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A Fun Foot, A Finish, A Christmas Quilt

Lately I noticed that I am having trouble coming up with titles for my blog posts! Now I just list out what I’m planning on sharing with you all. Kind of lame but it gets the job done, lol!! So let’s unpack the blog title item by item…

I saw a very cool presser foot being advertised on Facebook last week. It’s a guide foot that allows you to keep your decorative stitches in line as you sew. It was advertised for $19.95 and I was totally ready to purchase it but then I took a look at Amazon and found it for $6! What??? So I bought two! One for my mom and one for me! Check out how cool this is-the link takes you to Amazon and from there you can see the photos of what it does…

I had the pleasure of finishing and delivering one t-shirt quilt to a special young lady! Here are the photos of the finished quilt. I ended up buying a photographer’s backgroud stand so that I could get a picture of the finished quilt! It’s giant.



















Two more…









and lastly…









Now that this one is done I am in the process of longarming this awesome Christmas quilt for my mom. I’m using a holly and berry pantograph with gold thread…


























I’ve been busy catching up with all my students and everyone is coming along so nicely with their projects! I’ll have more to show you of that next week when I see them all again!

What are you all working on this week? Feel free to share your projects here! I’d love to see them.


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New Projects and Student Work

Hello September! I honestly never thought we’d get here lol!!! What a crazy month August ended up being. We started the first weekend of August with a wedding that Greg was a groomsman for then we headed to Hawaii for 11 days, came home and moved Amanda into University of New Hampshire, got the other two kids back to school, and spent this last weekend in Vermont touring three colleges for Lindsey. I’m ready to quilt now.

In between the craziness I did get the top of the t-shirt quilt pieced. I just put the top and bottom borders on this morning before my lesson with Sharyn.









This afternoon I’ll piece the backing and get it ready for the long arm.

Earlier today I was helping Sharyn with her quilt projects. She has several going at once which eliminates boredom and gives her plenty to work on in between her lessons. Today we were auditioning border fabrics for this pretty quilt.








Sharyn had started this one many years ago and wasn’t sure she had all of the directions as she had begun it in a local quilt shop class. We figured out the block measurements and the on point setting and here it is nearly done! Way to go, Sharyn! She has a few more unfinished projects that she is about ready to turn into beautiful finished pieces. It’s so fun to be involved with her process and many finishes!

Once the t-shirt quilt is finished I’ll be using this photo from our Maui trip to make a mosaic landscape quilt a la the style of Pat Durbin.









I have everything I need to begin and I hope I chose well on the photo. Time will tell…I also have a few quilts to bind and one that needs long arming. I also started a Halloween jelly roll race quilt. So I’ve definitely got enough irons in the fire at the moment. Mostly I’m looking forward to being back with my students! I’ve missed them so much!

Last week I ordered a poncho from Jenny Boston Boutique. It’s a shop that advertises items for sale once a week on Facebook and you just comment  “sold” and your size and they send you an invoice. I pay with Paypal and the item is on the way! This is the second item I’ve ordered from them and I really like their stuff. It’s good quality and decent pricing.









This month for my business book club, we are reading Uncontainable. This is the story of the CEO of The Container Store and how their business philosophies have made them so successful both in sales and in corporate culture. It’s pretty interesting so far.
Here is the Amazon description of the book:

“You’re going to sell what? Empty Boxes?”

Back in 1978, Kip Tindell (Chairman & CEO of The Container Store) and his partners had the vision that people were eager to find solutions to save both space and time – and they were definitely onto something. A new category of the retailing industry was born – storage and organization. Today, with stores nationwide and with more than 5,000 loyal employees, the company couldn’t be stronger. Over the years, The Container Store has been lauded for its commitment to its employees and focus on its original concept and inventory mix as the formula for its success. But for Tindell, the goal never has been growth for growth’s sake. Rather, it is to adhere to the company’s values-based business philosophies, which center on an employee-first culture, superior customer service and strict merchandising. The Container Store has been named on Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies To Work For” list for 15 consecutive years. Even better, The Container Store has millions of loyal customers.

In Uncontainable, Tindell reveals his approach for building a business where everyone associated with it thrives through embodying the tenets of Conscious Capitalism. Tindell’s seven Foundation Principles are the roadmap that drives everyone at The Container Store to achieve the goals of the company. Uncontainable shows how other businesses can adapt this approach toward what Tindell calls the most profitable, sustainable and fun way of doing business. Tindell is that rare CEO who fully embraces the “Golden Rule” of business – where all stakeholders – employees, customers, vendors, shareholder, the community – are successful through a harmonic balance of win-wins.

