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Blog Tour Winner & Stuff








We have a blog tour winner from last week’s QuiltMaker 100 Blocks Blog Tour! And the winner is Becki! I have contacted her through email and she will soon have a copy of 100 Blocks Vol. 14 in her mailbox!

I was blown away by the comments left on the blog tour post.  Every one of you had such nice thoughts about quilting and what it means to you. I mean you also had nice thoughts on my block, Afloat, which is awesome as well! The personal stories and the amount of sharing made my heart so joyous! What a community we have among us! I feel blessed and I hope that you do as well.

I was also impressed with the amount of other crafting everyone is doing…from knit to crochet, to scrapbooking and card making… it was so fun to read through and see how creative we all are!

I’ll be back next week with more quilty fun and in the meanwhile if you mentioned that you are a scrapbooker or you’d like to explore that as a craft, please visit my Creative Memories Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you over there and have you sign up for that newsletter!


Happy Thanksgiving! May your bellies be full and your hearts even fuller!




Summer Wrap Up

How can it be summer has come and gone????? I’m pretty sure this was the fastest one on the books. We wrapped up around here with a flurry of activity in the last few weeks that included a super fun family vacation to Canada and Vermont. We spent 4 nights in Mont Tremblant, 2 nights in Quebec City and 1 night in Burlington, VT. We made lots of memories and we tried real hard not to think about the fact that Amanda would be moving into UNH a few short days from then. I have some beautiful pictures to share in a future post about our vacation.

And move in, she did. The first bird has left the nest. Can you hear me crying? We did a lot of crying that day. A lot. My mama heart was broken seeing Amanda so nervous and scared. For a year or more she’s talked non-stop about attending UNH and living in the dorm with her cousin and another roommate. It all got the best of her come move in day. Thankfully, with each passing day and phone call, she has sounded happier and happier. Change is hard, friends. Here she is working on her desk set up.









Lindsey turned Sweet 16 and that meant a trip to the registry for a driver’s permit!







And Leah continues to wow us with her talent for pointe technique which is part of classical ballet. Check out that foot on the ground!









So now that everyone is about to get busy with school work, I can get busy with quilting and scrapbooking. I worked a bit on the Seaglass quilt this week. The rows are joined and now I need to add the borders.









I also started laying out charm squares for another baby quilt. I’m vending a craft fair on September 24th and I need to get busy on some items for the table in addition to quilt patterns and scrapbooking supplies. My table will be split between Creative Memories and Quilt Cabana Patterns.







The long arm progress has been stalled due to vacation and life in general but that shall pick right up again! What have you all been working on?


Cranking Stuff Out

Happy Thursday!

It’s been a super busy week here with vacation ending, doctor and dentist appointments, music shows, a dance comptetition and plays. That seems to be our anthem over here right now. Tomorrow my baby turns 18! I can’t believe how fast that happened. It’s surreal! Happy birthday, Amanda!

amanda small file






In the middle of the craziness I’ve been trying to work on a few projects in small increments because that’s all I can give it right now. So I started laying out the Seaglass half square triangles in the correct order for the blocks. I’m only pinning and sewing ten at a time right now.
All those half square triangles will look like the block on the right. There will be 30 blocks in the quilt.







I’ll continue stitching those together over the next while. I also started the Kiwi pixelated quilt.









I pressed all the fabric then cut enough for just a few blocks because I was so eager to get hand cranking that I didn’t want to spend hours cutting first. I put the pieces I cut into plastic bags labeled by color.









There are so many shades of green in this quilt that it will pay to stay organized. Next I sat at the hand-crank and started stitching! I got one block made at the kitchen table while waiting for dinner to finish cooking.










I have enough fabric cut to do a few more blocks before I’ll have to head back to the cutting table and really get into it.

My Disney pictures arrived from Shutterfly this week so I pulled out my new Creative Memories Fast2Fab album and started taping photos into it and journaling as I go. It took just a few minutes to do about 5 pages! I’m thrilled with these beautiful albums that come with pre-designed pages and page protectors. Not all of my albums are this easy nor will they all be but for a short trip to Disney, this is perfect. I can go back through and add stickers and more embellishments if I feel like it but I’m really enjoying the simplicity of this right now.







Yesterday I tried out Facebook Live on the Quilt Cabana Page. It was a short video to try out the new feature and it was fun! Hopefully this link will work and you can see and hear what I’m working on. I enjoyed doing it and hope to do more in the future both for quilting and scrapping.


Have a wonderful and quilty week!


