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Aloha from Maui!

We’re starting our Hawaiian adventure in Maui! It’s so beautiful here that I’m thinking I may never go home! This is the view from the condo we rented in Wailea.


Not too hard to take every morning!

I’m hoping to get some great photos to come home and make a mosaic landscape quilt. I bought Pat Durbin’s book before I left and I’m eager to try her technique.

On the second plane ride yesterday from Arizona to Maui we lucked out and had an empty seat between Greg and I. I quickly ordered a glass of wine and pulled out my hexies!

I’ll be having a lot of these this week!

We’re having family photos done today at the beach. Lindsey needs a senior photo and I can’t think of a better place to do it!
Have a great day!


Fillers, Favorite Rulers and a Selfie

I’ve happily spent the last two days working on quilting the blue monochromatic quilt. I had to laugh at myself that I finally got the long arm machine extended by two feet and then I put a super small quilt on it! LOL! One of the reasons I made this quilt was to practice ruler work and fillers. The other two reasons were to play with color and to figure out improv piecing.

Because this piece is small, the quilting also had to be small. I had a few doubts as to whether my machine could handle going as slowly as I needed it to. That might sound weird because typically you see long arm quilters buzzing around at a decent pace. But when the mission is accuracy and you are using rulers, you have to go slow. The slower I went on the machine, the happier I was with the results and I’m thrilled to pieces that my long arm can work well in a slower speed.

Using Cindy Grisdela’s improv style and Judi Madsen’s methods of marking and quilting, I was able to tap into techniques I haven’t done before. I keep wanting to call this quilt Small Blue for some reason so that shall be its name and here she is…









Each pieced curve has a different style of filler quilting. I used several designs including wishbones, geometric squares, pebbles, meandering, half moons,  paisleys, swirls, and continuous line curved squares. The top and bottom borders have curved lines.
















In deciding whether to use the continuous line curved squares on that last bottom strip, I knew I had to go very small. I marked a half inch grid and then set about quilting in between the lines. It was exhilarating to quilt! Each row was inspiration to keep going.









My favorite rulers so far in this long arm journey have been the ones you see here in the picture. The A1 Straight Edge which is yellow and has the
handle on it and the set of Mini Curve It rulers. Both of these were ordered from Judi Madsen’s website, Green Fairy Quilts.









While I was quilting, I knew my face was holding a very serious and focused expression. I started to wonder if I might be one of those people who sticks their tongue out or something while they work lol!!! Curiosity got the better of me and I set my phone up on a timer for a selfie. No tongue is wagging so I guess I’m good!!!








The black straps on my shoulders are the straps for my back weight. I try to use it when I’m long arming or piecing for a long time at the sewing machine.

If you listened to the last podcast episode, you’ll remember I mentioned having joined the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals led by Morna McEver Golletz. One of the benefits of belonging to this organization is being in contact with like minded individuals in the craft business world. This week I started up with an accountability partner. Her name is Janice. After an initial phone call where we got to know each other and get a feel for each other’s businesses, we set up our weekly goals and plans for how to achieve them. We will talk again on Monday night to check in and share how we did on meeting those goals. I have four areas to work on this week and I’m feeling pretty good about them. One of my goals includes getting 10 hours on the long arm and I’m halfway there. Getting time on the machine gets a little bit difficult on teaching days but I will have to work around that to get to ten hours. I find myself thinking about Janice all week and wondering how she is coming along with her goals. Hopefully we’ll both hit the mark this week!

Have a super day today!


Projects Galore!

So I missed last week’s blog post and I remember thinking I didn’t have much last week that was new. This week, there has been progress on just about every front and I’m super excited and feeling challenged by it all. Let’s dive right in!

I am working on my first long arm pantograph! This pretty quilt was pieced by my mother and I was given free reign on the design. I was eager to try pantographs and so I chose this flowery one called Lilac. The fabrics in this quilt are darling and I am enjoying every minute at the machine.