For my regular book club, I just finished reading The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware which was more of a mystery but I didn’t care for it much. The book was repetitive and a bit boring.

That’s about it for today. I hope you all have a wonderful and quilty week!

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New Pattern Published and Another Student Finish!

Happy Sizzling Thursday! It’s 90 today and it feels every bit 90. The weather app says it feels like 96 and I believe it! But I’m thinking about Christmas and cold weather because my Poinsettia Passion table runner just came out in the Quilter’s World Autumn issue!














It’s a beautiful runner in bold colors with easy, fusible applique. It’s on sale now in your favorite fabric stores so pick up a copy and get a jump on the holiday stitching!

So, I have to brag about my students again!! How fabulous are they? Look at the t-shirt quilt that Gail made for her daughter. This t-shirt quilt is giant. I mean GIANT. It’s king size (100″ by 90″) and it was heavy. Gail quilted all of it on her domestic machine! I’m so proud of her getting this big job done and never giving up on it. It took months and it was worth it!








Now we are moving on to a fun Minnie Mouse quilt with fusible applique. It’s going to seem to like a piece of cake after that big t-shirt quilt!

Last night I had dinner with my childhood friend, Sheila. It’s so nice to catch up with a friend and have it be like you never missed a beat even though we see each other infrequently. After a delicious dinner and much laughter, we headed to her car where I picked up a bag of t-shirts for her daughter’s quilt. I’ll be working on her t-shirt quilt over the next few weeks. All that practice with Gail’s has me primed and ready!

And this lovely lady, Leah, had her 15th birthday this week. My baby is no longer a baby and hasn’t been for quite some time. She is as sweet as she looks. Love this girl.




A Finish & Good News

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all making some decent progress on your projects this week. I’m thrilled to have finished up the t-shirt quilt I was working on for my friend’s daughter. She had a combination of 23 t-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops. We used the fronts, some backs, and even a sleeve! It was quite a project and took many hours of planning and prepping. I sashed it in a printed black cotton fabric and backed it with fleece. The quilt is heavy as all get go but is durable and warm!

2015-06-17 11.28.48

2015-06-17 11.29.45

2015-06-17 11.30.07

When I wasn’t working on the t-shirt quilt last week, we were getting ready for the dance recitals. Both Lindsey and Leah were in all three shows that day. It was Lindsey’s 6th and final recital and Leah’s 10th recital! Leah has been dying to get her hands on a 10 year trophy since the day she received her 5 year trophy! Lindsey had a long day as she still is feeling affects of her concussion. She wanted to be able to wrap up her dance career though and she did just that. Greg and I are so proud of both of them.

2015-06-17 11.31.30

2015-06-17 11.30.42

Leah getting one last practice in!

2015-06-17 11.32.31

This week we are moving on to the music recital where Amanda and Lindsey will both be performing. I’m hoping the raffle quilt I made will take in some good ticket sales.

I received some great news from the lovely people over at Quilter’s World that one of my projects will be included in the Spring 2016 issue! I love working with them and I’ll be busy now for a few weeks completing the project. It’s due the day we leave for Hawaii in August so I’ll be working on that sooner rather than later!

I had an idea to research some Block Of The Month programs and to possibly design my own. I’m wondering if there would be interest in that? I’ve always wanted to organize one but haven’t had the time. I’ll keep you posted if I move ahead with that.

I think that’s it for today! Have a good one.


Turtle’s Pace

Ever feel like you’re moving at turtle’s pace? That’s how I’m feeling this week. I have a million things to do but every day life is getting in the way of progress.  It’s the urgent v. the important all day long. Everything seems urgent this week and some of it is important but the lines are blurred amongst the dance rehearsals, dentist appointments, doctor appointments and influx of school paper work. I kind of feel like giving up. Of course right when I wanted to throw in the towel, this amazing article arrived in my mailbox on the topic of giving up or gutting it out.  This one section stood out to me the most:

This Is Life

Life is a constant balance between giving into the ease of distraction or overcoming the pain of discipline. It is not an exaggeration to say that our lives and our identities are defined in this delicate balance. What is life, if not the sum of a hundred thousand daily battles and tiny decisions to either gut it out or give it up?

This moment when you don’t feel like doing the work? This is not a moment to be thrown away. This is not a dress rehearsal. This moment is your life as much as any other moment. Spend it in a way that will make you proud.

