro fields.


This photo one side of the road in Hanalei where we spent time shopping and eating. Hanalei is a charming town and we really enjoyed it. I love the mountain ridge and how you can see all the waterfalls that cascade down from it.


One day we took the 2 hour ride to Waimea Canyon. This is called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Kauai like the other Hawaiian islands are the tops of volcanoes that have formed in the ocean. While Kauai was being formed, part of the island collapsed and left a deep impression which is the Waimea Canyon. It is beautiful to look at but you better watch your step near some of the look out spots as you could easily go tumbling down into the canyon.



I love that there is waterfall in there too…


Here are the girls living the life…lol!


Have a great day, everyone.



I’m back! We had 10 nights and 11 fun filled days on Kauai in the state of Hawaii. Kauai is called the Garden Island for its natural beauty. This is truly a stunning island. Our family has traveled to Hawaii twice before. The first time was in 2008. We stayed in Maui and took a day trip to Oahu to see Pearl Harbor. The second time was in 2013 and we also stayed in Maui but took a day trip to Lanai. This time we opted to try a different island and we chose Kauai. I think aside from the sheer beauty, the thing that struck us was how friendly the people on the island were. There’s a definite spirit of aloha there and it’s palpable from the moment you arrive. We saw a lot of the island and I have about 1,000 photos to prove it! I will be sharing some of the highlights here with you over the next few blog posts. You will notice that these pictures just scream to have an art quilt made from them. I am hoping to accomplish that over the next year or so. Of course, I visited two quilt shops while there. I had a wonderful time at Vicki’s Quilt Shop in the town of Kapaa and I was mesmerized at Kapaia Stitchery in Lihue. I’ll be sharing photos of that as well. Let’s start with some fun quilty stuff…

At Vicki’s Quilt Shop, I fell in love with the quilt in the window. The Hawaiian fabrics are so pretty and I really wanted to make something with them and not just hoard them in my cabinet. I figured the best way to do that was to buy a kit so I’d have everything ready to go when I want to make it.
This is the quilt in the window…


I bought the kit to make a twin size quilt…


These are the fabrics that are included…


I also wanted a Hawaiian applique kit because the Hawaiian applique project that I have started here from the last time isn’t going all that well…needed something new…


I fell in love with this cute yardage and grabbed a a fat quarter pack of more Hawaiian fabric. I also purchased several for my mom that are not pictured because she hasn’t received them from me yet.


Kapaia Stitchery had so many cross stitch patterns. I knew I was going home with at least one…ended up with 2!


I have more pictures of the inside of both shops and I’ll share those in the next post.

One morning we boarded a double hulled catamaran and headed out along the Napali Coast. The Napali Coast can only be seen by air, boat or by a treacherous hike. We opted for a boat tour which was a wonderful excursion. It left around 7:30am and returned around 11:30am. We sailed along the coastline and stopped to snorkel and have lunch. We were delighted to see a huge green sea turtle while snorkeling. The boat left from the absolutely gorgeous Hanalei Bay. Here is a picture of the pier in the bay.


We had a pod of dolphins swimming alongside the boat for awhile…


And a few pictures of the stunning coastline…



This beach with the arch was used in the filming of Pirates Of The Caribbean 4…There is one tour company that will fly a helicopter through that arch…


Stay tuned for more from the trip and the quilt shops I visited!


Hawaiian Adventure Part 6 – Inside Maui Quilt Shop

photo (58)

While on the island of Maui, I had a chance to visit Maui Quilt Shop in Kihei. This was my second trip to the shop in 5 years and it was just as beautiful and full of inspiration as I remember. If you’d like to see what I purchased, CLICK HERE for the post on the goodies!

The pictures are pretty much self explanatory. On this first one by their front door, I love these little fabric pineapple ornaments.

photo (65)

Full shop view…as you can see, it’s small but jam packed!

photo (63)

This is the turtle quilt that I bought the kit for to make for Leah.

photo (61)

I wish I could have purchased the kits for all of these….

photo (59)

You can see the pineapple quilt peeking out here. I bought the pattern and some fabric for this.
photo (60)

More pics…

photo (64)

photo (62)

So we are back home now after a long period of being on airplanes and in airports. We left Maui Sunday night at 10:30pm (Hawaii time—6 hour difference between Hawaii and MA). We had about a 6 hour flight to Phoenix which we all kind of slept through (as much as you can sleep on an airplane). The Phoenix flight was around 5.5 hours and we arrived home to MA Monday at 6:30pm. We effectively lost one night’s sleep. This morning I made myself get up at 9am so that I could 1. make coffee 2. get used to MA time 3. go pick up the birds from the pet shop and 4. pick up the Kindle Fire I won through the kid’s orthodontist office! All good reasons to get up. In between it has been laundry, laundry, groceries and laundry.

What have you been up to?


Hawaiian Adv. Part 5- Quilt Shop Goodies

Yesterday I went through the bags of souvenirs sitting in a pile. We’ve been so busy here that I have not had a chance to really look through my quilt store purchases. There are three quilt shops on the island but I will only get to this one, Maui Quilt Shop. I have 4 non quilters in tow and a jam packed schedule so I went with the shop I know and love from the last trip! I will post pics of the inside of the shop in a later post.

I knew going in that I wanted a turtle quilt kit to make for Leah. I found this one and I believe it is reverse appliqué which will be new to me.


