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Projects Galore!

So I missed last week’s blog post and I remember thinking I didn’t have much last week that was new. This week, there has been progress on just about every front and I’m super excited and feeling challenged by it all. Let’s dive right in!

I am working on my first long arm pantograph! This pretty quilt was pieced by my mother and I was given free reign on the design. I was eager to try pantographs and so I chose this flowery one called Lilac. The fabrics in this quilt are darling and I am enjoying every minute at the machine.














Last week Lindsey asked me to make her teacher a Star Wars baby quilt. This beloved teacher is married to another of Lindsey’s teachers and they are big Star Wars fans. I’ve been waiting to try out the Accuquilt Orange Peel die and so I began this last Friday night.









My students are also making progress as Gail is about ready to apply binding to her log cabin and Nancy is working on sashing  and more starts for this beauty!









The mermaid tail crochet project moved forward with the suggestion of Nancy that I use a stitch I like throughout the project instead of learning a new row each time! Genius! I decided to go with the shell stitch throughout and now I have about 5 rows done instead of 2!








My back basted applique table topper has been started in earnest. I have the sails of two of the four boats appliqued onto the background.








Recently I was watching The Quilt Show episode featuring Jill Finley and I loved seeing her method of applique which is a freezer paper method. Her quilts are gorgeous and I might try her method next.

Lastly, I ordered silk roving and the supplies to try Silk Fusion. I am going to blog in detail about this next time but here is a picture of the soft and luxurious feeling silk roving!








Tomorrow we continue our college tours with Lindsey and we’ll be checking out Bentley University which is Greg’s alma mater! So far her first choice seems to be University of Vermont followed closely by UNH (how great it would be to have 2 kids there!) and now we’ll see what she thinks of Bentley.

Have a great weekend everybody!


New Blocks, Workshop and A Mug Rug Pattern

I’ve been working away on a few things this week. I’ll start with my progress on the beach quilt. I squeaked out two more block over the weekend so I have four now.  I’m using my Accuquilt dies to make the blocks and it is super easy as long as you use a scant 1/4″ seam. The 1/4″ on the foot I have is too generous and the 1/8″ didn’t seem big enough so scant is the winner!







I spent a few minutes on my red work while watching the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday…









Today I finished up this sweet little mug rug and the pattern will be available on Craftsy next week…







I took Marge Tucker’s Improv Circle workshop on Saturday with my mom. We had a great time chatting and sewing. It was a lot of fun. The idea was to learn to use strips to make improv circular blocks. The block could then be combined into a larger piece such as this one that Marge designed. I borrowed this photo from her website. The quilt is called Hay Bales and it is quite stunning.

1 aam







So let’s just say that though I won’t ever be afraid of curved piecing again after doing a whole day of it, my blocks certainly do not even resemble hers. Not even close. In the spirit of ‘fun’, I finished one block and then attempted another. The one on the left is my first correct block. Take a look and then we’ll talk about the second one….







The one on the right is, shall we say, ‘not right’. The gal at the next table ‘accidentally’made her block look as though it were spinning in motion. That accident looked pretty good to my mother who decided to accidentally on purpose make hers look the same. Well, serendipity is just that…a pleasant surprise. Perhaps not to be replicated. My mother got very excited and then I too became excited and thought I’d give it a whirl…no pun intended. The way to accomplish the happy accident was to add strips to the center circle on 3 sides then 4, etc. Adding to 4 sides was how the original block was done. All this to say, mine ended up looking like a giant eyeball and my mother’s well, it looks like an itty bitty bathing suit bottom or one side of a bra! LOL!!!! When we realized what was happening and nothing could save us, we sat and giggled and got down right punchy. That happens in the sixth or so hour of straight sewing. Yup.

Neither of us made it the guild meeting on Monday night to show and tell our blocks, probably a good thing!

Marge’s work is beautiful and when done correctly, it was a fun technique.

Have a great Thursday and here’s a little something to make you smile…



Fresh Start Monday And Updates

Fresh Start Monday

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful and fun New Year’s celebration. I know many of you were sewing with the Twilters on the New Year’s Day Sew In over on Twitter and Facebook. I didn’t get a chance to join in on that fun but I did follow along throughout the day. Today was the first day back in my sewing room and boy, that felt good! I started two projects and did some major planning.

Let’s start with the 2016 word of the year. Did you all choose one? My word for this year is Faith. You can read how I chose this word over on my other blog, by clicking here.

Today I was itching to get into the Accuquilt dies. I decided to make a version of this 1930’s sampler.