—-James Clear

So I’m gutting it out right here with you now. Yesterday I worked for a few solid hours on the T-shirt quilt. I completed all of the measuring, remeasuring, stabilizing and cutting.

2015-06-10 07.58.14

I laid them all out and started making sashing strips. The sashing will be black which is by request of the young lady. I took a quick picture and sent it to her to confirm that is wasn’t too much black but in typical kid fasion, that is what she likes best. So I’ll continue with that this week. The quilt will have a pretty red fleece backing.

2015-06-10 07.57.41

I had some great news last week that my Hanukkah Celebrations mini quilt pattern will be offered on the beautiful 1-800-dreidel website. The pattern isn’t up there yet but should be by the end of the week.



If you’re looking for summer quilt projects, check out the Third Seasonal Trio , Nautical Table Runner , It’s American, and Sail Away Mug Rug patterns on Craftsy.

Third Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW


pattern cover photo

mug rug cover 2


T-Shirts and Irons

Happy Thursday!

Today I’m working on the t-shirt quilt for my friend’s daughter. I think the math and planning of a t-shirt quilt is the hardest part. Lucky for me, this young lady knew how she wanted the shirts layed out so I just have to figure out how to make that all work mathematically. I’ve progressed from making a diagram and labeling to working on the cutting and interfacing.

2015-06-04 13.21.32

2015-06-04 13.22.36

2015-06-04 13.21.00


decided to replace my Panasonic iron with a Black & Decker Digital Advantage iron before I began this quilt. I’m so glad that I did because this iron heats up quickly and does a bang up job of actually ironing. I’ve had several $100 irons and a few $20 ones. This one was around $45 and seems to be just right…hmmm…sounds like Goldilocks! Oh and it tells you digitally when it’s heated to the desired temp for whatever fabric you are working with. Fingers crossed this one doesn’t leak or randomly stop heating.

2015-06-04 13.22.06

Ashley Hackshaw’s blog is one of my favorite ones to read. I started following her when she began her series about her fight with cancer. Since winning her battle, she has given up her fast paced life in CA and moved to a slower paced and simpler life in North Carolina. She makes a life of making connections with her surroundings and those around her. She wrote yesterday about a quilt she purchased on Ebay and how that quilt went full circle through her back to it’s original owners. It’s a sweet story with a beautiful ending. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a lovely evening…


Plugging Along & Another Deal…

How are you all doing today? This is quite a busy week around here with school finishing up and an upcoming play for Lindsey this weekend. She is in two performances of Godspell. I’m looking forward to it as I know it will be fabulous!

Last week I took advantage of Southern Fabrics $2 charm pack deal and purchased April Showers. I have decided to go with a Window Pane 9 Patch quilt made with the charm squares. Torie recommended this quilt tutorial and I will work on it on the Featherweight this week. Click the link below to see the tutorial video from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Here are the charm squares being laid out while I figure out a decent configuration for the 9 patches.

photo 2

As it turns out, Southern Fabric is running another charm pack deal. This time it is a $2 Weeds Charm Pack by Me & My Sister for Moda. It looks like a lot of red and black colors in this pack. The code to use is weedscharm80 Here is the link:–Charm-Pack-22220PP-by-Me-and-My-Sister-for-Moda_p_4627.html

This week I’m still working on my niece’s T-shirt quilt. I have the top done and I’m in the process of quilting it now.

photo 3

I finished reading this book last night. I picked it up in Hawaii in August and I kept “saving” it until the right moment when I could “savor” it!

photo 1

It’s a wonderful book about the history of not only traditional Hawaiian quilting but also contemporary Hawaiian quilting. I enjoyed it very much and will go deeper into it in an upcoming podcast episode.

That’s it for today…time is short and the to do list is long!


Thursday Progress & Stuff

Happy Thursday!

I hope you are all having a good week. It has been so busy here with the school year wrapping up and trying to get Amanda’s car on the road. Not that she can drive it by herself yet but it needed to be registered and inspected so that Greg and I can drive it around so it doesn’t just sit. You know how bad that can be for a car engine. It’s been an endless few weeks of school activities and projects, music concerts, a wedding and trying to keep up with the house. I’m tired y’all! Let’s see so far this morning I’ve had 3 cups of coffee and half a dark chocolate candy bar in the hopes of waking myself up and getting motivated.