Last week Lindsey asked me to make her teacher a Star Wars baby quilt. This beloved teacher is married to another of Lindsey’s teachers and they are big Star Wars fans. I’ve been waiting to try out the Accuquilt Orange Peel die and so I began this last Friday night.









My students are also making progress as Gail is about ready to apply binding to her log cabin and Nancy is working on sashing  and more starts for this beauty!









The mermaid tail crochet project moved forward with the suggestion of Nancy that I use a stitch I like throughout the project instead of learning a new row each time! Genius! I decided to go with the shell stitch throughout and now I have about 5 rows done instead of 2!








My back basted applique table topper has been started in earnest. I have the sails of two of the four boats appliqued onto the background.








Recently I was watching The Quilt Show episode featuring Jill Finley and I loved seeing her method of applique which is a freezer paper method. Her quilts are gorgeous and I might try her method next.

Lastly, I ordered silk roving and the supplies to try Silk Fusion. I am going to blog in detail about this next time but here is a picture of the soft and luxurious feeling silk roving!








Tomorrow we continue our college tours with Lindsey and we’ll be checking out Bentley University which is Greg’s alma mater! So far her first choice seems to be University of Vermont followed closely by UNH (how great it would be to have 2 kids there!) and now we’ll see what she thinks of Bentley.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Applique & Crochet

Hey, my post title rhymes and that doesn’t happen very often! LOL! We are experiencing fabulous fall weather this week. The kind where you need a sweater in the morning and then short sleeves by afternoon. The windows are open, there’s not a need for air conditioning or heat. In short, I love it. I was made for fall! Ahhhh. It makes me want to tackle projects and cleaning.

As far as my Mermaid Tale crochet project is concerned…that happy feeling dissipates slightly. I am a serious crochet fail. This is how far I’ve gotten on the mermaid blanket which eventually will look like this…









But right now, looks like this…








Don’t laugh. I can hear you! I have crocheted these couple of rows numerous times and then had to rip them out. Technically, I should be half done by now. Ugh. It’s either the wrong count of stitches or the wrong stitch! Last night, I ripped out a row of shell stitches because when I read V stitch, my mind insisted I should shell. Lindsey is hot on my tail to get this thing done. Maybe this week I’ll progress to maybe row 5!

My mom made great progress with her Yellow Brick Road quilt for Leah. I have it here and once my pink thread arrives, I’ll be putting this on the long arm and quilting a flowery pantograph. It will be my first official pantographed quilt. Isn’t this gorgeous?









I chose  an applique pattern for a table topper so I can practice the back basting applique method further. I am going to make this for my mom.









I needed to trace the sailboat onto the backside of the background fabric but I couldn’t see it well enough with my light box so I traced the pattern onto freezer paper, ironed the freezer paper onto the background, and traced around that. Now I’m ready to baste the applique pieces onto the background. Hopefully some night this week I’ll get busy on that again.









Here all four boats are traced…








Tomorrow night I’ve got a small scrapbooking crop here at the house so I’m off to prep for that! Have a good one, everybody.


Tuesday Catch Up

Today I set myself up to post on the blog from my iPad instead of my laptop. I don’t think anything will look different but of course, one never knows with technology! I frequently have things I’d like to post about and then I don’t get around to sitting at my desk to write it. So armed with my ipad and keyboard, we’ll go with this for now.

Last night I attended my first quilt guild meeting of the year. I missed the September meeting so I was happy to get to this one. The guild has moved from Watertown to Waltham and is now being held at Bentley University (hubs alma mater). It takes me an hour and twenty minutes to get to the meeting during rush hour so I don’t always feel like making the trek, especially during the winter months. I have to say though, Bentley is such a gorgeous, spacious venue that I might make an extra effort this year! The speaker last night was Ann Shaw. She taught 2 days of workshops over the weekend and then gave a lecture at the guild meeting. I did not take her workshop but I will be attending Marge Tucker’s workshop in January with my mother.

