Work In Progress and Hair Reveal!

wip wednesday

This week for the first time I’m going to link up with WIP Wednesday with Freshly Pieced. You can see her website and the progress of others by CLICKING HERE.

I made progress on the hour glass blocks this week. I am halfway through piecing the blocks and I’m eager to do more on this project. I am in love with the layer cake which was Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. I laid out the blocks I finished on the dining room table to see how the colors play with each other. I’m happy pretty happy with it at this point.

photo 3 (8)

I’m also beginning work on a new book proposal that is going to require a lot of time. The result will be pictures I can’t share and a lot of time spent on the computer. If you’ve ever drafted a pattern before, you will know firsthand what I mean. I can show you the fabrics I bought today that are going in the first project that I’m working on…aren’t they pretty?

photo 5

Ok, here’s my hair reveal….Yesterday I headed out to the salon in search of a new hair style! I left the house looking like this…

photo 1 (10)

I got home from the salon with layers and a real style! This was a few minutes after I got home…

photo 2 (10)

Then I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I ran out to buy a Jon Frieda Airbrush to aid me in creating volume and style and this morning I washed it out and used the air brush and here I am…

photo 4 (3)

That has been about it for the week…I am hoping to get to making more of the baby buntings for the Angel Outfitter charity this week but my weekend is starting to book up fast so maybe next week.

Happy Wednesday!!!!


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