Yesterday I worked a bit on my niece’s t-shirt quilt. She is graduating this weekend and I’d love to finish it for her before I see her again. We are awfully proud of Rachel as she is the Valedictorian of her class!! I have the t-shirts nearly sashed. I had to make a couple of custom blocks and now that those are finished, the rest should go quickly. The shirts I have to work with are mostly white which makes for a slightly boring quilt but these are the shirts/events she would like to remember. The back of this will be a beautiful red fleece. The sashing is black but it has a little flower design on it. She asked for red and black fabric to go with her school colors.

photo 1 (1)

Yesterday I met up with my mother at the local quilt shop, Heart In Hands. I will have store pictures in the next post but for today I’ll show you the beautiful layer cake I picked up.

photo (1)

I like to have a precut project ready to make on the featherweight. It seems like if I have something easy to make, I’m more inclined to save it for using that machine. I like to concentrate on the sheer joy of using the machine and easy precut projects help with that. This will be a Broken Dishes quilt using the method on the Missouri Star tutorial. So it begs the old question…do you wash your precuts before using them? I have not. Where this layer cake has so many lights and darks though, I feel like perhaps I should. What do you think?

On my way home from the quilt shop, I stopped at Target to buy myself a writing desk. Due to having to move my current desk into the sewing room to place my new machine on, I’ve left myself with only two tray tables to function as a desk…it isn’t working out. So for about $70 (on sale) I picked up this cute desk.


I just need hubs to assemble it for me. I’d do it myself because I’m not afraid of assembling but the box is so darn heavy; I can’t get it up the stairs on my own. Hopefully by the weekend, it will be put together and usable.

Check out this little guy who was in the middle of the road Saturday night. He just stood there for the longest time. I hope he made it back to wherever his home is without incident or accident…it was getting dark at this point in the evening…

photo 2

POSTCARD SWAP- How are your postcards coming along? Please try to have them to your partner by June 21st. Also put your photos in the Flickr Group.
Thanks 🙂

I got fun mail from down under this week too! Thanks to Ozzypip I had this wonderful package waiting for me when I got home the other day. It had a beautiful postcard made with Australian themed fabrics and an awesome panel with a turtle and a whale on it from Philipa’s stash. She knows how much Leah loves turtles and thought perhaps I could make something with this. I think it would make a wonderful pillow. In fact, Lindsey would like a whale pillow so it will work out fabulously.

photo 1

Many thanks Philipa! How wonderful it is to be part of such an amazing group of quilters who support and delight each other with kindness continuously. If you are not a Twilter on Twitter yet, join in the on the fun! Just find me at @quiltcabana and you’ll see who I follow that is crafty and you can follow along too.



Almost Ready For Thread

Happy Tuesday!

This week I’m working on getting the art quilt of my daughter to the basting stage so I can begin some thread sketching. I spent yesterday trying to get the logo on the t-shirt to look similar to what’s in the photo. The actual t-shirt has a lot of detail to it but I’m ok with just getting the idea of it across and not having it be exact. I also spent time painting the skin with a mixture of textile paint in an aloe vera gel medium. My aloe expired a few years ago but it was still ok to use mixed with paint.


I used the paint to give the skin some tone and variation.

photo 2

I also broke out the Inktense blocks and created some highlights in the hair and some fold marks on the shorts.

photo 1

I’m thrilled with the progress and the next step now will be to layer, baste and do some quilting/thread sketching.

photo 3

This week I received an awesome picture of my nephew, Jon, sporting his new t-shirt quilt! My mom delivered this out to him over the weekend and I heard from Jon shortly after that he loved it. My sister sent me a message later saying that she was snuggling up under it too. I have the sashing and fleece all purchased for his sister’s t-shirt quilt and will start working on that soon.

photo (1)

Enjoy the day!


A Fun Finish!

I finished up my nephew’s T-Shirt quilt yesterday. He had a collection of t-shirts from baseball, basketball, vacation and sports teams that he assembled for me to make his quilt. I found a cool, green fleece to back the quilt with and now it’s very snuggly and super warm! Some light quilting holds the layers together and it’s ready to be handed over to Jon! It measures 55″ x 55″.

photo (7)

photo 2 (6)

photo 3 (4)

I was a nervous about my sewing machine handling the fleece but it worked out fine. I know one of my machines is finicky about it but it must not be the one I was working on.

Next up is my niece’s t-shirt quilt which will be all about marching band and figure skating! I’m looking forward to working on this for Rachel.

Leah is eyeing some dance recital t-shirts for when it’s her turn!

Tell me about your t-shirt quilt process….