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Post Craft Fair & Stuff

Where is this week going? I’m not sure how it is possibly Wednesday already but it is! I not only survived vending at our town’s Christmas celebration and craft fair but I enjoyed it and the kids all got where they needed to be and on time thanks to my awesome husband.

This was a unique year for Christmas On The Common because our high school football team was playing in the Superbowl at Gillette Stadium on the SAME DAY. That meant all those football, marching band, and fan families were not in attendance for more than half of the day if at all. Sadly, they lost that game by 2 points. So for the vendors that meant attendance was definitely down as were sales. The big wave of shoppers who usually appear right at the end of the parade, never really showed up. I think they were all over at Gillette. That being said, I still had a pretty good day and made decent money. Here is what my booth looked like right as the day began.







The Star Wars pillowcases were the biggest hit of the table and also Disney Princess items as well as the Mr. & Mrs. Snowflake pattern.

I had several people ask about Snow White items…who knew? I also sold a few Minion items as well as baby bibs. In addition to that I have a few orders now to fill as well. I’m calling it a success for Quilt Cabana Patterns and I hope other vendors were able to feel the same way. The items that didn’t sell at the fair will be listed in my Etsy Store. Here’s Leah in the parade. Greg caught a cute picture of her as she marched by with the dance studio…








A note about my new site, www.sandicolwell.com, it is now up and running and has a subscribe button as well as a place to comment. This is a new blog meant to help us encourage, inspire, and connect with one another. I hope you’ll visit and become a reader. There are two posts now for your enjoyment!

My metal stamping supplies arrived and I’ve been having fun making some jewelry. No pictures yet as I’m still learning and practicing!

And here’s a picture to make you smile…dear Nala can’t seem to stay away from the Christmas tree as you can see from the 3ft high fence around it in the background of the photo. Good thing she’s so cute…we’ll keep her.



Getting Ready & Something New

How’s that for a post title? I couldn’t think of anything outstanding so I went with Getting Ready & Something New. I am about to start the process of getting my patterns and products ready to sell at Christmas On The Common on Saturday. This is our town’s annual Christmas festival complete with parade, craft fair, performances and all manner of yummy food. I’ll be vending from 9-3pm at the Quilt Cabana Patterns table. This time around feels remarkably different from my first time vending last year. This year I pretty much know what I need to bring and what can stay at home. The only downside to vending this event is that Leah is performing and so is Amanda which means I need to get some table coverage so I can sneak away into the auditorium to see one dance and the other play with the jazz band. This leaves middle daughter to watch my table – only she signed up to sell cookies with her classmates all day. I nicely pointed out that Quilt Cabana pays table help and the school doesn’t…is that wrong? I needed leverage, so there you have it. ┬áBad Mama….

This morning I finished up a bib order and they came out so cute with rick rack and matching snaps! I love those snaps! To find out more about them, click here for the post where I discussed the snap setter.


My sewing for the craft fair is done now and next I need to work on a Christmas gift for someone who may be reading, so no more details right now. After Christmas I have a few custom quilt orders and I have a few pattern ideas waiting to become realities. I wish designing patterns was a faster process but it truly is not!

To add a few more things to my ever-growing list of creative pursuits, tonight I ordered a bunch of supplies to stamp metal for jewelry. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try. I’ll keep you posted on the progress and a tool review once I play with it all.

I’m also working on a sister website to this one. It’s currently under construction although you can visit but there’s really not much content in it. It’s www.sandicolwell.com. Building a website is time consuming and I’m not finding a lot of extra time in my day as you can imagine these last few weeks. This site will be focusing on writing, devotionals and the busy lives of moms and dads just like yourselves. I’m slightly hesitant to share it so early but maybe you all can spur me on to get going with this project and I really want you to participate in it as well. Go have a look…


Kam Snap Setter & Wednesday Progress

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I spent some time going through the items I made for the upcoming craft fair. I realized that the snaps still needed to be set on the baby bibs. I had been putting it off because, quite honestly, I didn’t feel like learning how to use the new tool I bought to do it! After a little chat with myself about getting over it, I pulled out the Kam Snap Setter package and began to learn with the help of Kam’s website and tutorial. There are no written directions in the package. You have to go to their website for instructions but it was super easy! The starter set I purchased came with everything I needed including the tools and snaps in various colors. The snaps are plastic and colorful which was important to me as I want them to look nice on baby items. I chose the set below that had white snaps as well as the rainbow colors. Here are Amazon links to two sets – one with white snaps and one with only rainbow colors.

It was a simple process of using the included awl to poke holes in each side of the bib. Next, you put a snap prong through one side of the fabric and a male or female socket over the prong.




















