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Let’s Hear It For Summer!

It’s finally summer here! School ended yesterday and there were shouts of joy! There was also a shout of pain as I threw my back out on Monday night. That’s what I get for cleaning out a bunny cage. I was hunched over the top of it and when I stood up, my back just went out. It wouldn’t have been so bad except for the fact that the girls had a pool party the next day and I could barely walk. Thankfully the kids all pitched in and we had ourselves a fun end of year party. The only casualty was the swan who suffered a broken wing. We’ll have to figure out if we can patch it or not.









I did feel like I could try standing at the long arm machine this morning but I was only able to stand there for about 10 minutes. It was too much so I switched to a sit down sewing job. I worked on the orange peel quilt instead.








My assistant was busy this week organizing my fabric stash. Everything is neatly folded and arranged by color. It’s a great job to have someone else do except for the fact that I don’t get to reacquaint myself with older fabric as I fold. I’m sure it will need doing again before long and I can pet all the fabric myself.









It’s a quiet week without much to report on the quilting front. Too many things happening with the wrap up of school and the upcoming music show this weekend!

Don’t forget the summer quilt patterns are on sale my Craftsy shop.



Summer Pattern Sale!

Three of my favorite summer patterns will be half price on Craftsy all summer long! You can find these three patterns for $5.25 each HERE.

Nautical Table Runner QCP-304

Seaglass QCP-109

Third Seasonal Trio QCP-103

So come and get your summer patterns while the weather is hot and the sewing room is hopefully cool!

This week I’m still plugging along on quilting the love notes quilt for Lindsey. I am enjoying ruler work for the lines on the  inner border and the center block flower motif. The outer border is getting a stipple treatment. The corners of the love notes are getting a free motion back and forth squiggle. How’s that for a technical term?















I have this much left to do…








This is taking time but as I mentioned, I’m ok with that because I like the results. The rulers are fun to work with and I’m discovering more things I can do with the ones I own. It’s also the first time I’m floating a quilt top which simply means the top is not attached to a roller. I’m using the painter’s tape that you see in the photo as a guide on each end of the pole. I know my quilt top must line up with the tape or it will be quilted crooked. It’s good to keep learning and using easier ways to quilt.

Have a super weekend, everybody!


Finally Friday

It’s Friday again! Yahoo!!!

This week I put together  a baby play-mat top that will go in my Etsy store. I’ll finish it up over the weekend or early next week. I love the cheery colors and those yellow polka dots are insanely cute. This is the window pane charm quilt tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co. The charm squares are from Riley Blake’s Girl Crazy collection. I love Riley Blake fabric so much but I do wish that their charm packs came with 42 charms and not 21. And here it is….

photo (8)

I also spent time this week preparing for a workshop I’m teaching on mini quilts next Saturday. I still have more demos to prep and things to go over but I’m making progress.

I got a huge laugh out of The Quilt Show’s 10 question interview with Eleanor Burns! You can watch here if you haven’t seen it yet. Prepare to giggle A LOT!

I’m in the process of moving the online store from the website to the blog . It is going to take awhile to set up so please still use the online store at  until I have it figured out. Don’t forget the Seasonal Trio patterns are still 20% off right now.

I was very pleased to hear yesterday that my block has been selected for 100 Blocks Volume 11! More to come on that later….

I think that about does it for today. What are you working on?



Seasonal Trio Patterns Sale!

Let’s celebrate getting back to reality after the holidays with a sale on the Seasonal Trio patterns!

Each pattern includes instructions and templates to make 3 different designs! Each of these patterns are on sale in my store for $7.60 (20% off) until January 18th.

First Seasonal Trio

First Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Second Seasonal Trio

Second Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Third Seasonal Trio

Third Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Fourth Seasonal Trio

Fourth Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Click Here For Quilt Cabana Patterns store.


Friday Post & Flash Sale

Happy Happy Friday!!!!!!!

It’s snowing here and it’s very cold seeing as we woke up to cold air coming out of our heat vents! I’m pretty sure I didn’t set the heat to 62 degrees when I went to bed last night. Hoping the repairman gets here in a hurry this morning. It looks like this which isn’t bad but makes me feel even colder.

photo (26)

This week I’m still working on Frozen Makeup Bags for the craft fair in December.

photo (25)

I’m running in to a little snafu as stores seem to be sold out of this Frozen fabric. My intention was to bring 12 to the fair with me to sell alongside my patterns but I’ve already sold a few and I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to get more fabric. Tomorrow I’m heading to the Fabric Place Basement to visit the Boston Modern Quilt Guild for the first time so I’ll check there for it. I ordered some online at Joann’s and got notification that the order was canceled because they didn’t have it. I’m also awaiting an order of zippers…so a bit of a standstill at the moment.

