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Monday Musings

That was the best post title I could come up  this morning!! I thought about, “Hey, Has Anyone Seen June?” or “Where The Heck Did The Month Go?” but those didn’t seem very exciting. Lol!!

So, it’s Monday and in the face of a mountain of laundry after a super busy weekend and another week of errands, appointments and getting ready for the holiday, I feel like…well, like…I’m never going to quilt again (never mind podcast or design something new)! From the look of a few Twitter posts this morning from fellow small craft business owners/stay at home moms, I’m not alone in this feeling today.  It must be the summer reality hitting.  I read some other blog posts this morning on keeping up with social media and how to utilize every minute of the day and honestly, it just made me tired.  I know I’ll strike a balance somehow this summer but you’ll just have to bear with me for a bit until I find my summer rhythm.

The quilt I would like to work on the most right now is the Lindsey Project. I left off at this stage…

photo 1 (7)

I also would like to pick up the work on the Window Pane 9 Patch. This quilt will go into my Etsy store as a finished item.

I have several design ideas in my head and several patterns that just need to be drafted into the right format for pattern selling.

I am waiting to hear back on a few submissions. If accepted, I need to actually construct those quilts as they were submitted as ideas in EQ7 form.

The girls had their music show this weekend…It was the show where the Double Slice Layer Cake was raffled off…

photo 3

It went home with a happy winner!

The girls also came home as happy winners! Amanda was the winner of the Spotlight Award which recognized her many accomplishments at the music school as well as at the high school.

photo 1

Lindsey was the winner of the Student Of The Year award for consistently putting in extra effort all year long!

photo 2

Both the girls also received medals and certificates for the instruments they play and for theater.
It was an amazing and fun filled evening. Greg and I are so incredibly proud of them.

Have a beautiful Monday!


Pumpkins, HI Impressions, Too Much To List…

I feel like I haven’t blogged in awhile but that’s totally not true…I guess it’s just been a busy week and I have the pictures to prove it! LOL.

Here we go!


Became this…


Friday night we attended the Providence Bruins game. It was a breast cancer awareness night and Lindsey sang there with her chorus peeps…the evening was dubbed, “Pink In The Rink”.


I finished the Double Slice Layer Cake…



Leah made a really cool pinch pot in art this month. The teacher put a marble in the bottom of the pot before baking…how cool is this??????????


I finished the fourth Hawaiian Impression art quilt in the series which I am now affectionately calling, “From Hawaii With Love”! This pineapple photo was taken in Maui on the Maui Pineapple Tour. I used a bunch of prairie points in different shades of yellow to capture the light from the actual photo.


Closer look…raw edge fusible, free motion quilted with invisible thread…


The collection so far…I’m striving for two per month.


I did get to see some pictures of my quilts hanging at Quilt Market this week from Allison Rosen. Many thanks to Allison. They are on Twitter and I hope to have them on the blog soon.

What are you all working on today?


Wednesday Catch Up

Happy Wednesday! The sun is shining and it’s a bit cool outside and I love it!! I do think my tree is confused though over whether it is summer or fall…lose the leaves or keep them?

photo 1 (7)

It feels as though I haven’t accomplished much this week but I think it’s more that what I’ve worked on can’t be shared as of yet. My free motion quilting practice came in the form of this late last week. It’s the backside of the table runner I am working on.

photo 3 (4)

This was a loopy design where I went over some of the loops twice just to be able to move around easier and because it gave the quilting a bit more texture.

My mom is here visiting and we went to the local quilt shop, Pieceful Quilters, yesterday. We had a nice visit with Janet who owns the shop. It’s always fun to talk with her and see what’s new. I also like to visit some of my quilts that are on display there! I picked up this pretty fabric to back the double slice layer cake….


This is the layer cake I ordered last week which will also be made into a double slice layer cake quilt…


My mom made the Fall mini quilt from the Seasonal Trio series and added some beautiful placemats as well!

photo 2 (7)

You can find the Fall pattern here.

Today I am starting Weight Watchers Points Plus and my mom is going to do it also. Wish us good luck!!

We are also heading off to Joann’s to look for some Halloween fabric in a bit…tough day, I know!

What are you working on?


Thursday Finish and Stuff…

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday I finished up the double slice layer cake top! I will work on quilting this in a few weeks. I need to get a backing for it…thinking about one of those 108″ backings so I don’t have to piece it. We had a little discussion on how convenient those can be on Twitter. Sounds like a coupon is the way to go when purchasing the 108″ fabric!

photo 1 (6)

I also finished up Hawaiian Impression #3 which is Luau Hula Dancer. This was done with fusible applique, couching, free motion quilting, paper raffia, sequin/bead and metallic shimmer thread.

photo 5 (3)

photo 4 (3)

photo 3 (3)

I really enjoyed the process on this piece. It was kind of a free hand project and I was itching to use some raffia on the hula skirt. I wished I had yellow raffia as that would have matched the photo but the blue looks good too.

