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So much stuff….

I didn’t realize how many days had passed since my last blog post. I thought about posting several times over the last few weeks but each time I got overwhelmed by how many pictures I had so I bagged it. It has been a fun and busy few weeks here with the junior prom and Lindsey’s trip to Paris. She’s due home tonight and I can’t wait to see her! I’ll just jump in with what I’ve been working on. First off, I’m thrilled to say that my long arm frame was extended from 8 feet to ten feet on Wednesday. We didn’t have space initially to set it up to the full extent but after some furniture maneuvering, it does fit! I am so happy that I can now quilt a queen size on the frame. I’ll be updating my website this month with information on my long arm and the designs I offer.

I’ve been working on the small color theory quilts again and this time I worked in a monochromatic blue scheme. I wanted to continue my study of color and creating improv quilts by piecing gentle curves without pinning! GASP! I know, right? Unbelievably, I found it very easy and relaxing. The curves came together nicely even though I could have sworn they weren’t going to! Convex and concave can be con-tricky!!!


















Here is the final piece which I’ll mark for quilting next and then put on the long arm for ruler work practice. I love that by working on these small pieces, I learn color theory, improv piecing and ruler work! It’s the perfect hat trick!









This week’s fun news is that my bunny block made the inside cover of 100 Blocks this time around!









I will be hosting a stop on their blog tour on May 2nd! Here is the awesome thank you gift I received for being part of their magazine! I love it!









While Lindsey’s been in France, I began working on her Love Notes quilt. I made the same quilt for Amanda when she went to France two years ago. Back then Lindsey asked if I would make one for her when it was her turn to go on the trip! I ordered the fabric two years ago and now I’m making it!









I have the half square triangles done and in piles for 42 blocks. This afternoon I pieced the first two blocks. I love making these cute little love notes!

















For Easter I decided to surprise my mom with a bouquet she could really get into…who doesn’t love a flower pot filled with fat quarters!









This week I also treated myself to new fine and extra fin pins! What a difference these make!









And lastly here’s a little peek at my Lindsey and her prom date, Alex. They had a great time!

Have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be back next week with more to share!


Welcome To My Blog!

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for the 100 Blocks Blog Tour!!!









I am so pleased you’re here and I can’t wait to share the block I created with all of you. You can find my block under the ‘Applique’ section of Volume 14.









The title of my block is “Afloat”. I’d love to tell you that I came up with the idea one beautiful summer day when the sun was reflecting off the water like diamonds….but that isn’t what happened. I was actually pretty stumped for an idea this time around. I’ve been trying to stay away from floral blocks done with applique because I think the editors get several of those for each issue. I decided on a nautical theme but wanted something more than an anchor or crab. I felt like the block needed to feel serene. I wanted to feel like I was right there on the water even though I wasn’t.
I also knew the block would feature fun and easy fusible applique…A technique I really love and can get right into!

If you’ve never done fusible applique, I’ll show you the steps for how I made Afloat and these steps are the same for any fusible applique project that I have designed through my pattern company, Quilt Cabana Patterns.

I sketched the block out with pencil and paper and then used cardstock to make the templates for the boat and dock.









Then I traced the templates onto paper backed fusible web. I needed three boats, so I traced the boat template three times.







Next was the super fun part of auditioning fabrics. I opted for bright colors against a deep blue background…







I used the iron to fuse my paperbacked fusible pieces onto the wrong side of the fabric. Once it cooled, I cut out the pieces and arranged then on the background…










The last step was to stitch around the raw edges using the blanket stitch. This could also be done with a zig zag stitch. And here is the finished block!









Easy right? If you’d like to try more projects like this one, please visit my Craftsy store where you can find 18 fun patterns – everything from mug rugs to wall hangings and table decor! Check out these holiday projects because there’s plenty of time to whip one up as a gift or for your own decor!
































And now for the give-away! If you would like a chance to win a copy of 100 Blocks Volume 14 just leave me a comment and tell me a little about yourself and what type of projects you like to work on.

Don’t forget to visit my blog frequently as there’s always something fun going on!



