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Fabric, Projects & A Special Quilt

Saturday I headed to a fabric shop with my mom that neither of us have ever visited. It was my mom’s 75th birthday and what better way to spend it than doing some quilty shopping? We headed to Fabric Corner in Arlington, MA and we each found fabric to come home with! I also came home with a shirt pattern. I’m itching to do some garment sewing as I used to enjoy it quite a bit. I made the kids lots of dresses, skirts, and ponchos when they were young and would happily wear whatever I had sewn for them. Nowadays, they’ll really only wear pajama shorts/bottoms if I make them.

So here is what I picked up at the shop…the bunny fabric is to make the girls each a pillow case and the sewing machine fabric is for a pillow case for myself. I saw this neat tailor’s chalk and I like that it is thin and triangular. We’ll give that a try. And the pattern is for the shirt. Now I need to get myself some ballpoint needles and knit fabric.







Last week I met with all three of my lovely students. Gail and I worked on her log cabin. Priscilla and I basted this beautiful Yellow Brick Road baby quilt…







And Nancy and I spent some time planning her next quilt and taking a look at this lovely heirloom. This quilt was made by Nancy’s great grandmother and handed down to her grandmother and then to Nancy. It’s stunning with its feedsack fabrics and hand stitches. The quilt does not have a label and is a good reminder of why labels are important. Although Nancy has most of the facts about the quilt, it’s always nice to have the full story. I absolutely love the blue sashing and the hand ties. What a treasure! Here is Nancy and the quilt…










This is the last week of school for us and I know the counter will be full of papers and binders any minute now. I wrote a blog article over on my other blog about how to organize all those papers! You can read it by clicking here.

how to org school papers


Episode #44 is up! For Real!

I know, right? How long has it been….since the fall y’all! I recorded a new episode of Quilt Cabana Corner this morning. Please join me on Podbean or later today through iTunes.

Here are the highlights and links to things I mention. This episode is a catch up on what’s happening with my quilting, writing, scrapbooking and a review of Christa Watson’s new book on machine quilting.

I’m also reading Kristin Hannah’s The Nightengale.

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Fresh Start Monday

Fresh Start Monday

Let’s go with this post a little bit late today! I’ve been out doing some Christmas shopping and sewing on a certain reader’s Christmas gift which I can’t show until after the holidays. I’ve also been making jewelry today. I’ll be back Tues. or Wednesday with pictures of that. Today, I have four interesting things for you to read.

The first is a post from Ami Simm’s blog on folded fabric ornaments – these are gorgeous and look easy! Click Here.

Second is a funny but true video from Leah Day on the importance of getting dressed and combing your hair for work each day! Click Here.

Third is a close up tour of the gingerbread house displays in Disney World. If you’ve never seen them, you must check this out!
Click Here.

And fourth is an article that I found very interesting about how modern quilters are kind of policing each other…I’m a huge fan or there is no right or wrong in quilting so this sort of made me crazy. What do you think? Click Here.

That’s it for today!
PS. if you’re feeling stressed about the holidays, you might want to read my latest post, Let’s Quit Together, over at


Sister Site Update

In my last post I mentioned that I have begun a sister site to this one that is non quilting related and will focus on encouraging, inspiring, and connecting with one another. I set that site up as a website and then decided to switch it to a WordPress blog format. All this to say:

The site now looks different than it did yesterday morning.  Not to be too technical as I only just understand this stuff myself, but the old site has been deleted and the new site is up with a new post. HOWEVER, because nothing is as easy as one would think…you may have to clear your cookies, cache and browsing history to see it. And clearing those things is something you should do every once in awhile anyway.

The old site has been deleted and I was on the phone with tech support until 11:30pm last night making sure the address points to the correct sight.

Old site has a picture on the HOME page of a beautiful Hawaiian scene with a boat. New site looks like this:


If you can’t get to the new site, try clearing the browser, cookies, and cache under settings on your computer/ipad/iphone. It’s usually under Privacy.

I’m hoping in the next 24-48 hours, no one will be directed to the deleted site. I’m going to copy and paste the new post here so that you won’t be missing anything until I’m sure it’s fixed and everyone can access the right site.

So here you go!



It’s funny that I’m starting an encouragement blog on a day when I’m feeling a wee bit discouraged. My Christmas tree is up and I have a handle on the gift shopping but my mind won’t slow down enough to appreciate that this is a good start. The week has been busy with my family, the quilting business, and a magazine deadline and yet, all I can think of is how much I want to use this blog to encourage, inspire, and connect with others..but it’s a struggle today. This is the start of not only a beautiful and holy time but a time of not feeling like we are enough.

As I sat in the dance school parking lot on pick up duty for my daughter, I thought of all the things I did accomplish today but that quickly gave way to thoughts of no less than 20 other items that did not get checked off the list. I won’t bore you with my list because it probably looks an awful lot like yours. So how do we move forward through a time of year when we desperately want to remain present but instead are filled with a sense of disappointment in ourselves and maybe even those around us? I think it comes down to daily bread.

What is she talking about you might say? I’m talking about our daily allotment. We all have lots of stuff to do in a 24 hour time frame but let’s face it, it’s not all getting done. As we are taught to pray for our daily bread and not more than that, we can also work to cross off the items on the to do list that are completely necessary and not worry about more than those items today. Let’s challenge ourselves to use a time blocking system this week where we use the first few hours of each day (or whatever hours are your most productive) and block it off to accomplish the tasks that absolutely must get done. During this block of time focus only on those items. This might mean skipping a favorite TV show, turning off social media, and returning calls at a more convenient time. Getting a few tasks accomplished each day allows us to rest assured that we have done enough. We are enough. And enough is enough.

Which items on your list will you time block tomorrow?


Getting Ready & Something New

How’s that for a post title? I couldn’t think of anything outstanding so I went with Getting Ready & Something New. I am about to start the process of getting my patterns and products ready to sell at Christmas On The Common on Saturday. This is our town’s annual Christmas festival complete with parade, craft fair, performances and all manner of yummy food. I’ll be vending from 9-3pm at the Quilt Cabana Patterns table. This time around feels remarkably different from my first time vending last year. This year I pretty much know what I need to bring and what can stay at home. The only downside to vending this event is that Leah is performing and so is Amanda which means I need to get some table coverage so I can sneak away into the auditorium to see one dance and the other play with the jazz band. This leaves middle daughter to watch my table – only she signed up to sell cookies with her classmates all day. I nicely pointed out that Quilt Cabana pays table help and the school doesn’t…is that wrong? I needed leverage, so there you have it.  Bad Mama….

This morning I finished up a bib order and they came out so cute with rick rack and matching snaps! I love those snaps! To find out more about them, click here for the post where I discussed the snap setter.


My sewing for the craft fair is done now and next I need to work on a Christmas gift for someone who may be reading, so no more details right now. After Christmas I have a few custom quilt orders and I have a few pattern ideas waiting to become realities. I wish designing patterns was a faster process but it truly is not!

To add a few more things to my ever-growing list of creative pursuits, tonight I ordered a bunch of supplies to stamp metal for jewelry. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try. I’ll keep you posted on the progress and a tool review once I play with it all.

I’m also working on a sister website to this one. It’s currently under construction although you can visit but there’s really not much content in it. It’s Building a website is time consuming and I’m not finding a lot of extra time in my day as you can imagine these last few weeks. This site will be focusing on writing, devotionals and the busy lives of moms and dads just like yourselves. I’m slightly hesitant to share it so early but maybe you all can spur me on to get going with this project and I really want you to participate in it as well. Go have a look…