Using the snap pliers, you squeeze the prong and socket together and you have one side of the snap!


Repeat for the other side…


And you are done! So easy.


These bibs will join the following items for sale at the craft fair in December. I’ll also be selling patterns and notions. I enjoy this fair so much because the whole town comes out for a parade and performances at the high school by the different dance studios and school bands. Leah will be dancing and marching in the parade and Amanda will be performing with the jazz band. There’s lots of food and of course, Santa is there too! It takes place on December 5th at the East Bridgewater Junior Senior High School.

These will be at my table…







Don’t forget Friday is my day on the 100 Blocks Blog Tour! I hope you’ll join me for a give-away!

It’s almost time to pull out holiday quilts like this one. Find this and more in my Craftsy Store!


****I am an Amazon Affiliate and would love for you to order the Kam Snap Setter through the links above. Purchases made through the posted links help to fund the website and podcast.


Vending Recap

I did it! I was a vendor at a craft fair for the first time. The town we live in has an annual Christmas event run by the Kiwanis Club. It’s a day long holiday festival complete with a parade, a craft fair, photos with Santa, music & dance performances, delicious food and the selling of Christmas Trees. It’s been going on for about 31 years and it is something that our town is very proud of. It is called Christmas On The Common. The food and parade are held outdoors and the rest is held inside the high school. I’ve always been a fan of the craft fair that takes place and I thought it would be fun and educational for me to vend there. I contacted the man in charge of the vendors and he sent me a contract to fill out. The price of a table space was $50 which I found to be reasonable. We did have to bring our own tables and chairs which seemed to be something new. The school decided not to supply them this year for some reason.

I spent many days preparing and packing for the fair. I made a master packing list and just kept piling things in the dining room until the morning of the event. The doors opened at 7:15 for vendors to set up. The fair opened at 9am and ran until 3pm. The set up went well. It took two cars to get everything there and one extra trip that Greg made for a card table and table cloth. We got inside and quickly realized that everyone else had two tables and two were really needed in order to not be cluttered. I also quickly found that my table banner was about 6″ too tall for the table. Thanks to duct tape, we got that “hemmed”. I received the banner as a free gift for reviewing the banner company awhile back.

Here is how my table and displays looked once I was finished setting up…

photo 2 (25)

I had one clothes rack that I covered with a table cloth and pinned the quilt samples to. I now realize that I should have had two racks so I could display more of the quilts. People really enjoyed looking at the samples and I easily could have fit two racks behind me.

A few days before the fair, I embroidered this apron for myself and I’m glad I did as I seemed more professional with it on.

photo 1 (25)

I brought two chairs along but I never sat in them. The girls were performing that day in the parade and in the auditorium and so in between events, they would come sit with me at the table. I didn’t mind standing though as it was much easier to talk to customers standing. The stream of people was constant all day long. However, the next day I felt like I had somehow pulled every muscle in my body.

Here are some pictures from both sides of the gym where the fair was held…

photo 3 (20)

photo 4 (15)

Other vendors were selling candles, jewelry, pillow cases, wreaths, wine bottles with lights inside, soaps, ornaments, Avon, Scentsy, artwork, scarves and sweatshirts. I felt unique in the sense that no one else was selling patterns or advertising classes. I made it a point to ask each person who came up to the table if they quilted or sewed. I had so many conversations with people by doing this. I heard all kinds of stories about quilting and early attempts at sewing. It was fun and I had a segue to recruiting for beginner sewing lessons. I’m not sure how many Coffee & Quilting postcards I handed out but it was a lot! I also had sign up sheet for the newsletter which I forgot about until midway through. I was able to get some names and email addresses for the next round of newsletters that I send out. I’m not sure how many people will sign up for a Coffee & Quilting session but even if it’s only one, that’s a good start.

I was glad I brought some waters and snacks as outside food from the carts (hamburgers, etc) were not allowed in the gym. I had protein bars and snack crackers packed that I ate. I could have run out for something to eat and left Greg and the girls at the table but I really didn’t want to miss a minute of the fair. I paid for that later in the day with a massive migraine.

It turned out to be a profitable day for me. I had advance sales of the Frozen make up bags which covered the cost of the table space and then I made a couple hundred dollars in sales. I also had an order waiting for me when I got home in my email from someone who couldn’t attend the fair.
I went into this thinking that even if I didn’t sell a single item, that I would have had a good time and that I would have learned something. I learned a lot on Saturday and the goal of getting my name and the business name out to the community was achieved. I’m calling it a success!

Here is a pdf file of my vending packing list. It might be helpful to you if you are thinking of vending a show.

Vending Packing List