The Real Finish

The camouflage quilt has been completed and is in the hands of one happy Army mom! I got up on Sunday determined to finish the quilt before I allowed myself breakfast or a shower! Coffee was not part of that deal! LOL!!! Jenny is the very proud mom of soldier, David. She was looking for something special to send him as a surprise. She wanted it to be a quilt he could snuggle with and really use. We came up with the design and opted for a warm, fleece backing. She’ll be shipping it to him this week. I’m beyond happy that I could help her out.












Friday night was fun as Leah attended the 8th grade semi formal! She had a blast with her friends! Here she is before she left for the night.









If you are interested in scrapbooking, Creative Memories came out with the March products! I am in love with the word bubble punch and I really like the 2″ x 3″ pocket album for all those school wallet sized photos and even for credit cards! Let me know if you’re interested.









My next project will be a new pattern for Quilt Cabana. It’s the Seaglass quilt. I’m dying to get started on it this morning. These are the fabrics that I’ll be using.

seaglass fabric








Happy Tuesday!


Sweet Things and Projects

I missed the Fresh Start Monday post yesterday so I’ll hold off until next week and continue on with today’s post instead! I hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day on Sunday. We had a very cold day with temps at -11 when we woke up. It was a great day to hang out by the fire and work on hand projects and think about all the things I should be doing but I wasn’t! LOL!

Greg made us all a nice dinner of homemade macaroni and cheese with bacon. It was perfect comfort food. Amanda had a nice day out with her boyfriend, Dan. We all enjoyed gifts and a cake!


amanda dan















I made the cake with my favorite pans from William Sonoma. They are the Celebration Layer Cake pans. One box cake will make four layers in these pans.

cake pans








The “We Still Do” sign was part of my gift to Greg. I found that on the Proverbs 31 website. And the adorable milk bottles with the striped straws came from Target.

I made the girls Valentine cards with my new border maker and punch from Creative Memories. It was fun to play around with them.







I spent most of the afternoon reading and working on this hexie project I started on the plane to Hawaii last year. It was fun to get back into that.







And yesterday the fabric arrived for my newest Quilt Cabana Pattern. I can’t wait to make this quilt!!!

seaglass fabric








This is school vacation and poor Lindsey is having oral surgery tomorrow so my blogging might be spotty over the next few days.

What are you all working on?


Craftsy Sale Alert & Creative Memories Feb. Special!






To celebrate their 1,000th online class, Craftsy is giving you the chance to get 50% off the most commonly ‘wishlisted’ classes! That class you have had your eye on for a while might just be on sale. Why not see for yourself and browse these deals before they’re gone? Hurry, the offer ends Thursday!

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If you’re feeling punchy, you’ll love the February Special! You can earn one of two fabulous new punches with the purchase of a paper bundle. If you order the Pastel or Bright paper pack, you get the Cherry Blossom punch free. If you order the Seasons or Holiday paper bundle, you earn the Stylish Heart punch free! Quantities are limited and I’m sure these will go fast. Contact me to order or order online yourself with this link…
Paper bundles contain a total of 64 pieces of paper.

February Special


Fresh Start Monday, Updates, Patterns

Fresh Start Monday








Happy Monday! Are you ready to be inspired for the week?

Today I have a great article for you on 16 Things Successful People Do On Monday Mornings. Maybe you could find a thing or two on the list to add to your routine and set you up for a successful week.

Etsy has opened a store inside of the famous Macy’s store in New York! Eight designers will have the chance to see their products inside the store. The designer list will rotate. Mostly it is designers from New York so if you fit the bill, check this out!

If you are a fan of vintage, Pyerex is turning 100 this year! Here’s a cute look back on the history of these iconic dishes!

If you need a quick Valentine gift, check out my Craftsy store for the Sweet Valentine Mug Rug and the cute Valentine mini quilt in First Seasonal Trio.


Full Hearts









This weekend I worked on Amanda’s Love Notes Quilt. I have the center quilted and now I need to quilt the borders.







I only squeaked out one more block for the 1930’s Beach Quilt. It’s the Flower Basket block which is my current favorite!







These beauties came walking down the street Saturday! They took us all by surprise!







This weekend I decided to sign on as Creative Memories Advisor. I have long been a fan of scrapbooking and CM products. For years I wanted to be a Consultant or Advisor as they are called now. So I took the plunge hoping to reignite my own love of scrapbooking. Looking through photos is a beautiful way to revisit memories. My kids still pull out the scrapbooks I’ve completed and enjoy looking through them. And I do as well. So the next step of my scrapping journey continues. Please visit my Facebook page that I’ve set up for this purpose. It will be updated like the Facebook¬†quilting page. I’d love for you to join me. You can sign up for bi-weekly newsletters on each page. You can also sign up for the same quilting bi-weekly newsletter on this page in the right sidebar.

I’m off to clean up my studio and get ready for a quilty week! Enjoy the day!