Pics From The Play…

My two oldest girls were in a production of Beauty & The Beast Jr. through a music school they attend here in town. The kids worked tirelessly from October on attending weekly rehearsals and learning lines and music. My middle daughter, Lindsey, played the Beast and my oldest daughter, Amanda, was the piano accompaniment in the pit. She’s a pretty accomplished piano player and loves, I mean loves, being an accompaniment for a play. She does it without nerves and makes it look easy…I know that it isn’t. This was Lindsey’s first time being a lead in a play and she really worked hard and enjoyed it. The performance was last night and we have one more today! Here are some photos from last night…

The pit is ready!


There’s my beast…







Recognizing the pit…


A job well done!! Bravo!!!



10 comments on “Pics From The Play…

  1. Proud moments for sure! Lovely girls.

  2. SandyH on said:

    Fantastic! I’m guessing momma and daddy are busting buttons. Congratulations, and have a great party when it’s done!

  3. Mary Ann on said:

    That looks fantastic! The girls look so confident & self-possessed. Bravo!

  4. I would pass out with pride and excitement. BRAVA!!
    So wonderful. Thanks for putting up the photos for us to enjoy.

  5. well done girls and well done mum too. It takes a lot of effort to support and encourage our kids through these endeavours