Kam Snap Setter & Wednesday Progress

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Yesterday I spent some time going through the items I made for the upcoming craft fair. I realized that the snaps still needed to be set on the baby bibs. I had been putting it off because, quite honestly, I didn’t feel like learning how to use the new tool I bought to do it! After a little chat with myself about getting over it, I pulled out the Kam Snap Setter package and began to learn with the help of Kam’s website and tutorial. There are no written directions in the package. You have to go to their website for instructions but it was super easy! The starter set I purchased came with everything I needed including the tools and snaps in various colors. The snaps are plastic and colorful which was important to me as I want them to look nice on baby items. I chose the set below that had white snaps as well as the rainbow colors. Here are Amazon links to two sets – one with white snaps and one with only rainbow colors.

It was a simple process of using the included awl to poke holes in each side of the bib. Next, you put a snap prong through one side of the fabric and a male or female socket over the prong.




















Using the snap pliers, you squeeze the prong and socket together and you have one side of the snap!


Repeat for the other side…


And you are done! So easy.


These bibs will join the following items for sale at the craft fair in December. I’ll also be selling patterns and notions. I enjoy this fair so much because the whole town comes out for a parade and performances at the high school by the different dance studios and school bands. Leah will be dancing and marching in the parade and Amanda will be performing with the jazz band. There’s lots of food and of course, Santa is there too! It takes place on December 5th at the East Bridgewater Junior Senior High School.

These will be at my table…







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It’s almost time to pull out holiday quilts like this one. Find this and more in my Craftsy Store!


****I am an Amazon Affiliate and would love for you to order the Kam Snap Setter through the links above. Purchases made through the posted links help to fund the website and podcast.


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