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New Machine, Improv & Patterns

Yay, it’s Saturday!!! Despite the frigid temps today, I’m determined to enjoy the beautiful sunshine! Amanda is home for spring break and I’m happy to have everyone in the same place for a week. Amanda is happy to rest her sprained ankle! She rolled her ankle up at UNH this week and ended up with an air cast and crutches. Not ideal when you live on the fourth floor of a very old dorm with no elevator! Thankfully it’s feeling better now and she has a week to rest!

The mailman brought me a new machine on Wednesday! I’ve been obsessing about the new line of Ever Sewn machines that recently came out. Feeling like it was time to upgrade my travel machine, I bought the Ever Sewn Sparrow 20. It’s lightweight, super cute, full of decorative stitches and is an all around great machine! It’s not uber fancy but it’s just perfect for bringing to class or setting up in the dining room when you want the flexibility of a smaller machine. I believe these are made by Bernina for the Brewer company. They’ve been all the rage lately!








I ordered mine through Sewing Machines Plus while they were on sale and then an additional 10% off with free shipping. Yes please. I’ll review it on the next podcast!

Yesterday I allowed myself to play with improv sewing. I’m a pinner and a careful planner so improv sewing is not my jam, so to speak. However, I made the blocks for two reasons. One is they are a study in color theory. The fabrics I chose are split complimentary which is why they look nice together!









My goal is to make several of these type of blocks in different color schemes from the color wheel. The second reason is because I need some smaller pieces to practice ruler work and fillers on the long arm machine. I’m looking forward to quilting these and then using them as teaching tools for my students.

I particularly enjoyed piecing a block and then cutting it up to use as strips in the other blocks. It was a fun exercise!










The rest of my week has been teaching and quilting Seaglass on the long arm. I’m almost finished with it!

I’ve also been plugging away on knitting my loom sock when I’m not playing around with the new sewing machine!

I was at my mom’s house recently and she had this pretty set up happening on her kitchen table!









You might recognize the pattern from the Seasonal Trio series. I came home and put mine on the front door!









I’ve been enjoying the mini quilts on the front door for a few months now. I like to pull in the driveway and be greeted with a quilt! I know, I’m a nerd. Anyway, if you’re looking to decorate for St. Patty’s Day, there’s plenty of time to make this mini. There are four Seasonal Trio patterns and each one has instructions for three projects. Check them out here on my Craftsy store:

First Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Second Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Third Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW

Fourth Seasonal Trio Hi Res For QW



























Enjoy the weekend!


Missing Kiwi And A New Old Machine

This week was a bit rough around our home. Sadly, we said goodbye to our beloved green Kiwi.








We’ve had these two parakeets for about 5 years or more and like any pet owners, we fell in love with both Kiwi and Barney. A few years ago Kiwi developed a tumor that eventually went away but then developed another one that became problematic. On Tuesday, she underwent a risky surgery to remove the tumor and unfortunately didn’t make it through the operation. We are all missing her sweet face and Barney sure misses his right hand girl. They were always together even at the surgery. Barney was there for moral support at the request of our vet.

Yesterday I was watching an episode of The Quilt Show where they talked about a website called YouPatch where you can turn a photo into a pixelated quilt pattern. I decided to try it out with a cropped version of the above picture of Kiwi. I thought it would be so nice to make a pixelated quilt as a remembrance of her.

I went online and jumped right in to the very easy online ordering system. I designed the quilt based on their suggestions and had the options of how large, how many colors/fabrics and more. It was super easy. In 10 mins or less, I was ready to order. This is what the quilt will look like. The pictures are grainy cause they are right off my computer screen but you get the idea.









Here they are telling me how many patches and how long it will take to piece the top. I had options before this to choose the size and how many pieces I wanted, etc. I could also see how long it would take to piece with each change I made.









It also shows me what a sample quilt block will look like.









The pattern includes everything you need from yardage to fabric colors and instructions. It’s 18 pages long. The fabrics they suggest are all Kona and the manufacturer’s numbers are on there so I know exactly what to order.

You can design your own quilt, pay the to design it or make one of their already existing patterns. Check it out! It’s very cool.

Last year or perhaps the year before, my husband came upon this Singer Spartan machine at a yard sale.

1 aaaspartan







He called me to go have a look and it was in great condition so I bought it (sorry ladies, he’s taken! LOL). It’s been sitting under my cutting table waiting to be used. In the meanwhile, last summer I bought a toy Singer handcrank and had fun with it out at my pool.







I began to wonder what it would take to turn that Spartan into a full size handcrank. I researched it a bit on my own and decided I was probably better off leaving it to the experts. Last week I brought the Spartan over to the Singer store in Pembroke, MA and the nice man who owns it said he could do it for me. Of course first he wanted to know where I was going to sew that didn’t have electricity! LOL!!  I explained it was more of a novelty situation and he seemed to understand that. So I’ve left the machine with him to be serviced and renovated into a handcrank! I’m super excited about this and can’t wait for that phone call to pick it up!

Have a great weekend, everyone!