A Finish & A Clean Space

This morning I finished the binding on the baby boy play mat! It’s just now fresh out of the dryer and so crinkly and warm. I’ll be taking this along to sell at the upcoming Christmas On The Common craft fair.


I spent some time in the sewing studio this week cleaning up and rearranging. For me, rearranging usually happens like this…I move the sewing table, ironing board, and file cabinet around and then six months later, I move it all back where it was originally! Sound familiar? All is not lost though, because I clean a few things out along the way. I think it’s important to have a new look and feel fresh in my work space. The cleaned off counter tops and dusted cabinets give me a sense of renewal. I couldn’t wait to get in there and work this week.

Here is the view as you enter the studio. Note the sewing table has been moved from where you see the end of the ironing board back to the window area. This set up is more in line with Leah Day’s suggestion of keeping the back of the sewing table up against the wall so the quilt can gather on the table and not fall down to the floor creating a pulling effect.


The bookcase remained the same. Nothing new there except now the file cabinet lives next to it instead of near the window where the sewing table is now. The bags and boxes on the file cabinet are inventory for Christmas On The Common. And now the ironing board sits in front of the bookcase under a ceiling fan/light which gives me great light for pressing.


These two hutches are perfect for storage. Previously, the design wall was covering the hutch fronts but I’ve taken the design wall down for a change of scenery. Fear not, in six months or less, it will return!


This counter space is one of my favorite areas but one that tends to become very messy as I drop items off to the sewing studio here. There’s always a pile of something that needs putting away. I like to clean this up once in awhile in the hopes that it will rekindle my longing to scrapbook. It’s hard to have a craft area that is home to two different crafts that each take up a considerable amount of space (and time!). Under the counter is where all of my half finished crochet, embroidery, felted wool, and cross stitch projects dwell.


I don’t like clutter. I have a lot of clutter to clean up before the hosting palooza of the holidays begin. I had so much going on this summer that I nearly felt paralyzed by it all and unable to clean out and simplify my work space and home. I can’t explain what a horrible feeling that was and how much time I feel was wasted except for the fact that I firmly believe I was exactly where I was supposed to be and doing what I was supposed to be doing even though I couldn’t see it then. As some of you know, I am a huge Becky Higgins fan. Becky is the creator of the Project Life scrapbooking system. She is way into clean lines and design. This inspires me. Earlier this week she released a video of the Project Life office. If you enjoy clean lines, beautiful color schemes, and simplicity, you will love this video. It is 8 minutes long. Prepare to drool. Oh and turn your volume down a little as the music seems to be a bit loud in the background.


The last thought I want to leave you with is a link to Morna McEver Golletz’s blog about what judges are looking for when they critique a show quilt. I have never entered a juried show but if I do, I will reference this article. Enjoy!



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  1. Ms Lottie

    Love the colours of the playmat, bright and boyish without being too stereotyped. And I like rearranging too. As for decluttering, I think we should all move house every few years, it’s amazing what you’re happy to part with when you realise you’ll have to pack it, move it, unpack it and rearrange it!

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