Quilt Cabana Corner Ep. 2 -Why & Tulle

I decided to try using Facebook Live to record the second episode of Quilt Cabana Corner With Sandi Colwell. My FB app will not allow me to record landscape for some reason so forgive me of that til I can get it straightened out.

Today we talk about why we create and how that can help us stay motivated and focused. We also see examples of tulle used as an overlay on a portrait quilt.

Here is the video and below are the tulle options.

Grey Tulle:








Blue Tulle:








Cranberry Tulle:



One thought on “Quilt Cabana Corner Ep. 2 -Why & Tulle

  1. Colleen

    Hi Sandi. Great video. It made me think.

    I think my passions are to learn and to be creative. I always wanted to be an artist. Alas, I got the math brain and my sister got the artistic brain. But, early on, I realized I could create art by following someone else’s pattern. I’m content to do that. At the same time though, I’m always striving to improve my technical skills and to learn new ones. I’ve also worked to learn colour theory and design principles.

    A reason why I sew and quilt is that when I’m at the machine, I’m totally focussed on my project. I plug in a podcast and forget about all of ny problems for an hour or so. Even if the project is difficult or I make a mistake, it’s still an escape for me.


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