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The Crafty Christmas Loot

Happy last day of 2017! I love new beginnings like a new year or a new school year. It’s time to take stock, make plans, and set new goals. As I mentioned in the previous post, my word for the new year will be ‘yes’. I am looking forward to all the possibilities that might bring! Tomorrow I’ll be working on setting new goals for the year and I’ll also be taking down my Christmas tree (boo hoo).

I wanted to share with you all the crafty related items I received for Christmas this year. These are projects that I’ll be working on in my spare time and showing you on the blog from time to time…

As I set up the Christmas tree this year I was looking at the hooked rug tree skirt that I have around the base of my tree. It was made by my grandfather and I have always loved it. I thought it would be nice if I made my girls each one for their future homes. I found several online at Herrschners and had the girls each pick which one they wanted. Lindsey chose the one with the Christmas trees. Leah and Amanda chose the ones with the cats and dogs.









I have started work on Lindsey’s and I know this is going to take some serious time. The designs aren’t stamped, it’s more like counted cross stitch where you have to follow the guide and count. The girls won’t have their own homes any time soon so I can relax about it and take my time.

I also started this redwork bunny door stop that Greg gave me for Christmas. Yes, I ordered it and he wrapped it up. LOL! I started this one while on vacation this past week. I am enjoying the rhythm of embroidery and I am a huge fan of redwork so it’s a win win on this. And you know how I feel about bunnies so it’s really a win, win, win.









From my mom I received two exciting projects! I’ve been itching to do some garment sewing again and I found these easy patterns on the Nancy’s Notions website. One is for a maxi style dress and the other for easy shirts. I now have the patterns and the fabric to make them! I can’t wait to make these and I hope I don’t mess them up!










I’m not the only one crafting this week…we gave Amanda a kit for a no sew throw that has her sorority logo as the design. She couldn’t wait to make it and she worked on it for an afternoon and finished it right up!









The winner gift for me has to be the one Greg picked up on a whim and thought I might like for stitching at night in the living room…an LED headlamp!!! Of course I had to put it on and be goofy with it but it is amazing for embroidery and knitting in a room that is not well lit…like every room on my first floor!









So that was the Christmas haul! Not too bad at all. It should keep me busy for quite a while.

Tuesday I’m back to work teaching and long arming. I have a few quilts in line for the long arm and I’m eager to get started on them.

What are your crafty goals for 2018? Did you receive some crafty gifts for the holidays? I’d love for you to share them here in the comments.
Happy New Year!


Sewing Knits and Bunny Pillowcases

This week I’m learning how to do something new. Before I started quilting, I was sewing clothes for my kids and once in awhile for myself. I had always used 100% cotton fabric or fleece. Lately I find myself wanting to sew with knits but not knowing where to begin. My mom has experience sewing with knits as she once took lessons at Stretch & Sew where they taught the right way and had a large selection of coordinated knit fabric to purchase right in the building. Stretch & Sew doesn’t exist anymore but I am going to give it a try using Nancy Zieman’s Sew Knits With Confidence book that my mother gifted me this week!

I have chosen this pattern and I’m going to make the short sleeved shirt first.









The pattern calls for a few different types of knits to be used including Challis which I was not familiar with but now know is Rayon. I went to Joann’s last night unsure of what I would find in their knit section. They did have a lot of solid and striped jersey but I don’t wear stripes that well and the solids were a bit plain. I did find these two Challis fabrics so I bought both. I also picked up ball point needles, pins and thread.









The fabric is in the wash and will need to line dry before I can get started. I’m excited to try something new!

I did finish one of the three bunny pillowcases and I have the other two nearly done.







I love making pillowcases with novelty fabric, especially bunny ones! And speaking of bunnies, my poor little Nala was spayed yesterday and came home with this collar/lampshade on her head.









Her surgery went fine but she can’t eat with the collar and we had to take it off this morning. She hasn’t eaten in 24 hours which is a serious issue for bunnies who are not supposed to have an empty digestive tract. I went back to the vet this morning and picked up a food that can be administered by syringe until she feels like eating again. Right now she’s pretty out of it and I’m hoping that she won’t start picking at her sutures. Fingers crossed our happy little bunny returns soon!

Have a happy and quilty week! Next post will be a review of my favorite iron!

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