Here are the first three together…

photo 2 (6)

If you haven’t gone over to The Quilt Show daily blog to view this awesome video on the Quilting In The Garden show at Alden Lane, you must click here and watch it. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face on this lovely Thursday, I don’t know what will!


It’s 8 minutes so grab a cup of coffee!


Lots of Stuff Today…

Where to begin? This is what happens when I let a near week go by in between posts…I’ll tell you how the week has been in photos…

I have a new vintage machine!! My husband was yard sale-ing last week and found this gem. He texted me to come take a look and it turned out to be a beautiful Singer Spartan machine that was made in the 1960’s in Great Britain. It needed some oiling and a clean up and when she was all shiny, she looked like this….

photo 5 (1)

And she has a beautiful stitch…

photo 2 (3)

I’m dying to do more with her but first I need to obtain a new bottom case for the machine. The supports are broken on this one and it doesn’t sit level. I’m going to call her Rosie after the Rose & Crown restaurant in Epcot’s England pavilion. I love to spend time there in Disney and she seems like a “Rosie” to me.

Props to my husband for not only asking the yard sale attendee if she had any sewing items and for encouraging me to pursue my new love of vintage machines. Yup, I’m keeping him. Nope, he’s not available. Sorry ladies…get your own 😉

I am continuing to work on this lovely Double Slice Layer Cake on my Featherweight….

photo 3

Found these fall goodies at Target…too cute not to share…
pillows for $3 each…

photo blog 1

Colorful pumpkins for $1 each…

photo 5

I shipped these cuties to QuiltWoman to catch a ride to Market in October!! So excited to be have patterns there this year. I feel official and all that…

photo 4

My nod to “Throw Back Thursday”…I was looking at this quilt in the dining room last night and remembering 1) how little Leah was 2) how cute she looked in her Dora sneakers 3) how much I loved the process of making this quilt. I am particularly fond of the zig zag stitching on her clothing. Also…this is the quilt I really learned to get over my fear of stippling with…I mean, look how tiny that stippling is?

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (4)

photo 1 (2)

So I need some prayers for my little parakeet, Kiwi. She has a rather large lump on the side of her. Not sure if it’s an ingrown feather or an egg that is stuck or something worse. I have no experience with this kind of stuff. She is going to the vet tomorrow morning. She is just the sweetest parakeet ever…

Ok, I’m off to stitch! Have a wonderful Thursday!


Apples, Frosting and Yummy Fabric

photo (87)

We celebrated Lindsey’s 13th birthday with her friends sleeping over on Saturday night! Lindsey found an awesome recipe for Espresso Butter Cream frosting and we used it to decorate some milk chocolate cupcakes. They were delicious!!

photo (88)

This is the recipe we used and the only change we made was to use 1.5 times the espresso powder and vanilla flavoring…also we used a box cupcake mix instead of making the mocha ones listed.

One of the highlights of the night was the Chinese style auction. Lindsey and I put together 5 themed baskets and gave out tickets to the girls. The girls used their tickets to win the baskets. Each girl went home with one. The best part was the “trading” of basket items that took place afterwards.

photo (89)

Sunday we cooked a large breakfast for the girls and then later in the day, our family went apple picking. I couldn’t resist posting these pictures because the colors were beautiful that afternoon.

photo (93)

photo (92)

Friday I oiled and lubricated my Featherweight so she (Snow White) would be ready for weekend sewing. I worked on the double slice layer cake and got through the first couple of steps..here is progress..

photo (91)

photo (86)

I’ll start sewing those two piles together during the week.

I also started reading the first book of the Inspector Gamache series that the “twilters” love and I have to say, I’m hooked! The books are by Louise Penny and the first one is Still Life. It was only $2.99 on Kindle last week…it may still be that price now.

Almost forgot…I received my order of Holly Holderman’s Sweet Things fabric and isn’t it soooooooo cute!!! It’s in the washer now and I’ll start pressing and cutting as soon as it’s ready.

photo (90)

I’m thinking I’ll get another podcast episode out on Friday. If you have any topics you’d like to hear about, let me know!
Have a fun day!!


Double Slice Layer Cake & First Seasonal Trio

While I was at Keepsake Quilting, I picked up this Moda layer cake.
photo (46)

My plan for this is to make it into a Double Slice Layer Cake quilt for the music school to raffle off next year. My mom recently made this beautiful one with a Riley Blake layer cake (that rhymes quite nicely). LOL.

double slice layer cake

I love the way it came out. My mother found this tutorial from Missouri Quilt Company for instructions.

I am going to be posting photos of the Seasonal Trio pattern projects over the next few posts. Today’s post will feature the First Seasonal Trio pattern.
These patterns are available now for sale through QuiltWoman. Click here to see the patterns and so much more on that website!! The Seasonal Trio patterns are available as paper patterns and digital downloads.

Here are the photos from First Seasonal Trio pattern.

Winter Pleasures
Winter Pleasures

Full Hearts
Full Hearts


Click Here for detailed photos of all of the Seasonal Trio projects.

Have a happy day!