Ann Shaw was fabulous! She had a great presentation on her process which is similar to Ruth McDowell’s with freezer paper templates and straight line piecing. She has taken many classes with Ruth and puts her own spin on the work she creates. Ann takes hundreds of photos and chooses one to work with as a quilt subject. Check out her website to see pictures of her quilts and read about her quilting career.

Today I completed the baby mat quilt top. Tomorrow I’ll layer and baste!


Last week I was happy to see the table runner I made to accompany my 100 Blocks block came home. It was in their gallery from Vol. 11 and now it looks great on my coffee table!


I also received back a block I made for vol. 13 that was being returned as they had too many floral applique blocks this time around. I was invited to resubmit and I did, I can’t tell you what I made instead but hopefully it will be  accepted and you’ll see it in vol. 13.


I really loved this block as a photo from my Hawaii trip was the inspiration.


At least I get to keep the block now! We dont’ get to keep the ones that are published.

That’s it for me today. What are you working on?


Review of Pat Delaney’s Craftsy Class, Raising The Bar: Quilting Linear Spaces

I had the total pleasure of reviewing Pat Delaney’s Craftsy class, Raising The Bar: Quilting Linear Spaces this week. I am not only a huge fan of Pat but she is a friend and fellow guild member of mine as well. Pat is the owner of Crabtree Lane Studio and a winner of numerous awards including first place for traditionally pieced quilts at International Quilt Festival. My favorite thing about Pat is that she possesses so much knowledge (that she’s willing to share) yet remains humble and highly personable. I knew this Craftsy class would be a wonderful addition to my quilting ‘tool box of knowledge’.

The subject of the class is learning how to plan and quilt bar spaces which are the long, narrow spaces on your quilt. Pat walks us through how to mark those areas, what to use to mark the areas, how to work with a grid, how to plan the quilting and how to execute the quilting. She includes instruction on dividing the quilt areas and using feathers, fill designs, geometric designs and multipass designs to fill those spaces right up! Once you see Pat demonstrate these stitches both as sketches and then in stitches, you will see that making your quilt look fantastic isn’t as hard or scary as you thought. The loops, curves, crescents, flying geese and triangles are fun to learn and each of those have so many variations that you can truly make your quilt a masterpiece.

These tips and designs apply to traditional as well as modern quilts. Grouping the designs together create beautiful texture especially on whole cloth quilts. I never would have even considered a whole cloth quilt until I saw Pat’s sample in this class. All of Pat’s sample quilts are beautiful and her way of teaching makes you believe that if you practice, yours can look like that too.

Pat covers not only the designs but also some quilt making basics. She takes the mystery out of tension issues and potential problems. I love Pat’s honesty about ripping stitches out…hint, she tries to not ever have to do it because as we know, it takes forever to rip out free motion stitches.

The class was organized well with enough time spent on each of the lessons. Here is the Craftsy description of the class which is on sale right now for $19.99!

From borders to pineapple blocks, find out how to quilt rectangular areas with ease and style. Award-winning quilter Pat Delaney guides you through must-have techniques, and shares more than 20 motifs that will enhance any quilt. Begin with accessible instructions for dividing up your project, as you learn how to mark lines for quilting on the grid. Then, delve into lovely, single-line designs including waves, loops and crescents. Next, discover easy techniques for quilting triangles, flying geese and more, before trying out elegant, single-pass feathers and a range of beautiful variations. Follow along with Pat to fill larger linear spaces with overall designs, and try out intricate, multipass motifs that will enliven narrow areas. By the end of class, you’ll be able to confidently apply each design to enhance your future quilts.

I watched the class intently as I was so happy for Pat that she has a chance to share her knowledge with a wide audience on a great teaching platform. I noticed that her Craftsy class was run much like a real class with Pat which I happened to take a few years ago. She is genuine and oh, so talented. This is a jewel of a class. I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned on my next quilt.