Sock Loom

So I’m almost finished with the first sock on the loom and it has taken me awhile…of course today I realized that when I’m done with this one, I have to make it’s match! ¬†Good thing they are socks for colder weather…it will probably take me until October to finish at the rate I’m going!











In other news, I should have a podcast up by the end of the week which will include an interview with Judy Holmes and my 10 Bobbins Of Wisdom!

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Have a super day!



3 thoughts on “Sock Loom

  1. Vicki

    Hi Sandi – Love your sock. I have the same sock loom, but haven’t figured out how to use it yet, as I am new to knitting. I can’t master the skill of knitting with needles, so I have decided to try the loom and giving the needles a rest and try them again later (maybe I will have better luck). Where did you get the pattern for that sock, I love it and the colors are great too. Good luck with finishing the second one, you can do it. Love your podcast and look forward to listening more, and hope to check out your book soon. Congrats on that too.


    1. Sandra Colwell Post author

      Hi Vicki,
      I am enjoying the sock loom. I’m almost to the toe of the first sock. I will keep plugging away at it, thanks for the encouragement. The pattern is just the one that comes with the loom. I didn’t make the stripes, the yarn came that way! The label on the yarn says Paton’s Kroy Socks Stripe. There were several variations to choose from. I got the yarn at AC Moore. I have also tried knitting on needles and just can’t seem to do it although I can crochet just fine! I hope you give it a try, the dvd that comes with it is very helpful.

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