I think my version will be a bit larger as it is going to be a quilt for the beach. The girls have asked me a few times to make a big quilt to take to the beach in the summer and I think this will be perfect. I went ahead and made the first block today, it’s a Broken Sash block…


2016-01-04+13.58.20 (1)










And tonight I ripped the whole block apart…why, you ask? Well, it seems that when using Accuquilt, your seams have to be a very scant 1/4″ or the block comes out too small. I read up on it today and some quilters are using an 1/8″ seam…yikes. I’ll resew it with an 1/8″ and see what happens. My 1/4″ foot is way to generous. I’m going to have to play around with it.

My second project was getting this redwork embroidery pattern traced onto some white cotton…









I used my light box and a mechanical pencil. I left off the frilly design around the heart because I know I’ll get tired of stitching that so I’m going to see how it looks without it. This will be the center panel of a throw pillow.









I don’t have much for Fresh Start Monday as I’ve not been diligent this week collecting articles. I was super busy with the family and that seemed to be right where I needed to be. I do have this one article though with 25 recipes you can make with shredded chicken. This will come in handy for quick and healthy dinners this month. Click Here.



Fresh Start Monday

Happy Monday! Today I have three interesting articles for you and one item of interest.

The first article is about the history or Sashiko. It’s an interesting read if you’ve ever wondered where this art form came from. Click Here.

The second article is about how the numbers shook out from Fall Quilt Market and what the new trends are….click here.

The third article is about how one group of pioneers in 1863 used quilts to save an entire village! Click Here.

If you’re looking for a great quilty gift for yourself or a friend, check out The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book. This includes 111 block patterns on cd to make the famous Farmer’s Wife Quilt. I have this book and have not begun the quilt yet but I’m eager to start! Click Here or on the picture to see this on Amazon. It is priced at $18.58.


Fresh Start Monday

Fresh Start Monday

Welcome to another Fresh Start Monday post! These posts will be appearing on Mondays and designed to bring you fun and interesting items from around the web both quilting related and not. Enjoy!!






This adorable Christmas In Paris embroidery pattern is free right now over at Sealed With A Stitch.









Abby Glassenberg had this interesting 2015 Gift Guide for Creatives listing on her blog this week.

Hancock Fabrics is having a big pre-Thanksgiving sale until the 24th.

InCourage had this post, Surprised By Good, about the perfect or not so perfect Thanksgiving. It’s a great read for all us dreaming of the picture perfect Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Accuquilt is having a big Black Friday sale on their cutters and dies and you can shop it now.

And here is one of my previous blog posts with the recipe for a Thanksgiving family favorite, Allison’s Chocolate Pie.

Happy Monday Everyone! Here’s to a fresh start.

Tis the season for Winter Joy! Find this pattern in my Craftsy store.



Getting Back Into The Swing…

So the snow hit us really hard yesterday in Massachusetts.  We woke up to no power in the house at 5:30am and it the power stayed off until 7:30pm!  Thank God for the fireplace!  Of course any time the power goes out, my first reaction is “how am I going to get coffee”!  Yesterday was no exception.  I decided to  heat water in the fireplace and then force it through a k cup because I didn’t have any instant!  It felt crazy but it worked and I had a glorious first cup of coffee.  Later in the morning, my hero of a husband and neighbor made the trek to Dunkin Donuts where they had coffee and cocoa but no food available.  Our wonderful friends across the street came over to keep warm by the fire as well and what could have been a long and boring day was instead a ton of fun.  The kids were not happy when the power made its triumphant return.  I think the grownups were relieved that we wouldn’t be sleeping nine across a hardwood floor!

So here I am making the coffee…I need one of those tin cups they use for camping.  I might have to purchase that next time I’m at Walmart.

I was supposed to be recording a podcast today but I woke up not feeling great so it will be postponed.  I think I’m looking at Tuesday now since tomorrow has it’s own set of problems and Monday the kids have off from school.

I am currently working on a table runner and really should get off the computer and get going on it before I have to pick the kids up.  However, when I went to check email I saw that Vera Bradley has her new spring collection out…I love the Blue Lagoon pattern and feel like I must have something in that pattern…good thing my birthday is coming!  Speaking of birthdays, my mom is giving me an Accuquilt Go Baby and I am sooooo excited.  I ordered the parallelogram die to go with it…if anyone has made something with this die, send me a photo and I’ll post it!


Here is the Blue Lagoon pattern…I’m in love….

I must go do some work now.  Have a wonderful day!