New Projects, New Bunny

Hey there,

This is turning out to be a great week for getting things done in my own little crafty world. I often struggle with myself over my own perceived lack of productivity but in reality, we’re all just doing the best we can with the time we have in a day. Not everything is getting done but enough is getting done that I feel pleased. Next week might be a different story but this week, all is well…except for the coffee I just spilled all over the laptop.

So let’s start with honest to God cuteness…Amanda surprised us by coming home over the weekend. She wanted to help her boyfriend move in to his college dorm as he helped her. Our plan was to use Saturday morning to visit the 4H Fair which is where we got our bunny, Nala, last year. I pretty much think we all knew if we saw another Lionhead bunny, there’d be a good chance that bun would come home…and here she is!









This is Daisy and she is four months old. She’s adorable and doesn’t mind being held which is quite different than Nala who hates to be picked up. We noticed that Daisy was banging into things every so often and I took her to the vet to confirm our suspicions that she can’t see all that well. Yup, she’s partially blind. In our family that means she gets more hugs, love, attention and supervision! Nala and Daisy are experiencing a very slow introduction as Nala isn’t too sure what this little white snowball is doing in our house yet. I’m sure in time, they’ll be best buds.

Ok, for the quilty news, I finished the Seaglass quilt top! I am very happy with how it came out and now I’ll look forward to quilting it on the long arm. When it’s complete, it will be a pattern for sale on Craftsy.









Yesterday I finished up quilting Nancy’s beautiful quilt on the long arm. She was brave enough to entrust this beauty to me and I’m so glad. It came out very nice and I can’t wait for her to see it in person!







I got the great news this week that another of my blocks has been chosen for the next QuiltMaker’s 100 Blocks magazine coming out in November! That means another blog hop and give away! More details will be posted later.

I finished the Disney scrapbook from the trip that Greg, Leah and I took with the dance team that Leah is on. It felt so good to wrap that up.

And I am taking on another new crochet project or two. I am the worst, slowest crocheter in history for sure. But I can’t say no to Lindsey when she asks for this…









Really. Ummmm ok. Let me order that along with some sock yarn and book on crocheting socks while I’m at it…









Once I struggle through the first mermaid tail, I have two other requests from Amanda and Leah for one. Lord help me.

That is what’s happening this week here at Quilt Cabana. What are you working on this week?


Gardens, Graduations, Gratitude

How’s everyone’s week going? I hope you all had a nice long weekend. I love Memorial Day and all the emotion it brings. We attended the ceremony at the high school on Monday morning. Amanda was playing in the band and it was just a truly moving service.

And this week we are heading straight into graduation! My girl has been busy with senior breakfasts and rehearsals and banquets and award ceremonies…so much stuff. Today she came home with the Best Eyes trophy! LOL!!

This morning I was busy planting my two vegetable gardens. This one has 2 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of cucumbers, jalapenos, roasting rosemary, spinach and lemon basil.







This one has eggplant, zucchini,and,summer squash…







This tiered planter has dill, cilantro, basil and parsley and I bought a second one that has strawberry plants.







This week is a slow quilting week for me. I don’t have lessons scheduled this week so I’m using the time to plant, take care of the pool, and start on grad party plans.  It’s a super busy time for our family but I am thankful for each beautiful day. There’s lots to do and it seems overwhelming but I’m taking it one day at a time.  I made the centerpieces yesterday because they don’t require water and can be made up ahead of time. I modified an idea I saw on Pinterest and came up with these…









I made ten of them and boy were they messy!!







The mail was fun this week as I received my thank you gift from QuiltMaker for being in their 100 Blocks magazine. It’s a super cute mouse pad with all 100 blocks. Can you spot my cupcake block?







I’m going to be launching a summer postcard swap where we exchange a landscape quilt postcard from somewhere we visit this summer. Would you like to join? Postcards won’t be due to each other until the end of September? Let me know if you’d like in on the fun! I’ll record a podcast next week and talk more about it.

Enjoy the week!


Having A Magical Time!

Last Thursday Greg, Leah and I headed to Disney World for a 5 day trip with Leah’s dancing school. Leah is part of the dance company that competes and gets to go on some awesome trips! The girls performed on Sunday night at Disney Springs formerly known as Downtown Disney or the Disney Marketplace. We had a really fun trip and were so proud of Leah and all the dancers from Michelle’s Studio of Dance!