I also wanted a new Sashiko project for myself so I picked up this one.


I almost left the store without this beautiful quilt pattern and I’m so glad I didn’t. The quilt was hanging as a sample and the kit was about $150. I really didn’t want to spend that much so I settled on the pattern and choosing a bunch of fat quarters to get me started. It calls for 18 fat qtrs so this is a good start.


There were several beautiful Hawaiian flower patterns for wall hangings. I chose the Bird Of Paradise one and got some border fabric for it.


I wasn’t leaving without a book on the history of Hawaiian quilts!!


And as a thimble collector, this is going home too…


I wish I could fit more in my luggage to bring home! Thankfully, Maui Quilt Shop has an online store as well….

Today is my Lindsey’s 13th birthday!! We are going to celebrate Hawaiian style with a trip to the Maui Ocean Center and a nice dinner out.



Hawaiian Adventure Part 4

I have a visual treat for you all with this post! Today (yesterday by the time you read this) we ventured around the bottom part of Maui and traveled the Road To Hana in reverse direction. Normally one would start at the top of the island and go around that way which we did in 2008. This time we thought it would be fun to go backwards and we were so glad we did. The vibrant landscape was amazing. There was hardly anyone on the road with us and it was a visual stunner.
First things first…these are Oprah Winfrey’s horses…


We passed her beautiful ranch and home on the way. I have a picture of her home but it’s on my other camera. Will upload that later.

Here are some pics of the Road To Hana (a notoriously curvy, crazy ride around the island)…


This road takes you around the backside of Haleakala crater…


In the middle of this road,one word was painted on the asphalt. It was “Herbert”…that is my father’s name. How beautiful and strange? Angels watching over us.


We stopped to hike to this awesome waterfall and bamboo forest….



We swam at the 7 Sacred Pools but oddly enough, there aren’t 7 and they aren’t sacred….


Two more from the road trip….



Tomorrow we are back to the beach!


Hawaiian Adventure Part 2

Aloha again!
Today is Monday and we have had quite the weekend. I’ve been sharing some pictures through Facebook and Twitter so you might have seen these earlier but not all of them! We received the pictures from our snorkel guide of the beautiful green sea turtles. You can see how close they are to Lindsey. We had to try very hard not to attract them to us because in Hawaii, there is a $10,000 fine for touching these lovely creatures. The oils in human hands cause tumors or growths to grow on the turtles where they are touched. It’s sad that some people ignore this and touch anyway. We tried to be good stewards while out there snorkeling. At times I felt the turtles starting to rise up under me and I would have to stay still with hands by my side in case it came up far enough and touched me. The guide told us just to be still until the turtle passes. Here are some pics from the snorkel trip.




Yesterday we took the Maui Pineapple Tour. This company produces the Maui Gold Pineapple which we would never see on shelves on the East Coast. We took a drive into the pineapple fields where we learned quite a bit about this fruit. We each received a pineapple boxed up to take home so now we have 5 pineapples in the condo! We’ll be eating some at the beach today. We sampled 3 varieties and toured the facility. We even got to eat one like a popsicle.


In the afternoon we rolled the dice and took the trek up to see Haleakala which is the crater from a volcano. 5 years ago when we were here, we drove up twice only to find the crater filled in with clouds. We could not see any of this at all. Yesterday it was cloudy as we drove and then right at the top, the clouds opened and we got an eyeful of this wonderful site.



We feel so fortunate to have seen this knowing how hard it can be to catch it right.

We attended a luau a few nights ago and here is our family photo….


Our Hawaiian Adventure Part 1 is the post previous to this one.
Have a wonderful day!


Hawaiian Adventure Part 1

We are about to start our third full day here in Maui. We have done quite a few things so far and I thought I’d share a couple of photos. The weather has been beautiful although today is calling for rain which I’m hoping is done by evening because we have the luau tonight.

Yesterday we had an incredible snorkeling adventure. We signed up for a tour which was just the 5 of us with a guide. We spent a few hours going over equipment and studying about the different types of fish we would see. When we were all comfortable and ready, we donned our wet suits, masks, fins and snorkels and went out in the ocean. Leah was dying to see the green sea turtles and we were fortunate to not only see a dozen of them but to swim with quite a few. We were the only ones out there and the turtles didn’t seem to mind one bit. I wish I had photos but we had the underwater video camera with us instead…but the instructor had a camera and got a picture of Lindsey with a turtle just inches from her. He is going to email me that picture and I’ll share when I have it. It was an amazing day for us. This photo was after we were finished. I love the shark warning in the background!


After the snorkeling we headed to Lahaina and did some shopping and eating on Front Street. The girls have been picking up fresh plumeria flowers and sticking them in their hair! Here they are and a picture of the ocean from Front Street as well.



The first day we went to the beach and on the way home, we took a little drive and saw a lot of what looked like beautifully tilled dirt waiting to be planted. This rich, brown color went on and on.


What we discovered was that this wasn’t beautiful soil, it was all lava rock from the last erupting volcano on the island! When we looked up close, we could see the texture of rock. I don’t have the photo handy but up in the mountains, we could see the cylinder cone from that volcano.

There’s much to do and my family is waiting on me but I’ll leave you with this….wish you were here!




We woke up to a beautiful view this morning in Maui. Amanda and I are spending a nice hour on the balcony with our coffee and iPads. Greg was up early and took a walk. The agenda today is breakfast, grocery run and the beach!