Announcing Spring Postcard Swap!


Happy Friday!

AJ over at The Quilting Pot expressed interest in a spring fabric postcard swap and I thought that was a great idea and volunteered to organize it! We had a very successful holiday swap in December…I think only one postcard actually got lost in the mail which was sad but we did see a beautiful picture of it.

The rules would be the same as the last time which is simply…there are no rules! If you like piecing go ahead and piece one If you enjoy applique by hand or machine, go for it! If you’d rather paint or use crayons, please do!! Everyone can do this and it’s a great opportunity to try out a new technique. We had postcards last time that had traditional binding and others that were done with a zig zag around the edge…anything goes..really!

We took our postcards to the post office in a variety of ways…some were in envelopes and others not. Those that did not have an envelope had a postage sticker affixed to them and even though some us worried the sticker would fall off, it didn’t. If you feel better placing your postcard in an envelope, by all means do it. I will do that myself this time around.

I will set up a new Flickr group to show our work once both swap partners have received their postcard in the mail.

Here is the time line…

***Send me your name and full address by the end of January – or message me on Twitter.

***I’ll send you an email with your swap partner’s name and address during the first week of February.

***Work on your postcard during February and try to have it mailed in order to arrive on the first day of spring which is March 20th.

I will also announce this on the podcast next week.

I think this will be so much fun! You can make it spring themed or just something beautiful that makes you feel refreshed like a spring day.

Below is the link to the holiday postcard swap information that has tutorial links.

If you couldn’t join us last time due to the holiday craziness, please join us this time around! It’s always fun to receive a fabric goody in the mail!

Let me know if you have any questions!


One thought on “Announcing Spring Postcard Swap!

  1. Sandy H

    I’m in! After listening to AJ talk about it, I was actually thinking about shooting you an email to see if you’d be willing to host seasonal postcard swaps, LOL. It sounded like fun to me–so yep, I’m definitely in.

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