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New Projects and Student Work

Hello September! I honestly never thought we’d get here lol!!! What a crazy month August ended up being. We started the first weekend of August with a wedding that Greg was a groomsman for then we headed to Hawaii for 11 days, came home and moved Amanda into University of New Hampshire, got the other two kids back to school, and spent this last weekend in Vermont touring three colleges for Lindsey. I’m ready to quilt now.

In between the craziness I did get the top of the t-shirt quilt pieced. I just put the top and bottom borders on this morning before my lesson with Sharyn.









This afternoon I’ll piece the backing and get it ready for the long arm.

Earlier today I was helping Sharyn with her quilt projects. She has several going at once which eliminates boredom and gives her plenty to work on in between her lessons. Today we were auditioning border fabrics for this pretty quilt.








Sharyn had started this one many years ago and wasn’t sure she had all of the directions as she had begun it in a local quilt shop class. We figured out the block measurements and the on point setting and here it is nearly done! Way to go, Sharyn! She has a few more unfinished projects that she is about ready to turn into beautiful finished pieces. It’s so fun to be involved with her process and many finishes!

Once the t-shirt quilt is finished I’ll be using this photo from our Maui trip to make a mosaic landscape quilt a la the style of Pat Durbin.









I have everything I need to begin and I hope I chose well on the photo. Time will tell…I also have a few quilts to bind and one that needs long arming. I also started a Halloween jelly roll race quilt. So I’ve definitely got enough irons in the fire at the moment. Mostly I’m looking forward to being back with my students! I’ve missed them so much!

Last week I ordered a poncho from Jenny Boston Boutique. It’s a shop that advertises items for sale once a week on Facebook and you just comment  “sold” and your size and they send you an invoice. I pay with Paypal and the item is on the way! This is the second item I’ve ordered from them and I really like their stuff. It’s good quality and decent pricing.









This month for my business book club, we are reading Uncontainable. This is the story of the CEO of The Container Store and how their business philosophies have made them so successful both in sales and in corporate culture. It’s pretty interesting so far.
Here is the Amazon description of the book:

“You’re going to sell what? Empty Boxes?”

Back in 1978, Kip Tindell (Chairman & CEO of The Container Store) and his partners had the vision that people were eager to find solutions to save both space and time – and they were definitely onto something. A new category of the retailing industry was born – storage and organization. Today, with stores nationwide and with more than 5,000 loyal employees, the company couldn’t be stronger. Over the years, The Container Store has been lauded for its commitment to its employees and focus on its original concept and inventory mix as the formula for its success. But for Tindell, the goal never has been growth for growth’s sake. Rather, it is to adhere to the company’s values-based business philosophies, which center on an employee-first culture, superior customer service and strict merchandising. The Container Store has been named on Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies To Work For” list for 15 consecutive years. Even better, The Container Store has millions of loyal customers.

In Uncontainable, Tindell reveals his approach for building a business where everyone associated with it thrives through embodying the tenets of Conscious Capitalism. Tindell’s seven Foundation Principles are the roadmap that drives everyone at The Container Store to achieve the goals of the company. Uncontainable shows how other businesses can adapt this approach toward what Tindell calls the most profitable, sustainable and fun way of doing business. Tindell is that rare CEO who fully embraces the “Golden Rule” of business – where all stakeholders – employees, customers, vendors, shareholder, the community – are successful through a harmonic balance of win-wins.

For my regular book club, I just finished reading The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware which was more of a mystery but I didn’t care for it much. The book was repetitive and a bit boring.

That’s about it for today. I hope you all have a wonderful and quilty week!

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Pillowcases & Abstract Fun

I’ve been whipping up pillowcases all week to add to inventory for a show I’m vending in December. I’ve got 7 made and now I’m waiting on some fabric to arrive in the mail to make more.




I’ll also be making tote bags and toiletry bags as well as baby play mats and some bibs.

Last night I was reading in the latest Quilting Arts magazine about using photographs as a jumping off point for abstract art quilts. Using a photo of something very simple and then rearranging those elements resonated with me and I got pretty excited to try a piece of my own. Examples of simple photos in the article included a wooden chair composition and a cat among others. I chose my sewing table and chair.


I picked fabric based on a color scheme I particularly like…


I free hand cut shapes to resemble the sewing room photo and glued them to a background…


Then I cut it up…


And I cut some more…


Here’s where the abstract begins! I rearranged those tiles about 50 times…


I joined the tiles with a zig zag stitch, layered, basted and free motion quilted it…


And then I pulled out my Inktense Coloring Blocks and I painted it.


So this is my first true abstract piece and I’m quite happy with it. It made for a fun afternoon and I was able to practice free motion skills as well as create a piece of art that I never would have thought of making before today.


T-Shirt Quilt Progress & Fav Pens

I spent some time this week working on my nephew’s t-shirt quilt. I have the top finished and just need to back it with fleece and quilt it lightly.
I have a beautiful green fleece to put on the back of it. It’s turning out to be a great size too. It will finish up at 55″ x 55″ which is a perfect throw size.

photo (6)

I did a little bit of custom work on one square because there was so much room under the Terminators graphic. Luckily, the shirt had a number 11 on the back that was easily removed and blanket stitched onto the front.

photo (5)

I’m looking forward to wrapping this one up and starting my niece’s t-shirt quilt next.

When I find something I love, I like to pass that along and this week it came in the form of a pack of new pens. These are Papermate Profile pens and they just…I love them. They feel nice in your hand too. I got this pack of four colors at CVS for about $5.

photo (4)

I’m not going to lie, the purple is my favorite 😉

I have so many beautiful photos from our trip to Maui last summer and I felt like it was a shame to keep them to myself and the hard drive so I opened up a store on Society6. Society6 is a marketplace for all things art and I am offering some art prints that can be framed or made into canvas through the site. Take a minute to check out my art prints as well as the others that are listed. Here is my link:

If you click this link you can get free shipping and $5 off any item in my store through midnight March 9th.

What are working on this weekend?