I am happy to say that I’ll be delivering 10 more Comfort Bears to the police station as they get ready to head into the holiday season.
It makes me happy to know that they have something comforting to offer any child under duress.

photo 2 (1)

While I was pricing items for the craft fair yesterday, I flipped through Little Quilts For Big Occasions and started thinking about how fun it was to design these projects and what a great book it would be for kids as well as adults. The designs are holiday themed and timeless so I decided to put the book on a flash sale this weekend for 20% off in the Quilt Cabana Patterns Shop . You can purchase it for $7.95 Here are some great photos of the projects that I borrowed from the Leisure Arts website. I’m going pull out my Thanksgiving one and hang that up today. These are all about the same size so once you choose a spot in the house to hang them, you can just switch them out holiday to holiday.









I know many of you own this book already and if you do, pull it out and make one these wall hangings today…there’s plenty of time before Thanksgiving and Christmas to get those ones done!



A Late Throwback & Thanksgiving

I’m late in getting my Throwback post up for the week. This wall hanging is one of my very first attempts at a landscape/art quilt. It’s a quilt of my grandmother’s home on the Cape. I’m not sure what year I made this…sometime probably between 2005-2010?

photo (23)

My grandmother, Leahbelle, had this beautiful house in West Yarmouth which the whole family would visit during the summers as often as we could. It was a short walk to the beach and she had lovely gardens, shuffle board, blueberry bushes and lots of card games and crafts going on. The house is bigger than it looks in this photo as you can’t see the bay windows on the right side of the house which was her kitchen. The second floor of the house alone had two large bedrooms with a total of 6 twin beds and 1 full bed plus a bathroom. A nautical theme was carried through each room. I have so many good memories of time spent there with my family and extended family. When I close my eyes, I can see every detail of Grammy Lee’s house right down to the Tupperware of Ranger Cookies that were always waiting on top of the freezer chest in the kitchen. Grammy Lee and her husband, Ted, were avid crafters. Everything from sewing, home decor, hooked rugs, crochet, toy making, woodworking, painting, you name it…they created it. I wish I could have been more interested in what they were doing back then as I would be now. I think we could have endless conversations about crafting. I was more interested back then in the beach and any cute boy riding a bicycle through the neighborhood!! LOL!

I created this quilt as a reminder of how much the house meant to all of us. The quilt is fused and the actual house is a photograph printed on fabric paper. I added in the trees, flowers and bird house. I think if I made this quilt today, I’d have looked for another way to make those trees! I’m fairly sure I’d throw some textile paint on there as well.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the Quilter’s Gathering in NH. It’s a fairly large quilt show and I’m very excited to walk around and see the quilts and how vendors are displaying quilt samples. I’m 99% sure I’ll be vending the craft fair in town on Dec. 6th and as this will be my first time vending, I need some ideas on making the most of my 10’x10′ space.

The 10% off sale on Christmas patterns in my store is still happening through midnight on Sunday. Go check it out and see if you find something you like! I have some notions to go along with the patterns as well. Here’s a few Thanksgiving quilts that are also available. This first one, Bountiful, is from the Fourth Seasonal Trio Pattern and the second one is from my book, Little Quilts For Big Occasions.

Bountiful from Fourth Seasonal Trio…


Fourth Seasonal Trio quilts included in the pattern…

Fourth Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Thanksgiving quilt from Little Quilts For Big Occasions…

Thanksgiving 1

fall project little quilts front

Have a wonderful weekend!


Works In Progress

I hope everyone is having a very productive week! I am slowly working on projects in between shuffling kids around.

In the last couple of days I finished up a second Hello Kitty Reversible Hobo Bag. I love the red fabric with the black and white polka dot reverse. These are for the comic shows that are coming up.

photo 2 (22)

photo 1 (22)

I also made a few more makeup bags yesterday.

photo 3 (17)

Last night I had a hankering to work on my Featherweight, Snow White. I’ve had the hourglass blocks made up for about a month so I went ahead and starting stitching blocks together to make rows. I got 4 rows out of 7 completed. I like the way it’s coming along and I think this might become the music school raffle quilt for June.

photo 4 (11)

Another project I’m making progress on is the bed runner. I’m submitting that one so I can’t post photos yet.

This weekend is the Quilter’s Gathering in New Hampshire. I’m super excited to be heading up there to see the beautiful quilts and of course, shop the vendors! Anyone else going?

I came across two great blog articles this week. One is a tutorial from Nancy’s Notion on how to make No Sew Napkins. This a great idea for gifts and when you are hosting a holiday meal. Click Here For Article.

The other was a wonderful English Paper Piecing project that Denise Panter over at Count It All Joy is working on.
Click Here for the link to that blog post. Look for the Patchwork Of The Crosses project. She always makes me want to pick up my hand projects and get working on them.

I think that’s about it for today! Enjoy!!

PS. Don’t forget Christmas patterns are 10% off in the Quilt Cabana Patterns Store.
There are also some fun notions to take a look at.


Pattern Sale!!

Happy Halloween to Everyone!!! I hope you all have your costumes ready and candy by the door!

After today, I think Christmas will be on the minds of quilters everywhere. Let’s celebrate with some really cute and easy patterns. All Christmas patterns in the Quilt Cabana Patterns Store are marked down 10% today through Nov. 2 at midnight est.

Come see what’s new at

Click on the SHOP tab and that will bring you to the store.

Here’s a little promotional video I put together this morning.