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Sister Site Update

In my last post I mentioned that I have begun a sister site to this one that is non quilting related and will focus on encouraging, inspiring, and connecting with one another. I set that site up as a website and then decided to switch it to a WordPress blog format. All this to say:

The www.sandicolwell.com site now looks different than it did yesterday morning.  Not to be too technical as I only just understand this stuff myself, but the old site has been deleted and the new site is up with a new post. HOWEVER, because nothing is as easy as one would think…you may have to clear your cookies, cache and browsing history to see it. And clearing those things is something you should do every once in awhile anyway.

The old site has been deleted and I was on the phone with tech support until 11:30pm last night making sure the www.sandicolwell.com address points to the correct sight.

Old site has a picture on the HOME page of a beautiful Hawaiian scene with a boat. New site looks like this:


If you can’t get to the new site, try clearing the browser, cookies, and cache under settings on your computer/ipad/iphone. It’s usually under Privacy.

I’m hoping in the next 24-48 hours, no one will be directed to the deleted site. I’m going to copy and paste the new post here so that you won’t be missing anything until I’m sure it’s fixed and everyone can access the right site.

So here you go!



It’s funny that I’m starting an encouragement blog on a day when I’m feeling a wee bit discouraged. My Christmas tree is up and I have a handle on the gift shopping but my mind won’t slow down enough to appreciate that this is a good start. The week has been busy with my family, the quilting business, and a magazine deadline and yet, all I can think of is how much I want to use this blog to encourage, inspire, and connect with others..but it’s a struggle today. This is the start of not only a beautiful and holy time but a time of not feeling like we are enough.

As I sat in the dance school parking lot on pick up duty for my daughter, I thought of all the things I did accomplish today but that quickly gave way to thoughts of no less than 20 other items that did not get checked off the list. I won’t bore you with my list because it probably looks an awful lot like yours. So how do we move forward through a time of year when we desperately want to remain present but instead are filled with a sense of disappointment in ourselves and maybe even those around us? I think it comes down to daily bread.

What is she talking about you might say? I’m talking about our daily allotment. We all have lots of stuff to do in a 24 hour time frame but let’s face it, it’s not all getting done. As we are taught to pray for our daily bread and not more than that, we can also work to cross off the items on the to do list that are completely necessary and not worry about more than those items today. Let’s challenge ourselves to use a time blocking system this week where we use the first few hours of each day (or whatever hours are your most productive) and block it off to accomplish the tasks that absolutely must get done. During this block of time focus only on those items. This might mean skipping a favorite TV show, turning off social media, and returning calls at a more convenient time. Getting a few tasks accomplished each day allows us to rest assured that we have done enough. We are enough. And enough is enough.

Which items on your list will you time block tomorrow?