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Birthdays, Sculptures and Mermaid Tails

We are wrapping up February vacation here this afternoon. It’s been a busy and fun week and now I’m ready to get the house in order and prepare for the week ahead! Over the past week we’ve celebrated my birthday, gone shopping, visited a sculpture park, had friends over and took care of banking business for Lindsey who is headed to Paris on a school trip in April.

I received so many nice gifts in honor of turning 46! One of which was a new bread making machine. My old machine was 22 years old and beginning to have more fails than successes. I guess it was time for updating. I have my first loaf of basic white bread in the machine now.








Another of my lovely gifts was Zappy Dots magnetic quilt jewelry. The dots fit right inside the necklace and I love that the chain is 24″ long. It lands in just right the spot. Several quilty celebrities have designed the dots and I love that they even have a bunny one!









Another of my favorite gifts is this book, Artful Improv. It has great lessons on color theory and I can’t wait to use the tips and building blocks to create an improv piece that will lend itself to the long arm nicely.









Wednesday was my actual birthday and I headed to a yarn store a few towns over that I had never been to. I picked up two skeins of beautiful sock yarn to use on the loom but I forgot to upload the photo. I’ll post it next time. We had a nice dinner out with the girls and I broke my diet for birthday cake!









In one of my last posts I wrote about having trouble with making Lindsey’s crochet mermaid tail blanket. I officially gave up and ordered her one online! It arrived Friday! She’s happy and I’m super relieved not to have to worry about it anymore! LOL! It was worth the $20 something bucks to get that monkey off my back. The main problem was that I kept thinking the top part was too narrow and I was doing it wrong but it turns out the top is narrow and the one I purchased is just as narrow. Maybe another time I’ll try again and finish it. That time is totally not now!









On Thursday we visited DeCordova Museum and Sculpture park with my mom. It was an interesting place with several nice sculptures around the grounds. I think it would be fun to go back again in the summer although it was 60 something degrees the day we went. Here are a few pictures from that day trip…



















And finally, yesterday I managed to sneak into the sewing room to work on the Hawaiian flower quilt. That sashing is royal pain but it looks good. My points are definitely not perfect on it but the quilt is for me so I’m not worried about it. I do love the Hawaiian prints so much. This was a kit I purchased at Vicky’s Quilt Shop on Kauai the summer before last.









What are you all working on this weekend?


Antique’ish Birthday And A Finished Top

I finished the camo quilt top a few minutes ago!!! Ahhhhh, feels good to have that done. Next will be backing it with a camo fleece and quilting it.









So today I join Club 45, otherwise known as my 45th birthday! The kids actually went back to school today after Feb. vacation and Greg was at work which left me home with the bunny, 2 parakeets and a fish! LOL! It was pretty quiet. I did most of my celebrating on Saturday. Greg, the girls and I went to Plymouth where we spent a few hours at the Main Street Marketplace which is the coolest antique store. I say that because the girls even enjoy it! It’s a huge place with a big light house and fire engine in the middle of it.












We did well there. I left with a new cheese board, Greg left with some bar glasses and Amanda left with some jazz albums! I would have liked to have brought home these beauties but the price tag was a bit much on each one. I will say, they were gorgeous!









After antiquing we went to Sam Diego’s for a Mexican dinner and margaritas! Today is National Margarita Day but I had mine Saturday…and I had one Sunday but who’s keeping track?









Sunday afternoon while the Daytona 500 was on the tv, Lindsey helped me arrange the hexies into 6 coasters. I let her arrange because doing that gives me a headache! I get stressed over it and she does it quickly with great results.







After the Daytona I begged to open one gift because that’s the kind of gal I am! Plus there’s a little pile of gifts wrapped in my bedroom just mocking me and I NEEDED to open one. And here it is….the Pandora Mickey Ring! Yipppppppeeeee!









Tonight I’ll open the rest…Club 45 ain’t so bad afterall!

Have a super quilty week!


Sweet 16

photo 1 (6)

My baby girl turns 16 tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. Seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we brought her home from the hospital and she wouldn’t sleep at all that first night! No matter what we did or where we placed her, she wasn’t having it. LOL. We called the 24 hour line at the hospital maternity floor because we had NO IDEA what we were doing!! Funny now but 16 years ago, not so much.

Our family and one of Amanda’s friends headed to Providence, RI Saturday night to celebrate. We did lots of shopping (3 story mall), lots of eating at Fire & Ice and we stayed over night at the Hilton down there. It was a fun celebration for her and for us too. We had a nice brunch the next morning then we had to hurry home as two of our girls were in a performance in the afternoon. Lindsey sang and played piano and Amanda played piano and flute. They did a great job and we were so proud of them. Tomorrow we will celebrate the ‘real day’and per request of the birthday girl, have strawberry shortcake.

I got a few pictures of evidence that spring is really here…despite the fact it was 39 degrees this morning and my heat is still running…

photo 3 (4)

My Forget Me Nots and…some buds that are turning into leaves!

photo 2 (6)

POSTCARD SWAP is coming to a close regarding sign ups at the end of the week. Drop me a line if you’d like to join us.

If you like the little PARTY mini quilt at the top of the post, you can find the pattern on Craftsy and also at QuiltWoman. This is one of three mini quilts in the Fourth Seasonal Trio pattern.

Have a beautiful day!