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Antique’ish Birthday And A Finished Top

I finished the camo quilt top a few minutes ago!!! Ahhhhh, feels good to have that done. Next will be backing it with a camo fleece and quilting it.









So today I join Club 45, otherwise known as my 45th birthday! The kids actually went back to school today after Feb. vacation and Greg was at work which left me home with the bunny, 2 parakeets and a fish! LOL! It was pretty quiet. I did most of my celebrating on Saturday. Greg, the girls and I went to Plymouth where we spent a few hours at the Main Street Marketplace which is the coolest antique store. I say that because the girls even enjoy it! It’s a huge place with a big light house and fire engine in the middle of it.












We did well there. I left with a new cheese board, Greg left with some bar glasses and Amanda left with some jazz albums! I would have liked to have brought home these beauties but the price tag was a bit much on each one. I will say, they were gorgeous!









After antiquing we went to Sam Diego’s for a Mexican dinner and margaritas! Today is National Margarita Day but I had mine Saturday…and I had one Sunday but who’s keeping track?









Sunday afternoon while the Daytona 500 was on the tv, Lindsey helped me arrange the hexies into 6 coasters. I let her arrange because doing that gives me a headache! I get stressed over it and she does it quickly with great results.







After the Daytona I begged to open one gift because that’s the kind of gal I am! Plus there’s a little pile of gifts wrapped in my bedroom just mocking me and I NEEDED to open one. And here it is….the Pandora Mickey Ring! Yipppppppeeeee!









Tonight I’ll open the rest…Club 45 ain’t so bad afterall!

Have a super quilty week!


Counting Hexies

photo 1 (32)

Yesterday I spent two hours in the waiting room of the dentist while Amanda had her appointment. I brought along my Earlene Fowler book and my little box of hexagon English paper piecing. The waiting room was very quiet, a bit too warm, a bit dim and quietly playing on the TV was Caribbean House Hunters…in other words, I couldn’t keep my eyes open!!!! I was dying in there. I would shift around and wonder how Amanda was doing. I’d chat once in awhile with the receptionist but I had a hard time staying focused and motivated in that place. LOL! Then of course, I felt like a failure. Here I was with 120 minutes worth of ‘free time’ and all I wanted to do was see which St. Marten home the couple chose! Sometime after the first 45 minutes, I pulled my book out and read a chapter or two. If you’ve read Earlene’s books, you know what I mean when I say they can be a bit sleepy…and since I was sleepy already, I didn’t stick with it long. I succumbed to the guilt and MADE myself open the hexie box. I stitched up a few and then before I knew it, Amanda and the dentist appeared and it was time to go!

I started thinking last night that I might have enough hexies to actually make the 4th of July candle mat for my kitchen island. I took them all out this morning and I do have enough!

photo 2 (35)

The red center flowers are stitched together so now I can work on adding the surrounding blue hexies to it. I like to stick to small projects for the EPP because I get totally bored with the fabric and color schemes. I do admire people like Bonnie Hunter who can just make a zillion of these and piece them into a gigantic quilt. That’s not for me. I’m a get ‘er done kind of girl.

Tuesday, Amanda will be back in the dentist chair for round 2 and I’ll have 120 more minutes to tackle this project!! By the way, the couple chose house #2.

FYI-swap partners have been assigned for the mug rugs and pot holders so please check your Twitter direct messages or your email for the name of your partner. Let me know that you have received the information. Thanks! Projects are due to your partner at the end of April!!!! This will be so fun, I can’t wait!


Projects In Progress…

I had a really productive weekend mixed with lots of fun!  My husband was away so I decided to pull out my scrapbooking and see if I could get any of my California trip album done.  I have a gazillion photos and I usually take a long time with each page but this weekend I decided to speed scrap for the sake of getting a chunk of it accomplished.  Well, I finished 12 pages!  Scrapbooking was my first crafty love and I miss it so much. I am going to leave my scrap stuff out in the craft room and really try to do a few pages each week.  Many years ago I had a layout published in Memory Makers magazine, boy do I miss that magazine.  It was full of inspiration.  I feel out of the loop somewhat with it because I have been so busy quilting.  Maybe I’ll add a second podcast to the line up about scrapbooking someday.

