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Quilting On

Lame title, eh? I wanted to pick something real cute like Springing Ahead but it’s snowing here and this is our 4th nor’easter in about 12 days or so. COME ON. I’ve got all kinds of beautiful plants in the living room trying to push me towards that fresh, spring feeling but I’ve got nothin’. So we talk about what ALWAYS cheers us up and that is quilting! My favorite topic aside from bunnies!

So…I had my wonderful ladies here last week for open sew day. It’s great fun for me to transform my first floor into a sewing retreat for the day. We have multiple cutting and ironing stations set up, lots of good food, a lot of laughs, and room to comfortably work on our projects. The hours shared with like minded people are not only enjoyable but inspirational as we cheer each other on and bring new perspectives to this hobby we all love.

Here are few pictures from our day…
Priscilla and Gail working hard…









Nancy measuring and pressing her borders…









Sharyn opening her prize for winning quilt trivia…they were excellent sports about my strange need to have organized games and goody bags at my events, lol!!! Must put that hospitality degree to good use!









Priscilla and Gail sharing a laugh over coffee and tea…









My week wasn’t all play…I did finish up a bargello wall hanging that I will be using to teach a bargello class with next month…









And I finished long arming Gail’s quilt…it’s a beauty!








And I started a portrait art quilt of my daughter Amanda.









I explain more about this process in the following youtube video. Many years ago I had a youtube channel called Quilt Cabana Corner and I posted 9 videos to that channel. Sadly, youtube won’t allow me back on the channel because it’s been too long since I posted. I started a new channel this morning called Quilt Cabana Corner With Sandi Colwell and it will be a biweekly video cast of different crafty things I’m working on. The videos will be 15 minutes or less. I’m nervous in this first one and speaking too quickly and forgot a few names…sorry about that. I do hope you’ll join me for this adventure and subscribe to the channel although I will be posting the links here as they are uploaded to youtube.

I think that about does it for the week! I hope spring has found you and that it finds little o’l Massachusetts sometime soon!

Have a great day, everybody!