Here are few pics from the trip…



























The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival was happening while we were there. Really, that deserves a post of its own. Here’s a pretty decent shot though of how beautiful everything looked.







My Fitbit saw a lot of steps! I ranged from 17,000 to 25,000! Now that I’m home, my Fitbit is wondering what the heck happened! LOL! I’d say that now that spring has arrived, I’ll be walking but we just got 5″ of snow this morning! Yuck. I’m over it. Bring on spring for real!

Today I worked on my next 100 Blocks submission and tomorrow I’ll be back at work on the Seaglass quilt in addition to teaching and getting ready for Easter dinner.

What have you all been working on?


Welcome to My Day On The 100 Blocks Blog Tour!


Welcome everyone to my day on the 100 Blocks Volume 12 blog tour! I’m so thrilled to once again be a part of this fun experience with you.

My block is the Sew Happy applique block…

finished block

I think it’s fun to share photos of how the block was created. I am a big fan of fusible applique projects. Designing a project that is quick and whimsical is where I find my fun! Let’s start here with the design process. Yes, I still use paper, pencil, and hand drawn templates most of the time. I have EQ7 and an understanding of how to use it but to me, there’s nothing like starting from scratch.

design ideas

I had developed these templates when I created this larger wall hanging version of the block…

finished model quilt

I headed to my stash for fabrics and found these adorable ones from Riley Blake…


I did some simple piecing and then fused my applique to the background and headed to the sewing machine. The most relaxing part of quilting to me is adding the blanket stitch to my appliques. I just love that part! I get a hot cup of coffee and a good quilting podcast and stitch away!

under machine

If you would like to enter for a chance to win a copy of 100 Blocks Volume 12, leave me a comment here on this post and I will draw a winner over the weekend. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner.

If you think fusible projects sound fun, please visit my Craftsy store for patterns including the Penguin Christmas Mug Rug for $2.00.


If you enjoy podcasts, please join me at Quilt Cabana Corner for a fun, quilty podcast.

Visit my website to sign up for the newsletter.


Christmas Mug Rug, 100 Blocks & Soup

Happy Friday Everyone!

We are experiencing very warm temps here in MA and it feels more like May than November! I’m at my desk writing with a Christmas tree lit behind me and it’s making me giggle that the windows are open and it’s a balmy 70 degrees out! And that is why we love New England!

I just finished up this adorable Penguin Christmas mug rug! I will have the pattern available on Craftsy by Tuesday morning, maybe sooner!



My little mug rug patterns are $2.00 on Craftsy, go check them out!

Last week I received my copies of 100 Blocks magazine, vol. 12! My block is the sewing machine one pictured here on the Table of Contents. I’ll be a hostess along the blog tour on November 20th, so come by and you can enter win a copy of the magazine!


I finally took a step forward with my writing a few weeks ago. I joined Compel Training which is an online writer’s training offered through Proverbs 31. This organization is a Christian ministry for women that offers devotions, training, speakers, conferences, and a daily radio program among many other things. The writer’s training program is something I’ve put off joining for 2 years. I’m so glad I joined because I can’t even convey to you here in this blog space how much I have learned about the writing and editing process in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more on that. If you’d like to check out Compel, click here. Fall registration is closed but it will reopen in a few months for the spring.

Last night I made Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup in the crockpot because my family loves it and my oven is STILL broken. Last week cooking without an oven was an adventure…this week, not so much. Due to a delay in a part arriving, I’ll be oven-less until next Thursday. For real. Anyway…here is the recipe and it is easy and delicious! I made some bread in the bread maker to go along with it.


Tomorrow I’ll be heading to the Quilter’s Gathering in NH with my mom. Anyone else heading up there? It’s my favorite quilt show. I love the beautiful quilts and they have a huge vendor’s area…be still my heart. LOL!!



Progress Inside & Out

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We spent it at home and I was thrilled to get my planting done. I have two small gardens and my favorite phase of the garden, is the planting! The two garden areas are small but it holds just enough for our family and to give a bit away. This year we are growing zucchini, summer squash, basil, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, beefsteak tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes. In the past we’ve done more herbs but this year I wasn’t feeling it! LOL!!