On Saturday, my mom came to visit and we took the girls to a local quilt show.  It was just the right size show as not to bore three young ladies to death!  There was a vendor there selling Pandora style beads and charms for super cheap money and the girls went to town purchasing beads for their bracelets.  My mom got some beautiful fabric for a jacket and I got some hand dyed fabric all cut in 2″ squares for English Paper Piecing.  Later that night we went to the book store and out for dinner.  It was such a great day!  We hoped to win a raffle or two but no phone call has come =(   My 10 year old daughter informed me if she won a basket, she was going to auction off the contents to my mother and I and make some big money!  How can you not admire that entrepreneurial spirit?

I am going to post some of the other projects I worked on in the quiet moments of the weekend.  I will post a picture of one of  my scrap pages, the English paper piecing vase mat I finished up, some squares of an afghan I am working on for my living room, and my hand quilting project in progress.  I hope you get as inspired as I did this weekend!


























Finished English Paper Piecing Table Topper!

Just in time to give as a Christmas gift, I finished the table topper!  I have truly enjoyed my first adventure with EPP (English Paper Piecing).  I also found an interesting website yesterday that specializes in EPP and has lots of paper patterns, notions, and free downloads including a yardage calculator.  It is http://www.paperpieces.com.  My next project of this type is going to be a vase mat.  I really like the idea but I am not sure what I would use for backing on it.  I’m thinking possibly felt.  If anyone has made a vase mat with hexagons, please share how you back the project.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!


English Paper Piecing Adventure

I worked on my English paper piecing project last night and I was able to complete 4 of the hexagons.  I also skipped ahead to whip stitching a few of them together while the directions were still fresh in my mind.  In going over some of my notes from the dvd, I realized my whip stitches are a bit too close.  Beth Hayes, host of the segment, recommended stitches that are 1/16th apart from each other.  Mine seem to be much closer and I’m not sure that’s a good thing because you can see some of the stitches on the front of the  project.  I guess that brings me to another question,  what color should be used to piece these together?  I have many bright colors going on here so I just chose white thread.

Here is a photo of my progress.  It shows the three completed hexagons that I stitched and then the backside of the fourth one.  I can’t wait to get back to it.  It took hardly any time at all to get to this point in the project.  Do any of you do English paper piecing?  Any tips or tricks you’d like to share here?


English Paper Piecing

I received a free dvd in the mail from Creative Crafts Group (publishers of many quilt magazines including McCalls and Quiltmaker). It is called the Inspire – Design – Create Quilting DVD Collection.  It’s one of those deals where you can sign up and receive future dvd’s every few months for a fee.  I popped the dvd in yesterday while eating lunch and began to be totally inspired as one editor of a magazine after another hosted a different segment.  The dvd included segments on color/value, participating in exchanges, using rotary tools to create templates, fussy cutting, working with Shiva painsticks, free motion quilting, and thread tension.  It was quite a long dvd (I couldn’t find the running time but it had to be at least 90 minutes).  I really loved each segment but one in particular caught my attention.  The segment was on English paper piecing using hexagons to make flowers.  I’m sure you have all seen those types of flowers; there is one hexagon in the center and 6 surrounding it.  The editor hosting this segment, Beth Hayes, travels quite a bit so she put together a small box of supplies so she can take the project with her wherever she goes…so…I thought I might  put together a similar box and try taking it to my kid’s activities where I end up sitting and waiting for a length of time.  Below is a picture of my supply box.  I’ll take it around this week and see if I can work my way to completing one flower.  I’ll be sure to post a picture when I have it completed!