2015-05-26 09.01.30

Lindsey normally helps with the planting but this year she wasn’t feeling it as she is still slowly recovering from her concussion. She had the staples in her head removed last Thursday and now we are taking the rest of the recovery slowly. She is in school this week for half days and will try to get a handle on the work she missed.

I managed to finish up the music school raffle quilt. I’m happy with how it came out and I’ll be even happier to hand it off!

2015-05-26 09.02.35

This week I received some fun mail. The wonderful folks over at 100 Blocks sent these adorable tote bags out as a thank you for participating. I love bags!

2015-05-26 09.03.13























I also made this cute box bag on the serger! It was one of the projects in my Craftsy class, Beginning Serging with Amy Alan.

2015-05-26 09.02.06

The super awesomely cute fabric was from Lori K. I pulled it out and thought it would be perfect for this little bag.

The bag was easy to make but I did have two mistakes. One was that the zipper on the far end of the photo was not lined up properly. The other mistake was that I didn’t have the knife turned on so there were some stitches on the inside of the bag that sort of had too much loopiness on the edge. I’m planning on making another soon and I hope I can correct the issues on that one.

Over the weekend I met with a friend and her beautiful daughter. They are looking to have a t-shirt quilt made with all of her daughter’s high school t-shirts. We laid them all out and came up with a plan so I’ll be working on that next.

Have a beautiful day!


Welcome To My Day On The Blog Tour!!!


I’m so thrilled to once again be part of QuiltMaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour! I’d like to extend a big hello and welcome to everyone who stops by this week! Hard to believe this is my 5th time!

My block can be found on page 10. It is called Sunflower Dance.





This is a fusible applique block that is quick, easy and versatile! I think sunflowers are amazing. They grow so tall and beautiful. I thought it would be fun to turn this block into a table runner that can be enjoyed year round. I made the same block but in different colors and paired it with Cross Roads blocks to get this….


And a few closeups…



My process for designing is quite simple. I like to have a sketch to work from that I’ve drawn by hand and then I use cardstock to make templates for my appliques. I use paperbacked fusible web to adhere the appliques to the project and then I finish the appliques with blanket stitching.





If you think you’d like to try a fusible applique project, head over to the Quilt Cabana Patterns store on Craftsy. There are several small projects to try including this mug rug!

mug rug cover 3

Now it’s time for a give-away!!! I’m giving away a copy of 100 Blocks Volume 11 to one lucky reader and QuiltMaker is also going to give away a copy to another lucky reader! Just leave a comment and be sure to fill out the email address. No one will see this but me so I know how to contact you if you win. Tell me what your favorite summer flower is and what you are working on this week.

I hope you’ll follow my blog and join me for weekly updates, swaps and my podcast, Quilt Cabana Corner.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit my website as well.


100 Blocks Blog Tour!!!


It’s coming! The 100 Blocks Volume 10 Blog Tour is almost here! I’m super excited because…


My Hummingbird Haven block is in this issue!

The day that I am hosting the blog tour is November 21st. That’s next Friday. Here is your personal invitation…In the top left corner, click on Playlist and scroll down to Hummingbird Haven by Sandi Colwell



I’ll be giving away a copy of the magazine and QuiltMaker will also give away a copy to one of my readers! When we received notification that our blocks were to be included in this very special 10th volume edition, we were asked to help out with creating a video montage celebrating this 10th volume! This is the video montage that was produced…do recognize anyone in this video? I just know that I was so excited to be in the same video as two of my sewing crushes…Nancy Zieman and Nancy Mahoney!! Take a look…in the top left corner, click the playlist and and click on the 2nd video that says QuiltMaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 10.

The blog tour runs all next week and if you don’t know how it works, this is the deal. Each day the QuiltMaker blog will list that day’s designers and their blog links. You go visit the blog and see how the ideas for the blocks were conceived and any other information the designer thinks is fun to share. Each blog will have one or two give-aways to participate in! It’s a week of fun and chances to win! QuiltMaker has a big give away at the end on their blog. So you don’t want to miss it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday. I’ll be busy working on my Frozen make up bags for an upcoming craft fair. I’ve made a few but they seem to be disappearing quickly….must.sew.faster.

photo (25)